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  1. Hello, some news 🙂 first concerning FTP silence they have no strategy / this is their biggest problem ... if the European team had not given any news you would be in the dark !! concerning discrimination the only hole left is big targets in 24k "no problem in any metals of course" but he can now take 24k sos of iron what no one else can do I have not tested more than 8 gr / no ring 24k bigger 18k rings 20/25 gr are taken by cutting nails 14 k even easier 10k child's play ... very thin rings are not a problem impulse AQ will be the best on a 1gr ring all metals or discimination / sand white sand black on the rings the power of the AQ system is unbeatable more difficult on other forms earrings / open ring / chain it detects / but will probably not be the best cut some lead possible and gold is still detect I agree with you the pro will prefer all metals but there are places where it's impossible even for me / lol on this type of terrain / impulse AQ is going to hurt a lot he will be able to pass / cut the iron / cut the lead and take the gold Terra: the results of betatesteur over the last 6 months are excellent / better than expected with the 8 inch coil and after for testing the bipolar == suppression of soil effect == I'm still waiting for more model but he will have to wait .. and to answer Steve about a possible miracle machine who knows ............:)) see you soon
  2. the difference will be greater if you have the target at 16 ' AQ will be at 20 ' the difference is stronger on low conductors (gold!) thanks to the 7us under 16 volts silence allows you to go further I detected many gold rings who was just a breath I think the TDI is able to see some but they are drowning in the noise ..... not to mention that tdi are rarely 10us (real) the best was pulscan 14.4 volts first generation number from 1 to 200 the real copy of the goldscan 5 mass production to a little lost in performance .... for AQ the specifications are very strict to lose nothing .. / and especially the starting point is better ! ++++ please ask questions on the forum I can not answer any mp / takes too much time ... I do not have a specific release date no price (((and if I knew / I could not say))) and to choose the AQ and TR testers it's Fisher who manages .... Thnaks
  3. Hi Terry, No, I think we'll have to wait a bit for the 8 ' but, there is a new mode that should give you a few pounds while waiting for the 8 ' I can not say more ... ?
  4. in all metals the sound is mono-tone deep targets better mark the difference sounds light and symmetrical = often gold in saturation (sound too strong) the difference is more difficult ((it is necessary to raise the coil / to no longer be in saturation)) but iron, especially in length, like nails give a double sound / very mark the loss between / all metals and rejection is very weak with AQ // everything depends on the sand in white sand with normal mineralization about 5%
  5. the first to go out AQua the Terra should not be long it's the same platform, some components that change + the facade / the rest is of the programming ..
  6. he should not have a problem with EMI in the month of May I tested the production version on this beach https://www.google.fr/maps/search/saint+jouin+bruneval+plage/@49.6648426,0.1088492,3522a,35y,124.65h,44.13t/data=!3m1!1e3 if you can do a zome we see a refinery a radar antenna (marine protection) and on the hill two big antennas phone and other wireless stuff ... plus the high voltage line feeding the refinery the beach was chosen specifically for its conditions and its black sand the silence was perfect / even at full power I did not have gold on this test but a stainless steel ring (same sound as gold) at 15/20 ' Of course, there will certainly be in the world areas where EMI are stronger or different but AQ is really very stable everything has been thought about the design to limit noise the plans of masses and the used components are far superior to other detectors the best proof is the 7us if others never proposed such a low delay it's only because of the noise ..........
  7. the silence is golden lol, it's a French expression, but I do not know, if it is well translated ... in short, some news AQ production must "normally" start on July / August there was some change on the machine new sticker a setting mode add and performance in reject mode significantly improved (result of the first research on Terra) + for the Terra first tests were performed with a new 8 inch coils same design as the 12.5 '/ at manta technology it starts less than 7us !!! (the delay in series is not yet fixed ...) with identque coil diameter (8 ') / facing the competition I'm just telling you, that the results are excellent ? still a little patience and I guarantee you that the level of performace will surprise many people extreme sensitivity on small jewels = gold possibility of finding gold on a zone full of iron (even of 24 carats) and in all-metal mode a depth on a gold ring that you have never seen and all that = in perfect silence the others can get out all the machines they want I think that AQ at least 5 years ahead of the competition (minimum) """so in my opinion""" it's worth it to wait a bit ?
  8. Hi, you may already be talking about it, but I still put some photos two large meteorites discovered in France the first goes back to 2010 (Mont-Dieu) on an old impact site, in the forest who gave a few years ago a 435 kilos (1994) it is 364 kg / discovered by a prospector with a PI (siderite) and another discovery late 2018 again, on a known impact site (since 1968) it is the biggest piece discovered to date and the reccord of France 477 kg / contains 11% nickel discovery also with a PI with this piece of 477 kilos and all the others discovered since 1968 the impact site to deliver nearly 6 tons ...
  9. everyone can give their opinion or ask questions / it's not a problem it's just that I'm a little tired to always repeat the same thing ... a scoop for the forum the latest changes now allow detect a 24 carat ring weighing less than 5 gr (no ring 24k heavier to test ...) under a big nail / or several small nails if you have a ring 24k try with your detectors it's impossible / even tdi (modif Reg Sniff) can not do it (22K is its limit ) it will be a very specific setting that I would explain in video this extraordinary feat detect the 24k under the iron gives you an idea of the level of separation, gold / iron
  10. Hi, it's the war of marks, lol but it's not a problem the level of performance and separation gold / iron reaches such a level, that it is worth all the bulletproof vests :)
  11. Thanks Rick, Alexandre to find a supplier in Germany red earth 16% Fe3o4 up to 22% reduced to powder ! and black earth 10/12% with that, we will be able to reproduce most of of cases
  12. yes, these are hard data to find .... we hope to find a prospector who has already done test the earth of its hardest spots or with advanced knowledge in geology must have one, some............ light mineralization, is not a problem AQ is already on it ... extreme cases see impossible / are more interesting
  13. Hi all we are looking for information on different types of gold ground producing detectable gold / no gold panning I did not go around the whole forum but I see that there are prospectors from all over United States, New Zealand, Australia ?? the more information we have (precise) from different sources / better it will be ... so, among you who already find gold do you know the percentage of Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 on your hunting grounds if you have answers, please specify if the terrain is easy or difficult to find gold we are developing a testing ground with mineralized lands of different origins the goal being to have the widest possible range of difficulty to improve performance .. all information will be welcome Thanks !
  14. Hi I see that there is a lot of questions I will not answer all / confidentiality clause oblige .. some precision all the same the cable outlet on the coil is not an aesthetic fantasy ... the 7us in large series to technical consequences it was in front or behind / not to bend the cable it is in front of ... Impluse AQ is optimize for the beach with one goal: gold, gold no gb that produces noise mono coil / specific connector again: it's a technical constraint on most inexpensive connectors the pins are mobile = to 7us they make noise not the one who was selected all to be thought and planned at all levels to reduce the noise less noise = more gold .... from the start, the goal was to produce the best beach pi not a machine goes everywhere if you make compromises: you lose performance ... Since the Russian video, the detector has been touched up to say nothing more .. just that many will be surprised at the results and of course, are twin brother // optimize for the nugget is on the road
  15. thank you for your welcome guys Thanks Steve I just read the topic, and the others on AQ very interesting
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