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  1. where's the pics Klunker...where did you find bare ground with no snow around Quincy? generically of course... fred
  2. Alaska is beautiful...Phrunt if you go, borrow a 12 gauge for the mosquitos, knats and wasps...take a big saw for the alders and don't open any sardines as that will attract all the bears in the area. and have fun!!! fred
  3. Happy dancing is what one would expect from an elf... I said I would not but I might have to get a big coil... good luck fred
  4. The depth indicator is a guide for American coins...only a guide not gospel. fred
  5. Neither detector is waterproof. The coils are water resistant to a meter or so. You didn't say what type of gold you are after. Big nuggets? Little 1/2 gram and smaller nuggets? Very fine gold? Invisible gold? A Equinox 600 or 800 a Goldbug or Whites may be all you need. The 5000 is an excellent detector with many coils available. The 7000 is my favorite and is the most expensive. Think it over...Read Steve's recommendations and get back to us. fred
  6. I would use the 11 inch...The hunt will be fun for your son. I went to one hunt many years ago...it was fun but not my thing... How do you know a morel is a morel? I believe I had some come up this year but was afraid to try them. I offered some to my wife but she would not play... fred
  7. Not me... I played around some in my front yard with the 800....same results; only in gold mode did I get a response...as far as I remember-which is not far... does this mean you won't be there next week, Mitchel fred
  8. Did he offer to buy it? Are you sure it is 24 k ? I think she should do what she wants it it...it is only worth what some other will pay... take it to some other jeweler and see what they say. fred
  9. if it was lost recently...and the area is certain then no discrimination at all...it will not be a big signal, nor deep.... if you have access to a goldbug or similar detector use that. fred
  10. I confess, I did it... Many years ago, down around Yuma, when I was green as new grass I would occasionally bury a penny or nickel for testing. I had no clue about high conductors or low conductors, or much of anything else... Usually I dug them up but not always. One time back around Yuma, I got a very nice signal and fairly deep. After some digging and some anticipation it would be gold...because it was deep. Out came a copper penny...then I realized that I had been there and done that... foolish me fred
  11. You will need a deep seeking detector such as a PI, or a two box vlf….or a large coil on a vlf machine. The 4500 will not have discrimination but you don't want that...it should certainly detect a pop can sized object at 2 feet. good luck fred
  12. In Australia and the USA, people park on the gold. Then they walk away; over hill and dale... You will have plenty of trash in the Golden Triangle...dig it all. If you go to Hillend or Sofala, beware of the many deep shafts that are very hard to see as you walk... Mitchel, why would you take the 2300 when you have the 7000- You aren't going to Oz for the little bits. fred
  13. That appears to be fairly solid bedrock, how does that impact hammer do taking it apart? What brand and what price? How long does the battery last per charge? fred
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