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  1. Maybe time for some update about the progress of Final AQ version worldwide? Haven't heard any report on that...some syas May 2021 and some says April 2021? any comment?
  2. Very nice of Rick getting out some update about the situation,,I live in Europe and these reports makes me very happy when I hear the production plant is not closed and hope getting the final AQ version released worldwide!!!!
  3. Hi! I think it would be greate if we can in someway have weekly(monthly) report regarding progress of AQ production line fresh from El-paso.In that way Fisher can keep the enthusiast of future buyers up high when they show things happening and we get the info about the progress of the production of the final AQ machine.
  4. WOOW,FINALLY!!! Thanks for listening to the future customers (me) and updated the page!!!!!Nice work!!
  5. Woow,,somethings happening at last!!!! Good start,hope the other things (AQ) follows soon after.
  6. Just use electrolysis,it takes out the build up crost on the silver and the gold becomes shiny as well
  7. The site http://fisher-impulse.com is going to become annoying every time I visit it in hope of some update or information or something about AQ and you see the ''COMING SOON'' sign. Please put at least a picture of the AQ in there!!!
  8. HI! How do you ensure the waterproofness of the ctx when you diving? I have blocked the usb port completely by using Silicon both inside and outside the port.When it comes to Battery,I haven't done anything because I have the updated version of the ctx which have a better battery seal and just trust that(maybe I have not to!) I use only my extra spare battery because the original regargeable one does'nt work and I'm not so sure if that is as good as the original one under water(waterproofness)
  9. I attached two magnets in my Stavr scoop a while ago but after some outng in the sea the scoop began to discoloured where the magnets were and it looked like rost!! I removed them and brushed the spot.How stainless steel rost,its a mystery to me.
  10. loool,I do remember when I bought my first Excalibur for many years ago,I carried one time an extra battery with me in the ocean without thinking of using any waterproof bag!!! when I came out of the water there wasn't any connector left for battery (real electrolysis)lool
  11. You hear all the ime from different sources that Minelab is releasing a PI beach machine next year.If that is true then it is best for Fisher to release the AQ as soon as possible before Minelab.With the popularity and high quality machines Minelab introduces,it's become then another step back for Fisher selling AQ.What do you think guys?
  12. According to the Fisher Impulse AQ facebook site,there is 99% done with the machine.After some reports from AQ limited owners,you see peoblem with battery,cable connectors,noisy coil in the salt water,high temp on the control box,short shaft,,,,,,,,,,and I assume these all problems sums up the remaining of 1% left??how can it be? Has anyone any guess when the final unit is available to buy worldwide?
  13. I talked yesterday with Alexander Tartar,the designer of AQ on Facebook,he said the final unit is going to be available worldwide around the new year,so I am soooo happy to buy one as fast it hits the european market,,,,
  14. Hi steve! Do you mean it is possible to buy one if the buyer lives in europe right now?or do I get that wrong?
  15. I think one of the worst detector Minelab has ever produced is Go find series.I know it aims at beginners and budget market but the quality is really crap cheap plastics.The Vanquish series altso doesn't add anything new to the market either.I think they have to focus on their best detectors like Excalibur and CTX and NOX and improving them instead.
  16. Thanks for sharing your headphones modification! really appreciate if you can share some pictures of your modification for headphones connection to the Equinox jack? how do you seal that?Thanks
  17. HI Guys! I know it's comparison apples with oranges but was curious about depth in mild ground between these two machines.I know in mineralized ground ATX is deeper than Equinox,thats for sure.I'm going to hunt a lake with no mineralized ground and in this condition I will know which detector is deeper.Any tips???
  18. I think 3 piece rods cause some wobble like my original 3 piece rod on the sea hunter that wobble.I'm sue it will become common to use carbon fiber one piece or two as we use these days on other detectors
  19. Come on guys! I'm sure many now has got the AQ,why only Joe do testing and reporting? Come on out wherever you are!!!!!!
  20. Dang!! you are awesome Joe! In the video I hear some faint signals which I would dig and you didn't and you find a real signal which turns out to be Gold.That's a comparison between my ears and a PRO ears that makes such a huge different! Great job!
  21. At some beaches I hunt,in the water(salt) at some places my sea hunter get signals on big rocks (I assume it is magnetic rocks?) and when I dig a scoop I realize it is a big stone.It becomes a lot of time wasting.Just wonder hoe AQ react in these situations?
  22. WooW,so impressive depth!! was that hunt in salt water or lake? I would love to see how this machine react in wave action.
  23. I have been there many times.Same situation.Sometimes after several Days only finding 2-3 coins!! and same Place suddenly getting gold ring out of nowhere! It's all depend on how much sand moves around and make the bottom of the sea like sh….t.I usually tries several times with different Machines both PI and VLF,and nothing!!
  24. Nice!!! Thanks for the video!! BUT WY SO SHORRRRRTTTT????? We want more AQ videos Please and longer!!!Cheers!!!!
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