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  1. Without any evidence at all, Prunt, I will venture an unfounded assumption...look it up. Some how, some way JW has learned to hear something that you do not. I suppose it is experience and technique but there must be a little extra sauce in him... you are finding plenty of tiny shot, the odds should give you more...but you still have much to learn. fred
  2. Thanks for that Steve; When I was changing from a rough and intolerant Drywall hanger to a peaceful, tolerant Building Inspector I read that every day-several times. I am sure that and a few other works saved me, my job and possibly a few fools and idiots. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems.....in the handbook. fred
  3. You are definitely killing it with that coil...I really wish Minelab made one... I love you pic's and narrative PHrunt needs to charge his battery and carry an extra...I bet you mentioned that to him. thanks fred
  4. I am late to the party, sorry! Steve, as you know, you can please some of people some of the time, but you can't please everyone all of the time. And you can't please some people any of the time. I think that some cultures have learned to be Very Sensitive to any slight hint of a slur...and, some just love to jump in swinging...that is the way they are. I think the information is worth a little fighting and you control that very well. besides, the drama keeps me entertained!!! fred
  5. Thanks Strick, my whole memories have become half memories, you supplied the critical information. fred
  6. Gerry, The eastern/western mag ran an article when someone dredged below the bridge...that was early 1980 s...time for someone else if it is still legal! might have the wrong mag name fred
  7. Please stop teasing me...it hurts so much!!! Have a great and continuing adventure, Paul! fred
  8. And a very civil site it is! Thank you, Steve! fred
  9. I think Chris did a good job of providing his own rough estimates of the time for him to produce an ounce of gold. I think he wanted to give nubbies some realistic idea of what is involved.... I don’t pan anymore, way to much work, dry washing is too much work...sniping is fun and easy; but, I don’t live near a river anymore. Metal detecting is my thing! I would not even guess the number of hours it took to get the gold I found. The thing is, if I was doing it just for money working at Walmart would have been a much better choice. fred
  10. Klunker we should all suffer from so much gold under the coil that our detectors will not ground-balance...poor thing! fred
  11. Great pictures! I have to ask, did you make an omelet with those Emu eggs? fred
  12. Welcome back, Condor. I hope Minelab can and will fix your Gpz. According to Paul they have a heart these days. good luck fred
  13. A man has to know his limitations!
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