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  1. If you are looking for a deal on one and are in Wisconsin here you go: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/331453465286333/ Lady won’t ship. I would have bought them both just to try them. You can send me the Compadre as a finders fee 😁
  2. Sure it is not same guy? I’ve wanted to try one of those Tesoros but not at those prices. Seemed a bit steep to me for what they are. But I guess similar thing happened with some Whites stuff like TRX pinpointer... I’m glad I got to try one before that and was able to break even on it when I decided to let it go. Wouldn’t have even thought to try and price gouge on it.
  3. Weren’t the SEs supposed to be all black and the base F75 the black and gold combo? Do you know what year F75? Thanks
  4. Yeah I always thought it was more of a competitor, at least from a lineup perspective, to the Fisher Gold Bug/F19. Seems redundant now with the similar price point and the AT Pro and Max already being capable of being jack of all trade machines. Plus don’t hear a lot about them so imagine not a big seller in the first place.
  5. I’m not a gold prospector but find this release and watching the product lineups between the competitors interesting. Also watching how Garrett incorporates the Whites lineup and which products. I really wasn’t sure what the benefit was to the Whites purchase with a lot of overlap in offerings. Other than maybe multi frequency IP. Where does this leave the AT Gold? Significant price drop? Soon to be discontinued? The MSRPs between these two gold detectors is very similar. Assuming similar % reduction in street prices, still close. I imagine the 24k has a better standing as a serious gold detector than the AT. Similar size/type coils, different frequencies (24k higher frequency is better?), being rainproof is probably good enough for this type of detecting. Just curious if I’m missing anything as a non gold prospector.
  6. I saw a post on his FB page recently that another customer from Italy or Spain (don’t remember) is going to run his page or social media stuff? Maybe time? I’m sure this guy has a day job and doesn’t make a living off of these. I do wish there was a more informative site on this product and how to go about getting it. I’m sure there is some level of skepticism or worry to send an expensive detector to a guy you don’t know in Russia and a few hundred bucks and hope you get it back..
  7. I think one of the positives with the Simplex and the Apex is the headphone and pinpointer audio integration. Also a feature where I feel Minelab is behind. I imagine NM doesn’t have a BT aptX chip/transmitter in the current Pulsedive and it is not a software updatable thing. Maybe they will market a BT version compatible with this SMF detector....
  8. I see. I think paying for the Simplex would have been less painful 😁
  9. I knew housing would be same and no green headphones. Learned it would be Bluetooth. Would assume aptX low latency off the shelf like the Equinox? Also price point and features competitive to the 800 but not the 600, one model. I’m not sure I agree the build quality is any better on the Simplex over the Equinox although you don’t hear of tons of drownings and broken coil lugs... Flimsy shaft makes it feel a little cheap. Is the Pulsedive pin pointer also compatible with Bluetooth? I know it is compatible with green headphones.
  10. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have purchased an Apex over an Equinox if it had been out when I made that decision. I kept holding out for the former big 3 to come out with something compelling and caved. But I still watched the reveal video etc. I get tempted when I see a used one posted for sale locally. They have great customer service and agree their z-link is good integration not many others have. I wish them success and also curious what the will do with the Whites purchase. Losing hope on First Texas promoting the same stuff as the “best”, “biggest”, “lightest”, “deepest” marketing strategy and “working on stuff coming soon”. I like the break up of the forum. That way I know what sort of posts I’ll find or where to post. I used to like the sub $300 detector forum but okay with looking for those discussions in the comparisons forum. Maybe do an entry, mid, and top detector break up but then how do we agree on what is worthy of each category? : ) Can’t please everyone.
  11. Isn’t LL tech aimed at video and gaming so that there is no latency between video and audio? So if the sunglasses are made for outdoors and audio only presumably than unlikely the core market would need LL tech. Only thing I could see ( no pun intended) having some some sort of LL tech on eyewear would be like VR or augmented reality glasses or audio gear marketed for video or gaming. But unlikely those would have weatherproofing that would be preferable for our hobby. I wish my August headphones were somewhat weatherproof.
  12. The 540 comes with different levels of iron bias similar to Nox and unlike 340/440. Have you changed your iron bias from high to low by chance? I still get rusty nails with my 600 even at highest bias setting but I get a lot more in lower settings. I see you list having a 340. Do you have the same issue with that unit? I believe 340 and 440 are locked in at higher setting of the 540 from what I have read. Wet ground may amplify conductivity of all targets or create halo people talk about making the detector react to it differently than when dry. So you may find that deep or weird angle dime you missed before or other junk that was filtered well in the dry. Pennies for me are all over the place on the 600. Zinc depends on condition, generally 18-19 but can be as low a mid teens or high as 22-23. Coppers seem to depend on depth and angle, generally 25-26 like dimes but I get them all the way up to 29-30 thinking I found a quarter or silver. Wetness of ground could affect this as well. I’ll also note that I don’t ground balance my 600 and leave it at 0 as it is yet another variable and my ground seems to be mild where this should be of little consequence.
  13. Finally had a chance to try my 600 at the beach and the Sea Hunter. Constantly worried about breaking the Nox still under warranty, overheated the screen with housing cover - check.... Felt like I was going to snap the shaft or coil in the water. Went back to the sand. Sea Hunter I bought used, no warranty, not worried about anything, no issues. Thing is a tank and simple. Yeah, digging up more iron and deep stuff but still dug the coins and other junk the Nox did. Also still made, Garrett will send you o-rings and little parts for free even if you offer to purchase, will repair them. That is probably a benefit if in the states where shipping is not a huge burden.
  14. You have had it for less than one day and selling it? May I ask why? I saw your for sale post with 2 coils, wireless headphones, and an interesting display with like a histogram type graph. Also carbon shaft and possibly well balanced. Do you know if one can use any set of LL aptx wireless headphones or are they proprietary? Thanks
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