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  1. I’ve been thinking about selling my Whites TRX pinpointer and then I also thought about trading it for other detecting items of interest. Below are a couple items of interest if we can work something out. Otherwise I might just sell if there is interest. Nokta Makro Pulsedive 2 in 1 Minelab Vanquish 340/440 Located in Indianapolis, Indiana Thank you.
  2. Thanks Steve. I had the opportunity to pick up a used Simplex and headphones an have been thinking of trying the Pulsedive. It would be nice if the upgrade meant the peripheral gear was compatible and then the Simplex could be a back up or sold off to recoup some of the gear investment. I like how they have integrated those things and t hat would also be compelling to make the investment in another multi SMF. If not, that’s okay. I have my Equinox.
  3. Maybe not the right place to ask but does anyone know if this Simplex based multi unit will also use the same green headphones, compatibility with the pulsedive? I’m assuming it will also come with an 11” standard DD coil and Simplex coils will not be compatible. Target price? $500-600? $900-1000? If there is another discussion on this going someone can point me to that would be great too.
  4. Steve, the weight is an axle socket that weighs about a pound. I can probably get away with a little less at the end of shaft as the coil “floated” a little too much there as compared to the same socket attached further forward under the cuff. Either way, the weight needed at point A to offset the coil increase weight at B is roughly double. All of that extra weight is felt at C. Which is all then felt through the arm at each joint as more weight. Intuitively I feel the counterbalance may help someone suffering from wrist, forearm, and maybe elbow pain trying to use those musc
  5. Steve, I think it may be true for some and not others. Also seems like there are different types of discomfort reported and I suspect people also have different physical specs which could be part of the equation. Hard to tell with the amount of info available. Some don’t even report the type of pain. Is it wrist, elbow, shoulder, somewhere in between? Are you tall, short, limb and torso proportions? Do you need counterbalance, s-shaft, shoulder harness, some combination? I remember using my Seahunter on the beach that weighs over 5lbs and my arm muscles just being worn
  6. Hi Tom, does the Minelab coil fit on the Whites lower rods without modifications or shimming to prevent strain on the coil ears? I’d like to try a s bend on my 600 and like your solution and price point. Also seems more available and cheaper than Xterra parts at this time. I’ve been wanting an extra middle and lower for my other coil anyway. Also funny, for my counterbalance I also used a heavy impact socket. My issue is shoulder joint pain. The counter balance has not changed anything other than make it feel heavier and exacerbate the cuff slop issue I’m looking into as wel
  7. I think this is a pretty awesome design and nicer than the stock box layout. Weight is one concern but not a great one. I have also seen where some Vanquish units have been snapping at the stem and not warranted. Could be an expensive but nice solution.
  8. That’s because if then iron bias setting difference between the two. If you bump up Field 1 iron bias FE = 2, you will dig less iron like with Park 1. The tone break is also slightly higher for Field 1 which can also be made equal. It has been asked before. In short, nobody knows. Some (like myself) feel the algorithms (not the settings) are the same between 1 modes and 2 modes between Park and Field (not Beach or Gold). Some feel there is still a difference between the two and that Field may hit a nickel lower than Park for example. But it is probably a negligible difference to m
  9. Video on this in English: https://fb.watch/2rpivFQw6F/ I had not thought about the weight of the pod but I guess it is much more configurable and maybe easier to balance the detector this way.
  10. Awesome. Where are you located if you don’t mind me asking? How does this work with purchasing from seller? Is it a kit and DIY or do you have to ship him your pod and then get it back in this housing? it does look like a great product. I like it for the Vanquish as well.
  11. Think a cheaper, simpler, waterproof or at least highly water resistant Equinox 300 based on the Vanquish 340 platform. Others have already mentioned the RNB pack option on the batteries which I think is ~$60 or so. Check out Sea Ghost on Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, etc. He makes boxes housings for various ML products, including the Vanquish. I think this guy has the right idea of what I would like to see.
  12. I’ve tried to ask him on some post but the guy is kind of vague with responses and videos are in Russian. I’m not certain but the detector pod may have to be sent to him. The unboxing video about what you get had an operating pod in it. Otherwise not site how good of instructions you would get to undertake this yourself. I guess with some instructions I would try this after warranty or a cheap deal on a broken one etc. The Vanquish probably would not be as hard as it is not a sealed unit and only $200 for the 340 and probably cheaper in the used market after some time. If
  13. I’m surprised I have not seen much chatter on this mod but it seems pretty well done. He has same mod for the Vanquish and maybe the CTX https://m.facebook.com/Sea-Ghost-101743838386442/ Not something I’d do under warranty but maybe after warranty was up? Or buy a $200 Vanquish or used one and this kit? I think the kits are under $300 and I think that includes the headphones? Heck the waterproof headphones are half that price. Wish I knew Russian...
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