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  1. Hi, it's the war of marks, lol but it's not a problem the level of performance and separation gold / iron reaches such a level, that it is worth all the bulletproof vests :)
  2. Thanks Rick, Alexandre to find a supplier in Germany red earth 16% Fe3o4 up to 22% reduced to powder ! and black earth 10/12% with that, we will be able to reproduce most of of cases
  3. yes, these are hard data to find .... we hope to find a prospector who has already done test the earth of its hardest spots or with advanced knowledge in geology must have one, some............ light mineralization, is not a problem AQ is already on it ... extreme cases see impossible / are more interesting
  4. Hi all we are looking for information on different types of gold ground producing detectable gold / no gold panning I did not go around the whole forum but I see that there are prospectors from all over United States, New Zealand, Australia ?? the more information we have (precise) from different sources / better it will be ... so, among you who already find gold do you know the percentage of Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 on your hunting grounds if you have answers, please specify if the terrain is easy or difficult to find gold we are developing a testing ground with mineralized lands of different origins the goal being to have the widest possible range of difficulty to improve performance .. all information will be welcome Thanks !
  5. Hi I see that there is a lot of questions I will not answer all / confidentiality clause oblige .. some precision all the same the cable outlet on the coil is not an aesthetic fantasy ... the 7us in large series to technical consequences it was in front or behind / not to bend the cable it is in front of ... Impluse AQ is optimize for the beach with one goal: gold, gold no gb that produces noise mono coil / specific connector again: it's a technical constraint on most inexpensive connectors the pins are mobile = to 7us they make noise not the one who was selected all to be thought and planned at all levels to reduce the noise less noise = more gold .... from the start, the goal was to produce the best beach pi not a machine goes everywhere if you make compromises: you lose performance ... Since the Russian video, the detector has been touched up to say nothing more .. just that many will be surprised at the results and of course, are twin brother // optimize for the nugget is on the road
  6. thank you for your welcome guys Thanks Steve I just read the topic, and the others on AQ very interesting
  7. Hi to all, I just signed up on Rick's advice so, I live in France and I mainly explore the beaches and a little land // and soon the nugget // Easier by here to find gold coins than nuggets 🙂 I used many detectors the greater majority were PI of which 9 pulsepowers / the rarest and most powerful was goldquest ssv3 / aquastar / Goldscan 5 / Goldscan 5c I know Alexandre Tartar for a few decades and I test his different machines since whose famous Manta became AQuamanta and finally: Fisher Impluls AQ .... See you soon on the forum And some finds of the last months, with the impulse AQ
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