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  1. Steve, I have to respectfully disagree with your comment on the QED. I now have about two years experience with the QED on the Outer Banks beaches, woods and field relic hunting, and gold hunting mostly in the mountains of Virginia. My personal experience has been very positive, with no failures of any kind with either of the two QEDs I now have. The performance has been nothing short of excellent and has, in some respects, surpassed that of my friends with Minelab detectors. The warranty is much better than Minelab and the cost is around $1500.00 US dollars, including shipping, (depending on the exchange rate). The availability of a variety of coils is another positive. I have tried the Garrett ATX and I much prefer the QED. Easier to gb and much quieter around power lines. They are computer printed but are way lighter than any of the other contenders you mentioned. Now if only they were waterproof. Just my experience and completely anecdotal.
  2. I used my 800 about 80% of the time and my QED PL3 the other 20%. Had this not been such a strange year with all the travel restrictions and health concerns, I would likely have used the QED a bit more. At any rate, I am convinced these two detectors will do everything I need in the field. I sold three of the 5 other detectors I owned and plan to keep only my EX ll in addition to the 800 and QED.
  3. One of the most informative threads I’ve seen. Thanks to Steve.
  4. That’s a bit of a hostile response to a fairly benign post. Chase, what happened to open discussion. Sorry if I touched a nerve. I guess no one should question your conclusions. I did not imply you or Steve had any agenda. Where did that come from? As much as I respect your knowledge you are not infallible. I’ve offered my OPINION and foot noted evidence. Done with this “discussion “.
  5. I do not think anyone, other than Minelab, could make that statement as a definitive fact. I say that because on page 100 of the Explorer ll manual titled “Technical Specifications” it states: “Full Band Spectrum. Simultaneous 28 frequency transmission ranging from 1.5 kHz - 100 kHz.” Unless Minelab is flat out lying (which I doubt) they have had the technology to transmit on up to 28 frequencies SIMULTANEOUSLY for at least 15 years. I don’t think transmitting on 5 or 6 frequencies simultaneously would be a problem, especially considering Minelab has had an additional 15 years to refine the technology. I think the much maligned cloud illustration means exactly what it implies. This is just my opinion based on the above as I certainly would not wish to confuse opinion with fact.
  6. I have that same scoop. Does a good job and makes a great all around scoop.
  7. Chase, I simply posed a question to get the opinion of others. I drew no conclusion only posed a question. You have my most humble apologies for making a post that you find tiresome and of no consequence. I should have known better.
  8. Exactly, it says “unchanged in their performance” not unchanged in structure or composition. 🤔🤔
  9. So, is everyone in agreement that 4 kHz is a stand alone frequency and not blended in multi in some way in some applications(or not)?🤔🤔
  10. I have not used the radius but use the Root Slayer Nomad pretty much exclusively where shovels are appropriate. The length is perfect for a walking stick where necessary and I don’t have to bend over to dig. It cuts a neat plug and the shovel is tough as nails. I think the shovel head is a little smaller than the radius. Great piece of gear.
  11. There is good low priced PI around, it’s called the QED, but not waterproof.
  12. Glad to see the QED included in your list of possibilities. I have been using mine since last October and am very pleased with the performance. It is quite a bargain price wise and with a 5 year warranty and free upgrades for 5 years I don't think there is better warranty and customer support offered by any other manufacturer. I have decided to order another one in the straight shaft configuration (I have the S shaft) in August after the new upgrades are available..
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