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Found 79 results

  1. Are there maps of current active mining claims in Colorado that is updated and available to view????
  2. Just published at Minelab's Treasure Talk blog at http://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/gps-mapping-with-the-minelab-ctx-and-gpz-detectors-part-2
  3. Stumbled on this new mapping app. Lots of free maps to download. Seems to work well. Will report back to HQ when I use further. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Avenza
  4. ...is not what I want to hear, so I'm looking for input on the best (ie: most up to date, viewable witout a data/cell connection, provided you had one in the mornign to update etc) mapping app for Google Hemerroid or Apple IOS that I can use to make sure I'm not on anyone's claim when I hit Rye Patch next month. As a claim owner in BC, I'm very well versed on the BC systems etc and I hate claim jumpers, they should all be .... (well I'll leave it at that) so being even a foot inside anothers claim is unacceptable for me... Anyone need any hours for work reports done on a Rye Patch claim or can anyone recommend a good app, like footsteps etc... I don't mind paying, it'll be cheaper than pulling buckshot (buttshot) out of my butt I reckon. :) Maybe even showing the Reno area, maybe I'll go over and stalk Chris and Steve if they're into a day out. Thank's all. Jennifer
  5. The first of a series of articles I am doing about the GPS system that comes with the Minelab CTX 3030 and GPZ 7000 has been posted on Minelab's Treasure Talk site
  6. "Three years ago we introduced a cloud-free mosaic of the world in Google Earth. Today we’re rolling out an even more beautiful and seamless version, with fresh imagery from Landsat 8 satellite and new processing techniques for sharper images than ever before. Satellite images are often cloudy, but not always over the same place, so we looked at millions of images and took the clearest pixels to stitch together this cloud-free and seamless image. Landsat 8, which launched into orbit in 2013, is the newest sensor in the USGS/NASA Landsat Program—superior to its predecessors in many ways. Landsat 8 captures images with greater detail, truer colors, and at an unprecedented frequency—capturing twice as many images as Landsat 7 does every day. This new rendition of Earth uses the most recent data available -- mostly from Landsat 8 -- making it our freshest global mosaic to date." Details at https://maps.googleblog.com/2016/06/keeping-earth-up-to-date-and-looking.html
  7. The other day I pulled up Google Earth as usual but now the navigation and zoom controls and the tool bar icons are very tiny. And now my placemark labels are larger than normal. I cannot figure out how to reset it back. Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. Those of you who hunt are probably aware there are websites online where you can purchase landowner maps you can install on a hand held GPS which show who owns every piece of property in a given area, be it public land or private. Is there anything comparable to that for gold claims especially on public lands here in the US? Terry
  9. Don't know if i am the only one who hadn't seen this video and AU information site---- but check it out---- It looks so simple that even Klunker could handle it!!!!!
  10. Hi all, this is my first post as a newby. My wife and I are looking at upgrading detector equipment etc and I was wondering what others use for personal GPS tracking? Whenever we go 'bush' we each tend to 'work' apart and at times we lose sight of each other and also our start point. My concern is that we are risking getting lost (either together or individually) and if one of us only gets lost or is injured and incapacitated then the other one won't know where to find them. Do other forum members carry a personal GPS tracker each which shows your start point and has the capacity to track back to the beginning? Are there GPS trackers available that also can locate the position of a second GPS tracker, thus allowing you to find your partner? I imagine we would program each tracker ID into the other's GPS and it would not only show your own track but could identify the co-ordinates of the second unit. Does anything like this exist? We do each carry a small handheld UHF radio, which allows communication if in range (and conscious) but this is of small use if we are lost. I appreciate your replies and look forward to sharing this forum site with you all. Peter (down under)
  11. There's a new site for research for us prospectors called Land Matters, it's Non-Profit Educational Organization website primarily for prospectors and other land users, this site was created by Brian Cole and Leigh Johnson, with much help from MinerDiggins Adventures, who many may know as Clay and Ruby, who have been for years been producing mapping and mining claims programs for prospectors. The site has been posted on other gold prospecting forums but I haven't seen it posted here, it's free to use, many many hours have been put into this site and more to come, there are many different maps and map layers (geology, land status, minerals, mining, topos, etc.), articles, resources, and a searchable library for 8 states at this time and more states are coming as requested by end users as well as the entire USA and other parts of the world, it takes a little time and work to add each state but several more states are in the works at the time I'm posting this and will be added in the order they have been requested by end users, if you have a request please request it at the website or I can relay it to them. As mentioned it a non-profit project created out of the passion of what we do and many, many hours have been put into it's creation which isn't finished by a long shot, but they do accept donations if you are so inclined. http://www.mylandmatters.org/
