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  1. Do a little more research...the weights and purity of coins changed from time to time.... the one I found had no denomination on it...easier to adjust the value I was told. fred
  2. Its not a job....just enjoy having your very own field of coins and jewelry! no body gets it all fred
  3. Same story different continent...There are plenty of piggish slobs to go around. Empty beer cans, empty water bottles and unfilled holes in the desert, in the mountains and on the beach. If their Mommies did not train them properly ,they will always leave the mess for someone else... fred
  4. Miserable bastards!!! so sorry for your loss. fred
  5. The 3030 will find gold under the right conditions...do you live in Tanzania? look through the archives, if you have never been nugget hunting I would not jump until I tried it. fred
  6. When I started trying to find nuggets with a detector about 1980, I needed a test nugget. So I glued a half gram bit to a nice white pice of river run quartz.... laid it down, gold. Side down, of course ...got distracted by something.." never did find that gold. I wonder if someone else did.... bird shot will work for the small test piece fred
  7. Will we ever know the rest of this story? fred
  8. Very informative post, Simon....you seem to getting on top of things very well! we should all. Suffer with mild soil...so 😞 fred
  9. Dd do handle hot ground better, but he doesn’t have hot ground! the advantage for him would have been under or near power lines using his Minelab in cancel.... I have no clue about the qed...and dd fred
  10. Well done! reminds of an Oz friend that found several film containers full of gold...he had forgotten about them. fred
  11. Probably works so well they aren’t talking! fred
  12. Thanks, that is a long time for a gravel parking lot. your detector if shipped would be double boxed...if you bought it local and brand new there should not be scratches at all. Go back to the dealer if local.. .if you got it on the net?.?? read the on line manual, do the factory reset. Do the noise cancel. Select park 1 . push the horse shoe button...this will detect very small stuff.".. or fiind a detecting club and ask for help good luck
  13. Too many variables to answer that question...one possible is iron near or some other target. You will learn with experience! nice dime fred
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