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  1. I can’t comment on the AQ, but I do have the first QED properly tuned to our power grid sent to the USA (according to the manufacturer in OZ). I don’t know what type of detecting you do but if you are looking for a solid PI the QED is a great detector for the money. Compared to other PI’s I have been around the QED handles EMI and other interference better than any of them. It is a great relic and beach detector and is vey deep in those applications. I have only used it twice prospecting and found no gold but did find enough bird shot at various depths to convince me it is a more than capable gold detector. The QED is very easy to navigate, uses cheap batteries, is lite weight and uses almost any coil that will run on a minelab plus some that won’t run on minelabs. I like it so much I will probably order another one as a backup soon. Also has a 5 year warranty. The price is well below other PI’s I am familiar with.
  2. Simon take care with the back problem. $650.00 AUD is about $450.00 US which is half the price of an Equinox. If the performance is there it would be worth it, but hard to make that decision without some data to indicate it will top the Coilteck elite. The elite is the best performing coil I have tried in my very limited experience with the QED. You are correct about the difficulty in evaluating individual coils due to various conditions, especially across continents. That’s what makes this interesting.
  3. I too would like to see more comparisons of the x coil vs others on the QED. I have an 8 in. commander and a 14 in. Coiltech elite. The elite is as large as is practical on the grounds I prospect in the Virginia mountains and is a very deep coil in the mineralized red clay I relic hunt in. I think an 11 in. X coil would round out options and be about right as an all around coil here in the US. The problem is finding a source for the coil at a reasonable price with the high cost of shipping from OZ. Plus I would Like to know for sure it would top the 11 in. Coiltech elite before spending the extra money the x coil would cost.
  4. Minelab replaced my coil but like Joe D. , it took about a month due to coil shortages. They will give you a repair number for the box but you pay the return shipping. Should not be a problem if you are still under warranty.
  5. In park 2, 50 tones I discriminate out from -9 to 3 and 39 and 40 (to help cut down on wrap around falseing). I set the tone break at 10 and the tone pitch at 8/25. I originally used this as a specialty setting but have had such good success with it I have used these settings almost exclusively the past several weeks. The Equinox is amazingly adjustable.
  6. That’s correct with a noticeable reduction of the quality of Cabelas products.
  7. Like some others I have zero interest in the Vanquish as it does nothing my Equinox 800 cannot do. If I were going to add a Vanquish type detector, it would be a Equinox 600 in light of the sale prices I’m seeing for those.
  8. You might want to take a look at the Root Slayer Nomad. It’s available on Amazon for $39.00, lifetime warranty and very tough. A bit longer so you don’t need to bend as much while digging and doubles as a walking staff if that’s important to you.
  9. Your mod does look rock solid, should last. I have the Predator Tools model and it’s still going strong after 12+ years of use. Mr. Lesche is the owner of the company and still manufactures his original and iconic hand digger in addition to a variety quality shovels. He did start the company you bought from many years ago but has not been associated with them for years. I have a couple of his products and they are all very well made.
  10. Not the real deal, just a knockoff. The real thing is made by Predator Tools. www.predatortools.com
  11. Many here in the USA do not publish finds because of the Antiquities Act.
  12. I do agree with your basic assertion and I also agree that as you stated in one of your manuals, the upper range of the scale on the Equinox is a wasted part of the scale. If the VID for silver (high conductors) was moved to 35-38, that would allow a more definitive differentiation of lower conductors by simply allowing a more finite definition of the properties of a target. Adding seven or eight more areas (TID numbers) of classification would serve to greatly reduce the stacking of targets. If you are going to stack targets why not stack the good ones and try to classify the bad ones as much as possible? Even so, the Equinox is still a very advanced detector, but nothing is perfect.
  13. Now I see a x coil in my future. It sometimes amazes me how clairvoyant I am. 🙂
  14. That is very good advice to enhance sensitivity to smaller targets in my somewhat limited experience with the QED. As phrunt said, only two or three clicks below null can make a surprising difference in sensitivity. This should also allow you to lower TH. A.
  15. Maybe one of the first detectors tuned for our power grid ( thanks to a post you made Simon) and with the new update. I believe there might be a QED or two out west.
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