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  1. To be fair, I just received notice my coil has shipped from the service center. So all is good. I just hope minelab has addressed the problem.
  2. Still waiting for my coil replacement. It’s been over 3 weeks since I sent the coil to the service center. I don’t mind the 6 inch coil but it does make for slow going when trying to cover a large area. Oh well, I did get my new QED PL2 from Australia yesterday all modified and tuned for our power grid. That should keep me occupied for a week or so.
  3. If you check the dates of the OP, you can see how long I’ve been waiting. Got an email today from the service center that the coils are still on backorder and are expected in one or two weeks. If the coil tabs have been upgraded then I’m good with the wait. I probably would not have spent so much time with the 6 in. coil had this not happened so time well spent.
  4. Still waiting for the coil replacement. Been over a week now.
  5. I have this test I use to determine the effectiveness of discrimination vs masking on detectors. I silicone a silver dime inside a plastic lined crown cap(to make certain their is insulation between the silver coin and the alloy cap), in this case a Bud Ice bottle cap. I used both FE standard and the up dated FE2. At FE standard: FE 1 and 2 the dime was barely discernible showing an occasional 21-23 among many lower numbers. Beyond FE 2 the target became what I think is an averaged number with only a flicker of 20 to 21 on the screen. At FE 2: FE 1 and 2 the dime was very there showing 25-28 with the occasional 29 with a smattering of low number blips. Beyond FE 2 the dime faded quickly. I was impressed with the new discrimination but as always there are trade offs. So now the disclaimer, this is only one type of bottle cap others may have different results, surface tests may not indicate results in the ground. I urge others to try it for themselves but I think FE 2 is a clear advancement, at least for me when used sparingly.
  6. My sentiments as well. If I were looking for an entry level detector I would be all over the Vanquish as opposed to the Ace series but at this point I am looking for the best technology available that I can afford. Right now that appears to be the Equinox and the Explorer series of detectors.
  7. Regardless of it’s operational parameters concerning the number of frequencies, the Vanquish offers me nothing over the Nox 800 nor the Explorer series. In the end it is simply an entry level detector.
  8. It was the standard 11 in. coil.
  9. I have had my 800 since the end of April. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of all the hype but after using it a lot I the last 3 months or so , I am very impressed. This past Friday I was at a new site and when I picked up the detector to take it out of the truck the coil fell off. Both the mounting tabs were broken. I am pretty particular with my equipment so I really don’t think it was anything I did. I emailed the repair center and has been my experience in the past, they were prompt in their response and had shipping instructions to me that same day. They said the coil would be replaced under warranty but would take a few days because the service center had run out of coils and they were currently on backorder. This leads me to believe their must be a lot of people who have had the same issue. It will be interesting to see if this new batch of coils has beefed up the mounting tabs. They really are kind of flimsy when compared to the Explorer series of coils. I don’t mind the wait, it gives me a chance to get to know my 6 in. coil.
  10. That’s what I was told by minelab this morning, but my impression was he meant anytime as he said they viewed the sale of the handle and control panel as undercutting their dealer network.
  11. Well I see another 800 in my near future. I spoke to Minelab and the handle and control panel are not available to the public except through warranty repair.
  12. Interesting strategy Steve, but I tend to keep detectors l really like and I really like the Nox. My backup is a Explorer ll bought new in 2006. One reason I asked the question is I am considering buying a spare pod because I often travel to areas that are 200 to 600 miles away and a detector failure could literally mean a loss of hundreds of dollars in travel expenses and a wasted trip. I could buy another Nox but I already have the coils and even an extra shaft since installing one of Steve’s custom shafts. If I could just buy the pod at a reasonable price that just means more money for gas and campgrounds and insurance in the event of failure. The recent drownings, while not epidemic, do give me cause for concern.
  13. I was wondering what a replacement of the control pod will cost if out of warranty. Does anyone know the cost of a 600 and 800 control pod if you buy them outright from Minelab?
  14. I don’t believe soaking in mineral oil will decrease the value IF you do not rub it or otherwise do anything to scratch or mar it in any way. In my experience since 1987, mineral oil does not change the color of any coin. I rarely sell my finds so if I’m wrong please feel free to correct me.
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