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  1. Where did you get the cover to go over you nokta lower shaft?
  2. Wow! Those are great finds. For me, even though I live in North Carolina, I live in an area that had little or no civil war activity. I’d love to find some civil war relics like that. As far as disc vs. notch, my take is this, (and please correct me if I’m wrong): Disc is basically a tone break so setting disc at 40 everything 40 and below will give a low tone just like iron. Notch is different in that if your disc is set at, say, 7 and you notch from 7-40, anything below 7 will come in with a low tone and anything from 7-40 will be silent. Whether one way or the other unmasks better in iron is, I think, still up for debate. I know some have posted that notching unmasks better, but I don’t think anyone’s got any actual proof of that. However since everything 7-40 is silent using notch, you may hear a high blip easier than if you just had your disc set at 40.
  3. Excellent! This setup is perfect for me as I rarely water hunt but would like to submerge the coil at the edge of streams or in springs, etc. Thanks for sharing!
  4. This right here! It takes at least 12 pumps to get a stable ground balance number. Too much in my opinion. Nox takes about half that many pumps to ground balance.
  5. Wow! That’s a great hunt! Two Indian head pennies, a nice sized silver coin, a large cent and some nice relics! Nice goin’!
  6. I tried it out after work last night in my test garden. My test garden consists of one silver dime buried at 8” in mild soil. Lol The musketeer hit it but barely. Definitely enough of a signal to dig though. I thought that was pretty good for a 7 3/8” coil. As a side note, my Tesoro mojave with its 7” coil will not hit this dime. I also tried my nox with the 6” coil and it hit it hard!
  7. Doesn’t XP say in the manual that most detectors with a ground stability setting won’t even let you adjust the ground stability to the equivalent of setting 1 on the d2? Something like, that setting is for very experienced users? I’m going from memory here so please excuse me if I have this totally wrong.
  8. Those are some great finds! I’d love to find stuff that old around here. That round knob reminds me of a knob from safe.
  9. A minelab musketeer advantage, that is. It’s in nearly new condition and I can’t wait to try it out. I need to buy some batteries though. From what I’ve learned from internet searches is that these musketeers were analog machines and very deep even with the small ts800 coil, which is what mine came with. Anyone else ever use one of these?
  10. Once again Chase, a very concise and easy to understand post on the ground stability feature!
  11. I don’t know what voodoo hoodoo stuff xp has going on with the d2. I had silencer at 2, bottlecaps at 0 and reactivity at 3.
  12. I think I dug two holes that were nails. You have to remember though how many times I’ve hit this area. Thus I’m digging signals I probably wouldn’t if it were a newer site. The more times I go over a site the iffier the signals I will dig praying that it might be silver!
  13. I have to give you a “hell yeah” just for the effort!🤗
  14. Wow, I just posted about finding more coins in my pounded site using the Fast program with disc at 40! Your finds are much, much nicer than what I got, but still a testament to the D2 fast program. Congrats!
  15. I can’t say for sure how many times I’ve hit this particular site, but probably half a dozen times with the nox and 3 or 4 times with the deus. This time I ran the stock Fast program with disc at 40, sensitivity at 95 and pitch in PWM tones. This is a site where some old mill houses stood and it’s littered with old trash, pieces of coal, you name it, but very little modern trash or coins. I can’t believe I found 15 pennies. 12 are wheats and 3 copper memorials. I also got two military buttons, a princess pat makeup lid and what looks like an old lipstick case. I’ve probably gotten 10 silver coins from this area. I was really hoping to get on the board for 2023 to start my silver count😟.
  16. Dang Chase, what a great explanation! No way I could have replied with such an informative and fact filled post! Thanks!
  17. I’m in no hurry for an update. Version .0.71 works pretty darn good from my perspective as far as raw performance is concerned. Plus ( like you said), I’d rather have a bug free update than to have to keep updating to fix the update. I would much rather spend my free time detecting than updating. Lol
  18. I have to admit I’m probably the odd man out in that I prefer the “duck in distress” sounds of the PWM audio!
  19. I have to disagree. Rattlehead’s silver slayer program is a very precise coin shooter program. With the appropriate notching, any of the basic programs can be used with pitch tones to make a very effective coin shooter program.
  20. This almost exactly mirrors my thoughts on the D2. I say almost because I clicked with deus the first time out. It’s an absolute joy to swing with that 9” coil. I became comfortable very quickly with the menu setup, writing and saving programs and the button layout. (One thing I don’t like about the button layout is turning the pinpoint function on and off. They should have made use of the same button to turn it on and off instead of having to switch.) I loved my nox. It was my first really, really good and most expensive detector since I started detecting about 6 years ago. I used it since they first came out and thought I was doing well with it. But since getting the D2 I’ve only had the nox out twice! And both of those times it felt like a tank with the 11” coil and its tones sounded so foreign. I couldn’t even remember how to ground balance it. I had to look up the nox manual on my phone😂. I don’t think I’ll sell my nox though. It’s a great detector and makes a great back up detector. I have the 6” inch coil on now, so it’s pretty light and easy to swing, but I still prefer the deus. About the wireless aspect. I too became a little miffed about this when out in the woods detecting a spring. I wanted to detect the bottom of the spring reservoir but as soon as I submerged my coil the detector quit. It took me a few seconds to figure out why! However, I can see a real big advantage to not having a hardwired coil if I was ever to detect a crawl space or a cave or some other place where you might be on all fours. You can just hold that lower shaft and swing it around like a wand. Other than submerging the coil and losing the signal, I like the wireless coils. I like my deus so much that I hardly ever think about the manticore. I am almost certain I won’t buy one, unless in a year or two’s time it’s really is out performing the D2. But hopefully XP will keep updating the D2 and it’ll perform just as well or better than the manticore.
  21. Hell Yeah Bob! That’s an oldie right there and I think anyone that found one of those would be rightfully proud! Congrats! I have to say this though: If I had gotten permission to hunt the yard around the house, I would have chucked the field and made a beeline to that yard. Lol. I’m glad you don’t think like me. Lol
  22. 46 silver coins, however one of Roosevelt dimes came from a coinstar and my kids found that one, so 45 is my official total for the year. Two of those were foreign coins: a 1922 British half crown and a 1943 Norwegian 25 ore. I also got an 1867 Italian 10 centesimi copper. In the pic are my only gold finds for the year, both are rings; a 10k and a 14k. Since I started detecting about 6-7 years ago, this is my 3rd highest fty total. However, this year had 5 big silvers; 3 walkers, 1 barber half and the half crown. It was my year of the half. Lol! I’m pretty happy with my total. I was hoping for 50, but it just didn’t happen. Silver’s getting harder to find around here and if I don’t get some good permissions this year, I doubt if I’ll beat 2022’s total. It’s fun trying though!
  23. The Holy Grail! That would pay for a LOT of detectors! Lol
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