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  1. Check out Nokta Makro's site. They have eclipsed this tech about a decade ago. They have had ground penetrating systems for military use for the last 2 decades. How deep is your wallet??
  2. I have never installed the strap on any of my detectors. I have never needed them. Great post. πŸ‘
  3. Unlike other detectors Deus only blocks the audio which doesn't affect depth. The only setting on the Deus II that will affect depth is the Reactivity setting. This determines how long the coil stays on between targets.
  4. I used the word "Notches" by mistake and meant tone settings as you refer to them as Bins. Thank you for sharing and I will test this this weekend.
  5. Jeff Excellent read! Please describe your notch settings if you could. I am using 3 tones now and want to play with 5 tones. Thank you Sir!
  6. Thank you! Maybe you could replicate the test in the other thread between the Halves and a silver quarter?
  7. I believe Gary on his channel stated the General Program was best for wet soil.
  8. Thanks for the nice ID chart! Thanks Dan and Joe for the excellent charts!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ––πŸ‘ŒβœŒπŸ‘πŸ€™πŸ™‚
  9. It could be the year the Half was minted. My 1958 Benjamin is 90% and my 1967 Kennedy is 40%.
  10. What is VERY important is for folks to use a USB port of 2.0 and above. XP states this in the instructions.
  11. Sir Full tones, unlike any other audio mode, uses a different scale for iron audio. If you disc -6.4 in full tones you will hear all the iron. I disc up until it is there in the audio but just enough to know I am around iron. All the other tone modes work with a disc of 6 or whatever your preference. Full tones is the audio mode that can be confusing. I had to ask a lot of questions myself because the manual confused me. Cheers
  12. Sweet Find!! πŸ‘πŸ€™
  13. Using Full Tones,I start to lose iron tones at a disc around 5. Maybe my hearing loss? I run a disc around 3-4 to just start to hear the iron. I don't use notch much except in Park program. I have been using 3 and 4 tones with custom tones as a filter instead of notching. You can try setting disc to as low as you7 want and try the iron audio levels under the Disc menu. Cheers and HH
  14. If I am running 3 tones, I disc at 6. If I am running full tones I set the disc at 3 so I can just start to hear the iron.
  15. Chase Sorry for that one but my brain died! LOL! 🀣
  16. Chase I used the wrong word, "Processed", instead of Transmit and receive speed. The processing time is the same but the transmit and receive signal is slower with lower frequencies. I played with this with my Nokta Impact testing swing speed using 4khz and 20 khz over a buried 4" silver quarter. 20Khz hit it at any swing speed. 4 khz only saw and ID'd it with a slower swing speed. 4 khz missed it completely with faster swing speeds. Between 20 khz and 4 khz is a factor of 5 in speed. Sorry for the miswording as I can see how it could be confusing.
  17. Definitely a remote issue then Sir. Sorry for that!
  18. Just a question. If you turn on the WS6 is the main remote still dead? It should come on if they are paired.
  19. Because Deep HC uses 4 khz and 14 khz it runs better when you hunt with a slow swing while hunting. I used it in the deep woods today and it gives a better ID with a slower swing. When the frequency is down to 4khz it punches deep in the ground and it takes slightly longer to process the signal. Another great program for the woods is the Park program with the factory notches taken out. I believe it runs 12 khz and 24 khz.
  20. 7.1 went in fine for me on Remote and WS6. One thing I think is important is to make sure you are using a USB 2 port. Software that is written for USB 2 can get scrambled if you use a USB 1 port. I've seen this happen before.
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