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  1. On more than one occasion I too have pissed off a mining partner. I just like when they come back and start getting in personal lives between you and your Spouse. It happened to me three times with the same person. Then it was over for good with that guy. I do have friends that I love to take with me detecting however I don't find anything when they go. Though I do find that they soon lose interest after digging a thousand boot tacks and square nails. I only go alone or with my wife now. I trust no one any longer. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have half of what I have. She talked me into selling a dredge and buying my first minelab then a year later I got my ZED. I love them both more than they will ever know.
  2. I also used game cams I'm the past and swear by them. Recently I was granted permission in writing on a private land where I work. There is a family that owns it and plans to mine it as well. I helped set game cams to catch those who are without permission. We have gone as far as turning them (the law less prospectors) over the the local law enforcement. There is an on going problem in that area with theft and vandalism. So now we are able to positively ID some of these people. I hate to be that way but it's best to teach a lesson.
  3. Not a bad idea Scott. I think that would be a great way for some wives to drive themselves on a detecting trip. I've always thought a flying detector would be awesome.
  4. Glad you got something there Norm. I hunted that other area for about an hour and a half and found a bunch of lead. However I did have a great time and look forward to seeing you guys again.
  5. Good on ya! Keep up the good work. You'll find that ounce piece soon enough. Nice pieces to be proud of. Cheers John
  6. It seems I have to change my goals. After a 5.8 ouncer I now am headed to find a pounder. One pound isn't to much to ask for. I believe it's possible. I know I will do it. I keep telling myself and my wife I will bring home a pounder. Cheers John
  7. I used to be the same way! But then I made almost ten times the money in less than half the time after I got the Zed. Cheers John
  8. Oh my. I'm so glad I am on pain meds for the next month. It keeps me smiling and with a sh_t eating grin. I love watching everyone get antsy. I will be buying an other machine too but don't really care yet what one I get. I have five in the corner and can't even swing one. Yet I buy more! No worries. I'll keep collecting gold locators in hopes of collecting gold.??
  9. Thank you strick! As a logger mist if my working life and a son of a sailor I heard and say a lot of things I shouldn't. I really try to not put them publicly where others read however if it's said by others and u report it then I'll try quotation marks more often. Cheers John
  10. Hey there Mrdingo21 I can't wait to use mine ether. I just walked in the door from surgery. Rotator cuff, posterior labrum tear, and bunch other garbage. All I could think about was my Minelab. Unfortunately I'll be out if the game for a few weeks. ?? Cheers and best of luck out there John
  11. I would like to know how that Robinson flies. Is it easy or are you super busy and stiff controls? Only asking because I'm slowly getting there. I'm looking at a few options.
  12. Ok that's really cool. But I have to say one thing, THATS CHEATING! Don't worry. If I had access I'd use one too! Good on ya John
  13. I don't have a lot of falsing with the 19". What I do have is this killer muscle cramp in my lower back on left side. Goes all the way down to my leg. I call it the 19"cramp.
  14. I love the quartz! Nice job! Way to get after it! Cheers John
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