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    Currently using Tarsacci MDT 8000, XP Deus. Owned, still own and used various VLF and PI units and pin pointers over the years.

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  1. Merry Xmas to all from NZ. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year. Take care everyone and enjoy each day. Happy hunting!
  2. Merry Xmas to all from NZ. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year. Take care everyone and enjoy each day. Happy hunting!
  3. What a thrill finding stuff with such strong family ties associated with the site! And even more so it is still there and not some shopping centre! Great video and thanks for sharing.🙂
  4. I dont think you have a defective unit but have awfully strong radio freq/waves getting picked up....free music though if you look on the bright side! I try to stay away from transmittors and pylons.....they dont mix well with detectors. Pull tabs and bottletops are the curse we must suffer. However in MIX mode a lot of the ferrous bottlecaps give off a "hollow tinny" sound and may tid in at 16/18 depending upon depth.. Its only through trial and error you get to be right 80% of the time and not dig them. Pull tabs and caps may/may not (depending upon your sweep speed) give a "double" sou
  5. Great finds! I use a piece of blue chalk to highlight letters on worn coins after semi cleaning.....helps identify if there is enough there to read.
  6. Hi Denny, Yes I do at times use BLKS. Unfortunately there doesnt sèm to be a +- frequency shift like the XP Deus, plus this unit is not a vlf. so I cant help you with the music. Do you hear it on each frequency or only 1.?There are some mediums ( certain rocks/gravel) where you can run the Tarsacci too hot so bearing in mind full on doesnt mean more depth, as the depth is there even with lower settings....it is more a case of having first off your GB and SALT balanced for a quiet unit, then play with the TH & SENS, possibly even turn TRACK on. I had a patch of gravel, sand and who knows
  7. Not only will the SALT balance see through/eliminate coke, it will also do the same for seaweed and mussel beds if you are hunting rocks. Great to see a video showing how to balance salinity!
  8. It was a rather strange day today ......broad spectrum of finds and dates of coins. BUT .........I got a tiny 9ct gold stud earring in black sand mix. A nice old penny, the other penny is just too far gone to see a date. Another coin for the scrap. Hubby ran off with the stainless steel hose clip thingys......guess some junk is useful eh?
  9. Good practise for many Gerry. I would like to add to your "better have good coil control" with another exercise. This is best done over water , but sand or grass will do too. Tilt the front of your coil ever so slightly down, and watch how you skim across the water. Is it an even stroke or did you dunk or miss in places? You will find if you swing from your shoulder or elbow too...or both. Now this exercise is only to get the basics of coil swing or test your own coil control.....I dont mean for you to detect like this! Height of coil hunting is a personal choice.....but the lower the better,
  10. You wont regret it, Just holler or PM me if you want a bit of help on the settings for your ground and area. 👍
  11. Thanks. The depth wasn't great......guesstimate 8 to 10 inches. The old 20 cent was a lot deeper. To me I was pleased with the fact that such a small rather dainty gold ring was found in such conditions and I beat the incoming tide too😎
  12. Hi Carolina. The existing coil is 11 x 9. I have both the NZ coil for highly mineralised soils and magnetic black iron sands (which I was the tester for) and also the standard USA coil and have had my unit since Feb 2019. As for hunting the damp or wet swash area, (that is primarily what I hunt on the beach) the current sized coil gets targets at depth and is a good size. Relic hunting? I wouldnt want a bigger coil......rather a smaller one to concentrate on smaller areas under the coil. Swing speed is important.....too fast and you will miss small stuff or only catch the edg
  13. And so you should be tempted! Lol. I have the Tarsacci and an older XP Deus......nice combo which covers the bed of nails/trash before getting down deep and dirty. In fact, you could if you really wanted to.....combo an ace 250, AT Pro or any other VLF with it. As Ive said previously, I grab theTarsacci which s used over 90% of the time. It is hands down the best and deepest on wet sand Ive used. That said, I also use a set of Sennheiser headphones, but the ones that come with it are above standard, although not waterproof. Relic hunting......great iron audio. If there is a something the
  14. CONGRATS!!!!!!! You must be chuffed adding that one to your collection. Makes your day, week when something like that turns up out of a hole......would need a hand to put your eyeballs back in 😊
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