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  1. if you drywashed pickers of any size.....like barely flakes...you are not wasting your time...you are investing time in finding better gold than you drywashed….nugget hunting with a detector is not for the faint of heart nor those without Patience... sounds like a good place to me....stay off the RES!!! fred
  2. If they were after surface enrichment they may have taken the dirt to water, this would be fine gold. I think detector holes would be clear if they did that... One other thought....if you see areas that are square it could be where some soldiers camped with their tents for awhile...of course, there should be some metal rubbish close... I would use a larger coil to cover the ground. Once you find a piece or two you can go from there...the 11 or 15 inch on the Equinox should do... may I ask what desert you’re working...generically of course. fred
  3. $ 4,500 CASH no warranty works perfect never used harness, two wireless modules, charger, two BZ boosters, speakers, Manual and many notes and settings...Hipstick, Doc’s detector cover, new coil cover...Minelab headphones... CASH! i can meet in Yuma, quartzsite, the Dale or here in La Mesa... I can spend some time teaching you. Fred Mason
  4. And, Simon you might find diamonds....very big hungry bears, wolves and maybe tigers....well probably not tigers.... have fun fred
  5. Thanks for the impressions of the Q... I wish the Western Users would speak up.... fred
  6. And rings or coins can read completely different if they are on edge....give it a test fred
  7. That seems workable...it is what I do when detecting with other machines....you should be able to stay close enough to talk but you will likely need to turn off one machine to check signals...or lay it down some distance away... if you can pair two wireless modules to one machine he could listen to your machine....or get a twin plug that takes two headphones.... I would show him how to set up and turn him loose! Fred
  8. Many, many years ago I was new to meteorite hunting. While wandering the desert I found a nice big iron...or so I thought. Turned out to have made in USA stamped on it. Apparently parts from Patton’s War Games... live and learn
  9. Maybe natural but it is difficult to be so certain from pics....wind would not do that, I don’t see water doing that.... I vote for very old dry wash headers or pretty old raking... how you doing, Paul?
  10. Hard to guess, perhaps someone raked some to detect... usually the tail piles will be faint but still visible..... if it was detected there should be shallow dig holes from the old Vlf days...those marks hardly ever disappear completely. Did you detect any? fred
  11. Three methods that produce the gold...no right, no wrong...just different! fred
  12. Your nails only prove you’re not sitting around looking pretty! Irons are a whole another ball game... if you have free access to an Xrf, nothing lost by using it...otherwise I would not waste any money. save these suspect rocks for an Outing or to show an Expert, I am not! fre
  13. Art get a fine/coarse whet stone from Home Dump....grind down a dime size bit....if you see flecks of nickel/iron it will be some type of chrondrite...if not, it is just another love stone! this is almost foolproof.... fred
  14. Just some teasing...a little jealous....at almost 70, I am old...and many would say I was born grumpy. however, I mean no harm! freddy
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