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  1. You are a generous soul, Chuck!
  2. An excellent review, Steve!!! Doc is quite the Thinker; constantly innovating products to make the Prospector/detectorist's life easier. Well done, Doc!
  3. fredmason

    Wireless Issue

    get a shirt with big chest pockets and put the wm in there... fred
  4. fredmason

    New Development On Lost Treasure Magazine

    Getting stiffed is rough...you could be a drywall hanger-the check is always in the mail...haha Why would you use so many names? Multi-personas perhaps? fred
  5. fredmason

    GPX 5000 Help

    Definitely send it to minelab, but, before you do so... change power cords and check all connectors..this sounds like the worst kind of issue----intermittent! fred
  6. fredmason

    Earclip Headphone Advice

    Sony MDR-J10 been using them for all types of detecting for years and years....with a 1/4 adaptor they work fine and on the 1/8 female plug the go direct... I buy them on Amazon because the new models have a closed-loop rather than open, as in the first pic... fred
  7. fredmason

    Remembering The Old Coinshooter

    great story and happy memories! thanks fred
  8. Excellent post as always... My condolences to your wife. It is a blessing to be able to hold a loved one's hand as they pass from this life to the next. best wishes fred
  9. Worrying about buying because there may be a newer model is not sane...there will always be a newer model at some point; no one can predict the time. Kind of like not buying a television because there may be a new model... Steve swore a "sacred oath" that he has no knowledge of a newer model...do you want blood too? (Just teasing, Steve) Any PI will find detectable gold, it is the operator and the location that matters...I suggest you buy a used Minelab Pi and get some experience, then you can decide if you want to get into the deep water. fred
  10. fredmason

    GPX 5000 Using " Bogene's Settings "

    I would use a large DD and Cancel mode...but, if you want iron-discriminate, probably not an option. D never worked very well anyway... I never used the A. I. coils, so no opinion on that. good luck fred
  11. I cannot determine how to get to my list of Minelab warranty registrations....I find the spot to register new equipment. Does some kind soul know the secret and will reveal it...? if I too only had a brain fred
  12. fredmason

    Diggin Pouches

    Doc makes/sells some similar products.... fred
  13. fredmason

    Northeast's GPZ Gold Album

    Nice deal for some one in Oz, Northeast! I almost sold my 7000 when I got sickly two Novembers ago...I am glad I did not sell. Having the GPZ gave enough incentive to keep going and now I am about 80% back. That is way better than a walker and wheel chair. I just ordered a new coil cover after all this time it is coming apart...but, I am not a coil scrapper... fred
  14. fredmason

    Wtg Chris Ralph

    Chris has an excellent article about some prospecting and marketing he did in the recent ICMJ. Fortune favors the prepared and Chris proves it! Congratulations, Chris!!! fred