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  1. Simon you and JW didn't run into this guy did you ?
  2. Awesome job!! That's a good retirement fund....over $450,000, $2000 was a small sum to have that found!!
  3. RIP Tim, prayers for your family and friends.
  4. From someone who grew up using rotary phones, texting wouldn't be hard at all on a rotary phone, reading text from a rotary on the other hand would be a challenge unless you were a code breaker!!!
  5. Classic case of CRS..(Can't Remeber.$h!T)..which we all have to some degree, it' just gets worst as we age!
  6. Since these 4 guys needed a ready made list to know what to bring with them to survive tells me they are "greenhorns".....so IMHO the one thing they really need to bring is an experienced "oldtimer" also known as the "1860s equivalent of the GPZ 7000" to show them how to find gold , and not get lost and how to survive in the first place!!
  7. https://www.bing.com/search?pc=COSP&ptag=N3132D041519AE20BDC3E2E&form=CONBDF&conlogo=CT3210127&q=303+Aerospace+Protectant
  8. That last episode of Gold Rush was on Friday night and Parker had a great season, only second to last year by a small margin, it appears he has no definite location to mine next season so I think the Ruby Mine would be the perfect place for him to go, just think of all the set backs, drama, etc. the California Bureaucracy could add to the show, the Discovery Channel couldn't ask for more!!!
  9. My user's name is self explanatory, as we all are I'm a seeker of gold, I didn't choose the user's name it was suggested by the owner/Administrator of a very old but now long gone gold forum from back in the early 90s when every name I tried to register with seems to be already in use, I liked it and have stuck with it ever since, on a few gold forums Gold Seeker is already spoken for so I'm A.K.A. on those forums as Au Seeker. I have never hid from my real name and many forum users know me by my first name...Skip
  10. Well after all that porn I need to go and smoke a cigarette!! I'll have to look and see if I have a photo of my biggest piece of gold on my current computer, I know I do on my old computers but can't get them to boot up any longer, it's the one I have as my avatar, it's a little over 8 grams. Found a photo, this is a close up so it looks as big as some of the big gold in this topic!!..
  11. I agree....BUT I also think that if any new "patches" have been discovered the finders are keeping it quiet or else they would at some point be followed to their new patch and it will be cleaned out...well at the very least I like to think this is the way it is and there are new patches being found!! I do know that over here on the east coast that can be a real possibly because much of the land where gold has been found in the old days is private land and much of that private land has not been hunted with modern technology.
  12. Too good to be true and very obviously fake, not to mention 90 grams is under 3 ounces and that last nugget if real would easily be up around 8 to 10 ounces IMHO.
  13. I'm sure they knew they had a tourist and jumped at the chance to make a big profit !! Even though the rental location was a "Premium Station" I'm sure the vehicle wasn't a premium vehicle since as we all know most if not all rentals aren't premium vehicles, so he should have gotten a discount!!
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