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  1. Hi Steve He had a great coat. Would have been great in the snowy conditions keeping him and yourself warm. A mate of mine had a golden retriever and she was the most obedient and loyal dog I have ever Known. Over here in Oz in public places we have to keep our dogs on a lead and under control at all times. My mate never had his dog on a lead and the rangers would time and time again would stop him to question him about his dog not on a lead and go to issue him a fine. He would demonstrate complete control and obedience with her and would get off scott free every time. I re
  2. I thoroughly agree with you!! The nightmares would comprise of - # Will it make it back to me ? # Did I get MY machine back,? # When they fixed the problem did it alter the machines performance ? & the worry goes on and on !!!! I will probably be going out this weekend weather permitting. I will Be more observant and also check how repeatable it is and if there is a pattern. I know from experience that a problem that occurs randomly and cant be replicated easily is very hard to fix Cheers ozgold
  3. Hi Andyy Thanks for the feed back I wonder if Minelab know about the issue ?? My machine also has a lag when pushing the screen buttons, I didn't really think it was the machine more so I thought it was just not reading my pressing the screen through the screen cover I have on the machine. I will have to use it without the cover & see if it still lags Do you use a cover on your screen ? Cheers ozgold
  4. Hi Phoenix I have been having same problems with my zed. When I switch gold modes from normal to difficult or difficult to normal the threshold would go silent. I had the problem a few times a while after the first update and now have installed the second update hoping it would fix the glitch but its still been happening. Its bearable at the moment ( happening at least once or twice a day)( I change modes on almost every target) but am worried it will get worse or contribute to a bigger problem later on. Can you please tell me your result from what you found with your experienc
  5. I agree with you on that one tucannon. I Went to a shoe shop looking for new boots and found the redback a real winner. The left boot in one box fitted great but the right boot was too tight so I got the shop assistant to get the other boots out of the other boxes they had in stock and I got one that fitted real snug. So don't just accept that all boots in all boxes are the same! cause they a not . Apparently we all have one foot slightly bigger than the other Hi RDD What you just said sums it up exactly. What do you put on your boots to make them last longer and waterproof them
  6. Wow !! That was a good story with great description. I hadn't read it before and was reading it out loud to a mate of mine, we both were getting very excited about what was about to unfold, keeping us on the edge of our seats, unfortunately it was only trash feel sad for you Look on the bright side you now know nothing less than 18 inches is out of your range As you said you changed from normal to difficult, did that make much difference to the target response ? Bet your heart missed a few beats when digging. You had great arsenal of pin pointers to choose from.
  7. Nice peace Whitebutler thanks for the showing. Hope there's more to come for you. Just looking at the gloves in your photos is that from wear and tare or have you modified them to suit your detecting style ? Cheers ozgold
  8. Thanks for posting Steve very informative, showing lots of down to earth information commonly overlooked in the heat of the moment. kevin mentioned towards the end of the presentation they were out of time to cover all points and was going to finish the presentation later that day. Is there any chance that second seminar is available for viewing ? Cheers ozgold
  9. I've found a lot of lead nuggets, but haven't taken any photos of them ! sorry I'm pretty sure they were all man made Cheers ozgold
  10. I go away 95% of the time with my father for weeks at a time approx 5 times a year. He took me out enitially and I got gold fever from the first trip we went on. When we get to the camp site and have set up we both go our own seperate ways each day because of interference between the zeds. We call up each other at certain times on the 2 way radios during each day to make sure everything is ok. We go nugget hunting during sum nights together and only take 1 detector. We tune the 2 WM12s into the one machine so we can both listen for targets together & decifer signals. It's great
  11. HI Fred A while ago I use my zed on the beach here in Oz and the only setting I could use was Severe and sensitivity on 5 or less. In all the other settings it was just buzzing off its head and couldn't stabilise it in the salty dry sand. I tried it in wet sand near the water, had sensitivity on 1 and got a few targets down deep. I couldn't recover them because the tide was coming in, the swell rising and I only had a square mouth brickies shovel ( not the right tool for the job ) I dug sum 2ft+ holes for coins & ring pulls further up the beach away from the water cant
  12. I think ML are on a winner with the new Gold Monster 1000 coming out by upgrading their lower end scale detector. Surely they have done their homework and looked at demand in the market place and supplied a machine for it. I'm sure it will be cost friendly to family's budgets. A new machine, newer technology in the market is very enticing to want one. Just imagine the excitement on sum young kids face when they dig up their first nugget with the new Gold Monster 1000.That is the success ML is thinking about I recon (then of course the kid wants a bigger & better detector) more
  13. Hi Rick I've been watching on the news here in Oz about the Oroville dam spillway problem (hope they get it fixed in time). It might be worth a trip to California after it all settles down again because there having a big gully washer over there at the moment ! Cheers ozgold
  14. That's a great idea preserving a rose. just wondering if they could dip a whole plant in a pot! cause my misses hasn't got a green thumb and every thing seems to die (except for the plastic ones lol ) I've already got my better half a valentines present. I dropped off a 10gram nugget to the jewellers and got a loop brazed on it to go on a necklace Cheers ozgold
  15. I Have used my ML pin pointer 100% of the time on the gold fields with great success. They do save a lot of time and guess work digging and locating targets in confined spaces. Here in oz we are going through extremely high summer temperatures with high humidity which makes for unpleasant prospecting at the moment. Recently I have found a new use for my pin pointer around the house. My wife wanted a picture mounted on the wall, so got the trusty pin pointer out and found the stud in the wall to fastern the mounting point to (we have a steel framed house). It got me thinking more on what I
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