  12. Just wondering if there is any new information on LIDAR? Been wanting to use is to search forested areas. Here is a old link on the subject. http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/79-light-detection-and-ranging-lidar/?fromsearch=1
  13. The Sage Grouse Proposed Mineral Withdrawal by the BLM would close nearly 10 million acres of land to mineral entry. This affects claims in 5 western states. Friday the 15th of January (this Friday!) is the deadline for comments on the proposal. Generally comments and opinions don't apply to the Secretary's decision but with the time near and facts on hand a little attention by more than a few voters and representatives might just convince the Secretary to think twice. If the withdrawal goes ahead no new claims can be made in the withdrawn area. In addition the existing claims are likely to come under greater scrutiny and challenges to their validity. That puts nearly 7,000 mining claims in the sights of the BLM land managers. Now is the most effective time to share your opinions and present facts to influence the outcome. With little time left the Secretary will have less chance to bring influence or political pressure to bear on members of Congress should they object. Land Matters has been working hard to figure out how many and which claims will be at stake should the withdrawal be approved. We've produced a comprehensive report on all the claims affected in this proposal and made an interactive map with just the claims within the proposed withdrawal area. The BLM did not assist in the preparation of this report. We spent considerable time and effort in hand mapping the location of these claims in relation to the proposed withdrawal. I could find no evidence the Secretary even knows how many or what claims would be affected. I'm sure she and your representatives would appreciate being informed of this information to help their decisions to be made on all the facts available. This is a factual report that you can not only view online but there is a zipped download available directly from the reports front page. At a mere 159Kb in size this report can be shared by email quite easily. Why not look over the whole situation and check in with your representatives to make sure they know the facts about the potential effects of this withdrawal should it be approved. The new custom interactive Sage Grouse Proposed Withdrawal Map shows just the claims affected with all the claim information normally found only on the Land Matters Mining Claims Maps. Be sure to read and download the interactive Sage Grouse Proposed Withdrawal Report too. To give you an idea of whats at stake with this withdrawal look over this summary chart from the report. Barry
  14. Hey all you mapping people--- i am having a hard time with my Back Country Navigator PRO Application (BN)---- I can't seem to find the layers i want such as- downloading the areas i am interested in with Public Land Survey System (PLSS) overlay???? What I expect a mapping program to be able to do is change layers ----- Like (Clay Diggings) Footprints -----or (Geocommunicator or whats left of it) LR2000--- I would like to see a program that has a library that holds all pertinent layers that prospectors would readily use accessible with a click, (this would be customizable by the individual ---- mines, adits, gravel pits, lode claims, placer claims, sections 1/4 section, roads, trails, lakes , creeks, intermittent wet areas, creek channels, old creek channels, benches, etc... Is it just me or is Google Earth becoming more user friendly for prospectors than BN (Back Country Navigator PRO)--- Maybe i need to spend more time with FP's (Footprints) ...and better learn the layers they have available--- And on the other hand i could just use the tracker I put in SS's (Sourdough Scott's) FIC (Fried Ice Cream) at (LDH) Los Dos Hermanos... carry on.... Edited for my pal Merton .....
  15. Thanks to Merton's persistence, I got this in the mail today. Very small, I should have had one years ago. ResQLink + Website https://goo.gl/photos/U1BU8KLGczQcHrCy8
  16. Really 2 topics here. I am interested in what kind of boots you folks use while detecting. I prefer metal free and currently use a pair of Keens but the sole is already starting to delaminate and they have less than 60 hours out and about. I know they are good about replacing them, or so I have heard, but I would really like something that will hold up reasonably well and won't give me that falsing that can happen when I forget about metal in boots. I ran into a Border Patrol agent who said he uses a boot called Vibram Rocky that has no metal and stands up to the terrain down here in Yuma by Sea (sorry Condor, I can't resist repeating your catch phrase). Comments or new ideas? 2nd question is about a standalone GPS unit that folks use. I have an old Etrex but would like something a little newer and if possible it will accept Google Earth images/KML files so I don't have to try to redo all the points I have saved to my places and the special MRDS and other KML layers I've accumulated. Any info is appreciated and I know from experience that somebody out there is bound to learn something from these topics besides myself. Thanks in advance.
