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  1. Here’s another short video of this coil on the Simplex for what I like to use it for the most so far, playgrounds. Just sweep till something beeps, back up and analyze if needed with the tip, pinpoint, retrieve, and repeat. On my next hunt I think I’ll try collapsing the shaft on the Simplex when I’m crawling around under equipment (limited by the pivot pin in the lower shaft lock). Really where I am finding most stuff is under and close to poles. but not all the stuff. Hope to try it at the beach soon, open up the sensitivity a bit, and hit some towel lines.
  2. It is a relatively cheap hobby. What if sales were better as people looked for more economical hobbies than others they might have? Also, I’m probably wrong but, detectors come in all price points. Flagship detector buyer might not be as affected by the economy but lose a few sales due to some not being able to stretch their budget up there. Hard to say where the bulk of the sales go or the demographics. Someone who has sold detectors through ups and downs may be able to shed some light on that.
  3. Possibly but there are Teknetics and Bounty Hunter equivalents for less money probably. Guessing they only keep the Gold Bug version for the name.
  4. I’m sure my Seahunter PI is deeper than my other detectors. I don’t take it to the park. On my Simplex, this coil is my latest obsession…. I’ll probably never use the stock 11” round coil on it even though it should be deeper than the 18x4 Arrow. But the Arrow is deep beyond the limits of Simplex target ID stability and way more efficient in coverage and separation in trashy parks or even the beach when covering large areas for recent drops. If I want more depth at an older site and better ID capability at depth, I’ll use my Equinox and it’s 11” round or the 6” if I have the patience. If I want raw depth at the beach or less trashy wet areas, I’ll use my Seahunter (plus it likely won’t leak).
  5. Interesting 🤔 I’ve found that when I am quickly scanning for surface finds, I like to hold my Lesche and F Pulse together in one hand rather than in and out of my finds bag (Omega Mill Minuteman). One issue that this would resolve is that because of the offset on the Lesche, this feels kind of awkward in hand. Also turning on and off the pinpointer which I feel I am going to wear out. I wonder it it is any more sensitive to foil/gold than the F Pulse? The detector coil is super sensitive to foil but the pinpointer seems to struggle sometimes if foil is not balled up.
  6. Have you considered the Arrow by Detech for it? So much coverage but still seems to separate well. I’ve not investigated what kind of real world depth I can get with it yet but probably as good as a smaller coil with more coverage. Mine is on a Simplex but I bet it would work well on an AT as well.
  7. They did have those Vanquish videos smashing an Ace detector that stirred up a little talk kind of feeding the trash talking and social media marketing.
  8. They have other products I believe? Maybe not focused on hobby detectors at the moment? Short staffed in that department? Maybe nothing is coming soon? From what I have seen they don’t seem to engage too much with the customers, at least not in US. They do seem to have presence at detector events. Also, others like Nokta Makro seem to be the other extreme of engagement and maybe gives folks different expectations that there should be some social media face to Minelab?
  9. Thank you. Yes, since not available for the Equinox or Vanquish, it will probably stay permanently on my Simplex and gave me a reason to keep it for exactly this type of hunting! I’ll be hitting up some more playgrounds when ground is too hard. I also can’t wait to try it on the beach towel line sometime and sand scoop.
  10. That was only 2-3 hours hunt! With the coverage of the coil and easy digging in mulch it is very efficient hunting.
  11. In the video I used a silver quarter but yeah they are in the low to mid 90s on both 11” stock and the Arrow.
  12. Really like this coil on the Simplex. Been keeping me away from my Equinox. Great coverage and sensitivity to near surface finds where the Target ID is reliable on this detector.
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