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  1. fredmason

    South Florida Meteorite?

    There is so much man-made junk on any coast...doubtful it is a meteorite... there are places that will test- do a search for meteorite testing labs... fred
  2. fredmason

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Oh, Paul; They're gonna put you the movies they're gonna make a big star out of you... my apologies to Buck Owens fred
  3. fredmason


    THE Tour Operators will usually rent you a detector, such as a GPZ... PLease, do not buy just any detector. Oz has the worst ground... fred
  4. fredmason

    Survive In The Outback

    Just a little preparation and for-thought would prevent most of these tragedies... On my first trip to Australia I got lost- for a few moments. I never left the truck again without first logging its location on my brand new GPS. I was foolish and lucky! fred
  5. fredmason

    Long Weekend Hunt

    I figured the Melbourne Cup was a beer drinking contest.... fred
  6. fredmason

    Long Weekend Hunt

    You got over a patch no one else had found...very nice! fred
  7. fredmason

    More Experience With Steelphase

    Very patient testing, Steve...I can never seem to wait, so I just start digging... Have you tried the Steelphase through/with the wireless module? I would not give up being wireless for hardly anything... nice little nuggie fred
  8. fredmason

    Steve's 2018 UK Adventure

    Easy to solve, PHrunt...switch to our way...just kidding! Some people can switch but I know my many limitations. One of many reasons why I love all-inclusive tours. fred
  9. fredmason

    Steve's 2018 UK Adventure

    What a great adventure, Steve!!! I love your description of the traffic "laws"...reminds me of being in Oz. I never got accustomed to being on the wrong side and looking the wrong way first... even walking was a trial for my simple brain. Your advice to "do It" is spot on...you never know when you will wake up too sick or broken to climb that next hill. Wonderful pictures as usual... fred
  10. fredmason


    stop teasing me, Norm...I can't take anymore...VERY PRETTY! fred
  11. read through Steve's detector list and the various posts for what he wants to hunt...plenty of truth and very little BS... fred
  12. fredmason

    Jay's Lump Golden Triangle

    great video....sure beats the heck out of my less than a gram bit I found in the whip-stick area.... very nice fred
  13. fredmason

    Another E-mountain Bike Adventure

    You must have great balance to raise you center-of-gravity like that....too good, mate! fred