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  1. Rick, the 7us should also be very good on meteorites if you have known impact sites in the desert areas of your region will be good spot, test .... you may have websites or books which identifies the known impacts
  2. I guess it's at low tide but i don't see the bikinis :))
  3. personally i am not in favor of wireless digital sound processing to tendency / to crush the subtlety of tonality watch the Deus, one of the best vlf in the world the sound, on a ring or a gold coin is really bad this is largely due to the 100% digital signal processing ... But, I recognize that for hunting nuggets it's different / there is little pollution and you dig all the sounds .. i think there will definitely be sooner or later wireless option
  4. I do want to believe you last year I ran into a blind guy (completely) who was prospecting, on a beach !! he had an equinox he comes with a friend of his it starts at the end of the beach and it draws lines by itself it was incredible, and he finds his targets much faster than us ... the day I saw him, he found his first gold ring it had started / detection 4/5 months earlier and I'm sure it will become very good to tell the difference between metals / just by ear ............
  5. Yes, but I understand what Terry is saying (I saw your mp) my camera is fixed in ventral, on my case and when I bend down each time to pick up the target it leaves the field of vision ... but, I prefer like that // in ventral it's too complicated and heavy on the head
  6. ok, indeed I did not understand when i see the ring appear we just see the slice I call the guy who was with me and to show him, I kick water on the ring which comes out better from the sand Terry, I'm starting on video I'm already having a hard time doing them, if in addition I had to fake them I think I would be too bad to get there 😂
  7. very nice rings 👍 Joe, you never tried a vision seal for water https://www.amazon.fr/Reef-Scope-Underwater-View-Blanc/dp/B00I50NPU4 when the water is clear enough saves time to locate the target without putting your head underwater // she doesn't look very hot 🙂 fix next to the sieve, could be useful...
  8. Effectively, one thing at a time ... and I'm not sure that any other manufacturer will produce coils which starts at 7us the first 200 pulscan tdi was able to start at 8.5us by being finely tuned but the production of coils does not follow .. of course, concurrency and coils merchants are going to buy and dismantle some but nothing says that they will manage to copy them ....
  9. you talk about the button I don't see it with the mud on the surface i hear it and I point with the disc and the tip of the foot ...
  10. when i put the disc in the water she just moved / I can't hear her anymore until then, the sound does not vary / it is still in place my gamate, from the tip to the yellow handle is 45 cm = 17.71 ' it's hard to say how much she was and that’s not the purpose of the video .. but it was pretty deep also note, that the ring is a small diameter it does not pass to my little finger larger diameter / good weather condition see a lower carat (18k this one) = easier to detect we can largely hope 20 '
  11. with good weather conditions, no wind silence / we can go down to 20 ' there, I'm about 15 or a little more ..
  12. Il y avait trop de vent , c'est dommage , et si on entend bien le Oh la vache , c'est par ce qu'il crie 🤣 pas de son au premier passage pour le nox, il l'a accrocher après un léger coup de pelle je l'ai pas essayé en discri , j'avais fait plusieurs plomb avant et le son n'était pas parfait / pas mauvais , mais pas top ... (bague tête en bas , je pense..)
  13. I don't understand your question Terry to point the target ? I use the edge of the coil / as effective a Pinpointer
  14. You mean, that this are two sides of the same coin ? this coins does not exist ... I think there are two coins in the medallion it would have to be dismantled to see / it would be interesting on the Dos Pesos, the date of 1945 does not mean anything I found one a few years ago do some research, between 1951 and 1972 a large number of coins was re-struck in the 1945 vintage ... Nice find, all the same :))
  15. Thanks, for comments on my video for AQ, I don't have the final product Rick stole it from me :)) I have the last pcb of series but in a ventral case / and not the last sticker it's not very good for videos .... 3 days ago I found a big gold ring really very deep I'm still going to make a short video of this hunt the depth of the ring is clearly visible on the film, and should surprise many of you :)
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