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  1. NuggetBob

    Dang Close

    Weedoggie, fry that ol snake up with some beer batter!
  2. NuggetBob

    Moving Map Program

    Weedoggie them is some crazy flyin machines!
  3. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Good on ya russ, them be some purty nuggets!
  4. NuggetBob

    DeLorme InReach Satellite Text Communicator

    This feller is a prospector and uses an InReach http://www.goldandtreasure.com/gold-prospecting-search-and-rescue-delorme-inreach-explorer/ and I found some info on the GPAA site too http://www.goldprospectors.org/Community/Forum/aft/721 Fancy stuff bygolly!
  5. NuggetBob

    Old Patch, New Gold

    Sweet Swizzle Sticks! Thats some purdy gold, congrats!
  6. NuggetBob

    What's Your Strangest Finds?

    Weedoggie! I've found so many weird things, let me chaw on this one. Sometimes them maryjuana growers hang fish hooks in the desert tress where they grow so as to catch officers in the eyes. Dagnabit bastards! Here be more on the hooks http://www.justice.gov/archive/ndic/pubs1/1017/marijuan.htm. Keep your guard up in these areas!
  7. Well heck, in high trash areas we used to get a good strong rake and attach some on them super-dooper magnets (neodymium magnets) and do a pre-rake. Boy howdy saves a lot of time no matter what you use vlf or pi. A friend told me about this website for them magnets, they got good service too http://www.gaussboys.com/
  8. NuggetBob

    First Gold With 2300

    Weedoggie! Purty gold, congrats!
  9. NuggetBob

    Converting Minelab GPX to DEUS Rod Assembly

    My pard is using a nylon heim joint (plastic rod end) setup to make his shafts fold up on his Minelab SD and 3500. Will be slick if he pulls it off right.
  10. NuggetBob

    Converting Minelab GPX to DEUS Rod Assembly

    Well shucks! I'll try and get some tin types to share when he works his magic.
  11. NuggetBob

    GPS on GPZ 7000

    Thanks fellas! Campfire talk is what it is and concern is what I'm hearing from folks around the fire. I'll contact Minelab too, see if they will answer. Thanks again for taking the time to help.
  12. NuggetBob

    Converting Minelab GPX to DEUS Rod Assembly

    My pard is making some prototypes out of ABS and Carbon Fiber shafts, heck, that and a trip to ACE hardware he reckons anyone can build their own for $30. Whohoo!
  13. NuggetBob

    Rye Patch Color

    Weedoggie! Them be some fine gold biscuts!
  14. NuggetBob

    GPS on GPZ 7000

    Welp, I reckon to sell a sack of nuggets for one of these magic wands. But, I'm cornfused. Does Minelab keep, share, sell, store, trade or do some fantastical wonders with my data? Can I fliparoo a switch to turn off the GPS? Can I fliparoo a switch to stop GPS transmissions? Heck, I just dunno, Maybe one of you do or we can call Scooby Doo!
  15. Well sunshine up my nose! Put me on the list for a magic wand too!