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  1. Kiwijw; You are so right. Helping some one get started is great and very generous. Enabling is a long road downward- from personal experience, I speak. The line can be very fine... Phrunt, there isn't much glory in picking over the left overs, but finding gold in well worked areas is still fun. Learning to prospect, research and get to new areas is often hard, hard work. Taking the time and having the time to go wild and camp rough is not something everyone can do. And , not everyone wants to do that. You have just learned to walk, no hurry to run...enjoy yourself. fred
  2. stick to one place and FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!!! You have some gold so you know it is there...so are some big ones...they aren't all 2 feet deep. REG said so in some other post.... Believe every swing has the next nugget under it.... fred
  3. EXCELLENT!!!! keep them coming, MItchel. how many days left? fred
  4. Thanks, Trent; What a wonderful gift you have given Paul! fred
  5. Excellent, Paul!!! Is this detecting in the wild, working pushes or drywashing/detecting? If you can tell me; are you around Meeka or the nullagine/marble bar... inquiring has-been wants to know fred
  6. Paul; Life tends to get in the way of the Best of Intentions... Mitchel has stuck to it and found gold... And he has a few more days to go... fred
  7. Mitchel; I do not think you need to worry so much about the history. Literally anywhere you have time to get to has been hit hard. That gold is gone, gone, gone. You don't really have time to prospect for new areas, no matter what some people are saying. You do have time to work the edges and a little beyond...very carefully. Yes, you are in Australia, but, the principals are not changed...do not over think this. I hope you Realize that I am trying to help...no harm intended. fred
  8. Mitchel; go back to bed it is only 4 a.m. there...you need your rest for todays digging!!! FOCUS...more! fred
  9. HAPPY DANCE!!!! good on you, Mitchel! fred
  10. DO NOT apologize, PHrunt. You are finding gold. Small gold proves you are doing things correctly, bigger gold can just be dumb luck or excellent skills. Big nuggets are rare except in Oz where everyone finds them...NOT! fred
  11. GET UP Mitchel...it is after 7 a.m. there!!!! I suggest you buy a rake and clear some brush and branches...maybe that will give you FOCUS!!!
  12. If you are going to Meekathera there should be plenty of Oz Hot Rocks to thrill you and Dennis... I love Western Oz most. have a great adventure and say hey to Paul... fred
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