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  1. That is the trouble with machines...they break down. Unfortunately, I have broke too... I am glad to see your post as I was getting a little concerned that the Mexicans had kept you... glad you made it back! fred
  2. fredmason

    Gpaa Claims Vs. Blm Land

    Yes, much more info is needed to attempt a coherent answer... fred
  3. fredmason

    Accidental Find In Middle Of Nowhere

    Yeah, that happened to me down around Yuma but far from the military grounds...I just knew I had a one oz nugget but somehow it became a 50 cal bullet-maybe a tracer... I was really bummed! fred
  4. fredmason

    Chinese Opium Tins, What Do They Say?

    I think they say" the state has determined that this is a cancer causing agent". fred
  5. fredmason

    Summer Fun

    most of the time it is trash...BUT...great find! fred
  6. fredmason

    The Forum Like Limit

    Well, I thought the buttons were a cool way to show agreement or appreciation...without actually writing a response. Twenty is fine with me. fred
  7. fredmason

    Hand Held GPS

    Gee wheez, I sure wish I had some geekiness in me....thanks Phrunt and all. fred
  8. fredmason

    Hand Held GPS

    Phrunt; will there be a gps connection with the Navigator if there is no cell service? maps are fine but a GPS reading is often critical for marking locations, etc... fred
  9. fredmason

    World Bored With High Frequency Detectors?

    Because I dislike having stuff I sold my ctx when I got the 800. Now I have two detectors that fulfill my detecting needs; the equinox 800 and the Zed 7000.... I only need a small gold coil for the 800 to be happy-er! fred
  10. a manicured lawn is not the place for plugs and holes...perhaps a better digging method would serve...otherwise, I would have to pass on some signals. If holes and appearance is not a problem...as Cal said; you never know until you did it. fred
  11. fredmason

    GPX 4500 Coil Overload

    In my humble opinion; NO! The problem is likely in the wiring in the handle or the connections to the box itself….leaning on those could create a problem. fred
  12. fredmason

    Equinox Or CTX 3030

    You can buy two 800's for the price of one 3030; one for you and one for the wife. My ctx was a great silver getter but not much good in heavy trash. I love my 800 but due to some problems and the County Parks closed to detecting I have not used it nearly as much. fred
  13. fredmason


    Go back!!! In the early 1980's my buddy and I were hanging drywall in Mesa, Az. We came across a school where they were stripping the sod from...we found a bunch of coins on the surface and in the dirt...I have never found another opportunity like that... fred
  14. Silver will blacken with age...The Chinese valued silver very highly...that is why the English minted trade dollars, as I recall.... Very Nice Ring! fred
  15. fredmason

    Regret That I Sold It

    Life is short...if you have the money, buy what you want! fred