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  1. fredmason

    It Was Nice To Get Out And Relax

    Yes, it is beyond humbling to lose one's mobility, strength and balance. You never know when the hand of fate will knock you down. Do it now, there may not be a tomorrow! fred
  2. fredmason

    " Hanky Panky " In The Barn?

    That is funny! I have a barn story but it would prove what a geek I was...and the censors would not approve... well, the worst is it will be removed-no worries. When I was a young teenager I collected and studied Bats-the mammal. That night I was searching for pallid bats and shined my light in a old barn. What my tender eyes saw was a couple...her bent forward and he in the rear....not knowing what to do, I innocently said "excuse me"....my brother laughed at me for years over that...a vision I can still see. nice badge, Norm!!! fred
  3. Yes, the careless fools and @#$% archeologists have shut the county parks down here in San Diego County... fred
  4. fredmason

    Unexpected Silver

    must have been special order...they usually are red handles... nice find Norm! fred
  5. fredmason

    A Month Of Equinox Finds

    Nice, Mitchel....so what is the story on the dimes... don't make me ask twice, young man!!! fred
  6. fredmason

    The Chisana Story

    Wow, Steve...very nice gold!!! Mitchel; with respect to all my Oz friends...they are generally very thrifty and prefer doing things the Hard Way...I don't think I ever seen anyone using any kind of scoop when I was there... except me. Not all the gold is big but a scoop is convenient even on bigger stuff...and you can easily pull loose dirt out with my coil-cover scoop.... fred
  7. Hi, Doc; received the bungy and will be giving it a swing this coming week...it certainly looks good. I will get back to you in a while fred
  8. fredmason

    Gold I (almost) Ignored

    Barrel cactus and Joshua trees do that, but the signal is usually the same all around the plant...a sharper narrow signal should be investigated...you never know! fred
  9. fredmason

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    No worries, Mate! I found gold with my 2200, extreme, 3500 and Mark's 4000...they were all good machines...as you say personal preference...or to each his own. I would love to have a chance to wander the hills and flats of Western Oz with my 7000... no pic, btw fred
  10. fredmason

    Dithering On 6" Coil

    you will have 200 bucks worth of fun in no time at all...money wise, that is up to you. I don't have mine yet but I think the 6" will make working the un-sifted, iron infested areas much easier to work... fred
  11. What fun, wish I could be there! fred
  12. fredmason

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Nice gold, Paul! Why did you trade the 7000? just curious? fred
  13. sony mdr- j10 try them...I love mine. If the wind is blowing pull your watch-cap over the ears...I buy mine on amazon because I dislike the new models. Mine hang over the ear like glasses, the new models are closed-loop but work the same. I use these with JP's enhancer... fred
  14. fredmason

    Minelab GPZ 7000

    I have seen lrl used, never seen anything found.... metal rods are a lot cheaper and may work for those that can dowse...sometimes. fred
  15. fredmason

    Minelab GPZ 7000

    Yes, the 700 will detect any metal and some hot/cold rocks...especially iron. fred