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  1. That is prototype version, sorry about that... I was post video too fast. Dimitar send me some that unit for customers, but he is working on it still.
  2. Weird. My Apex device runs very well under high power lines... but with two bars removed from maximum sensitivity. No issues at all. But I was heard about some problems with chattering and unstable behaviour from two guys... few days ago. interesting topic. About target locking... is not perfect and that is true. If you narrow your sweeps on target it stay locked if item is coins or similar round shape.
  3. Ok boys and girls https://omnitron.pl is new dealer of Deeptech products. If you need something just let me know. Thank you.
  4. Be sure and turn on the English subtitles under the video settings if you don't know the language. Nokta/Makro Simplex Data & User Reviews
  5. After one year of testing my old Whites, Spectra V3i works almost 4 times longer. 18650 3.7V LiPo batteries holder, from my 3D printer, is ready:
  6. Nokta Anfibio Multi Waterproof Metal Detector More information on Nokta Anfibio
  7. Super. I really like to watch GOLD movies here on urban desert without GOLD ?
  8. You should good quality electric pump and battery. Air tank and all connections should be right choosed and mounted. Air tank leaking... also. Next model will be 3D printed.
  9. I was build electric snorkel for two persons. It was not too easy but work perfect. https://youtu.be/izA6KC6mFZ4
  10. More information on Makro Gold Kruzer
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