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  1. Nordic, I doubt it I s a meteorite if it has no magnetic attraction....but, get it checked... fred
  2. It is not a common Chrondrite... appears the be solid metal....I don't do mm...inches please! A xrf machine might help, as would a lab test....or check Bill Southerns where many people know many more things than me. Better pic's would be helpful fred
  3. Good on you , Simon however, I doubt you will resist the urge for the next New Toy... you have best for now so enjoy fred
  4. If we consider the drip-feed improvements from the pl 2000 to 5000...changes were incremental but always better. Then the mighty ZED was born....we can hope for big changes and improvements, however past performance is an indication of future performance...but, I hope not! fred
  5. Mitchell is at the Quartzite Coin Hunt.... I think. if you get to San Diego give me a call... if you want fred
  6. Excellent result Dave. Please keep the reports coming. Sassy, Enquiring minds want to know....no malice or harm intended ..... just curious fred
  7. Simon I think you love new toys and innovations.... however to say that after market coils Far Exceed stock is a bit exuberant in my experience. however, I have not used the X coils, nor the most recent generation of the others. At one time I owned several coils for my Minelab pi machines...they all worked very well...none Far Exceeded any other...despite the advertising BS. I wish all innovators well but I will pass for now. fred
  8. Rev it is your money but there are better, cheaper ways to test samples... Chris Ralph writes for the Icmj magazine...many basic questions answered at the cost of a subscription. good luck fred
  9. Have fun holding Curtis while Lu digs the goodies ! fred
  10. Sassy are you in Oz, if so where? If not where ? how much nugget hunting have you done and where? what do you like and dislike about the Qed? thanks fred
  11. Years ago, I bought plans for a Mercatch sifter ( not correct spelling) for dry and wet sand...apparently they were popular on the quiet east coast....I never did figure out the correct way to use the beast... BTW, not all beach cleaners have screens...some just rake the trash and seaweed...they won't rob the beach like the screens one do.
  12. Ok, Steve...I will henceforth and forever not say that again...even if that is how all these tecno-geeks make me feel. Thanks, Steve...I know it doesn't exist yet...but, if it ever does..... Thanks, Chase I know the proprietary models are expensive but I like stock equipment. I have had no problems with the three units with modules; and I don't mine paying if it is what I want. fred
  13. I may have missed this issue..you know I am not very smart. will the prospecting, nugget finding version be wireless? I could not, would not buy another detector that doesn’t have a module. thanks fred
  14. The gold and the heavies will make a crescent and will be the last stuff to move... this is presuming you know how to pan! fred
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