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  1. Check out Nokta Makro's site. They have eclipsed this tech about a decade ago. They have had ground penetrating systems for military use for the last 2 decades. How deep is your wallet??
  2. I have never installed the strap on any of my detectors. I have never needed them. Great post. 👍
  3. Unlike other detectors Deus only blocks the audio which doesn't affect depth. The only setting on the Deus II that will affect depth is the Reactivity setting. This determines how long the coil stays on between targets.
  4. I used the word "Notches" by mistake and meant tone settings as you refer to them as Bins. Thank you for sharing and I will test this this weekend.
  5. Jeff Excellent read! Please describe your notch settings if you could. I am using 3 tones now and want to play with 5 tones. Thank you Sir!
  6. Thank you! Maybe you could replicate the test in the other thread between the Halves and a silver quarter?
  7. I believe Gary on his channel stated the General Program was best for wet soil.
  8. Thanks for the nice ID chart! Thanks Dan and Joe for the excellent charts!!! 🙌👏👏👏🖖👌✌👍🤙🙂
  9. It could be the year the Half was minted. My 1958 Benjamin is 90% and my 1967 Kennedy is 40%.
  10. What is VERY important is for folks to use a USB port of 2.0 and above. XP states this in the instructions.
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