  17. This is something that used to be on individual gps apps, now it's coming to Google Maps as well; the ability to download specific maps and then seamlessly move from service to no service with no loss of navigation ability. Cool. http://techcrunch.com/2015/11/10/offline-navigation-comes-to-google-maps/
  18. I am writing a series of tips and "how to" blogs on the zed GPS system. Sure it can be improved, but it is actually something I am finding it to be useful. There is something to be said for it being up front and in my face at all times that makes its use compelling. I like it.
  19. Thanks to Dick Hammond for pointing this out. It is a reasonably inexpensive and effective alternative to the satellite phone. I have an Iridium phone I have used for years. It is the best insurance policy you can purchase for remote operations. But the phones are expensive, and the plans more so. Phones are around $800 now, but you can get used ones for about half that. It is the plans that add up. In Alaska we are lucky because a 6 month plan can be had for half what it costs for global minutes. Information on DeLorme InReach http://www.inreachdelorme.com/product-info/inreachse.php Cost for Iridium Sat Phone Plans http://www.satphonestore.com/airtime/iridium-airtime.html I may sell my Sat phone and get the InReach and have money left over. May be a better option for me now. Buy an InReach Communicator here.
  20. Is it worth spending more money to get a GPS with a built in camera? Since I am not very good at marking waypoints and generally get confused on all the numerous GPS functions, I was wondering if the camera equipped units could record a photo of my current location and mark it for me automatically as a waypoint? Sure wish there was a GPS that only had basic functions, and a compass pointer and could still get me back to my car after a day in the woods and be water resistant and under $150? The camera units are upwards of $400-600 from Garmin, which is a bit steep for me. I never understood why GPS, cell phone, and digital camera and camcorder makers have to pack in hundreds of functions on their gizmos, which mostly confuse the users?
  21. Hey folks, you can now download Google Earth Pro for free. Used to cost $400. Lot of additional tools and features. http://www.google.com/earth/download/gep/agree.html Mike
  22. Recently came across Maprika a free mapping program, versions for PC, Iphone & android, but what seems impressive about it is the mapping database it has for US, lot of old US maps for the relic and coin hunter. http://www.maprika.com/
  23. Hi, I wonder if some of you that use moving maps programs could enlighten me how you use them in your day to day prospecting experience. I may be using a dual sport motorcycle/powered paraglider this summer was interested in learning how you incorporate moving maps with vehicles (or walking) Thx in advance, Paul
  24. Welp, I reckon to sell a sack of nuggets for one of these magic wands. But, I'm cornfused. Does Minelab keep, share, sell, store, trade or do some fantastical wonders with my data? Can I fliparoo a switch to turn off the GPS? Can I fliparoo a switch to stop GPS transmissions? Heck, I just dunno, Maybe one of you do or we can call Scooby Doo!
  25. When Chris Ralph and I were down in Phoenix I was fortunate that Chris lined up a dinner with Barry and Leigh, the brilliant couple behind the new non-profit educational organization, Land Matters. The website at http://www.mylandmatters.org/ is your constantly expanding source of land related information, including: Library - A Library full of free maps, guides, books, tutorials and reference materials. Maps - Interactive maps for your area of interest. More being added every week. Articles - Factual articles written by those in the know. Information that you can rely on. Resources - Links and contacts to other communities of knowledge. Outreach - Programs that engage the community directly. Seminars, outings, trainings etc. I am far from done checking it all out myself, but this looks like something we should all consider getting on board with and supporting if possible. Check it out. I have added this banner to the rotating collection in the upper left corner: and added them to my links list Barry and Leigh, very nice meeting you, and keep up the great work! Here is a link to the new interactive land management status map http://www.mylandmatters.org/Maps/Management/GetMap
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