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  1. Gold has dropped another $40 or so in the last 24 hours, I think the gold manipulators are reading this topic and toying with us!!
  2. I grew up in Atlanta Georgia and "Georgia red clay" was the primary dirt almost everywhere, even when it rains it take a good while for the clay down deep to absorb any of that rain if at all, but on the other hand it also takes a good while for the deep clay to dry out completely, either way it's always a mess digging in it at some point or the other, as kids the red stains on the knees and seat of our blue jeans would never be gone completely!!
  3. It's not called "Double Image", it's called "Double Vision", the name is right on the bottom of the car in the photo posted by Kaolin washer.
  4. If you sell it on eBay most likely, or sell it on Craig's List, also might get more than scrap from a pawn shop. The gold value of that ring is $60+ at today's gold price, and then whatever you could get for the diamonds if anything. https://dendritics.com/metal-calc/?RefreshEnable=on&Metal=Au&WeightU=1.856&cb=12964965001&Units=g&P=583&Purity=583
  5. It will be a long time before that gold, if the surveys are accurate, enters the market. Gold on surveys and gold in the hand are very different, it takes a long time to mine gold and they aren't even started yet, and once they do start 31 million metric tons will come out of the ground very SLOWLY! Once they start what they mine in a week or month will be a lot to one person, or even 10 to 100 people, but for the market it will not be a huge amount. They will be lucky to mine 2 to 3 metric tons in a year's time, if that, once they are up and getting the gold, and it could take a year are two to get too the gold and up to speed.
  6. That's made by the same guy who makes the Magic Bit video I posted. That works really well but it would take a long time to do a lot of blacksands that "might" have a little bit of gold, if the blacksands are holding a lot of gold it would be great tool to have.
  7. I was doing a little more searching to see if the sluice magnet i posted above is still being sold anywhere and it seems it's not....but I found this little device for separating blacksands from gold after the panning stage instead of the plunger type magnets which tends to pickup gold along with the blacksands. It seems to work rather well at leaving the gold behind https://youtu.be/fiN9EaX6Cno
  8. I haven't seen this product before but years ago there was a magnet device being sold that was suspended across your sluice box and hung down into the top of the water flow and would lift the blacksands up to it allowing the gold to stay down at the bottom of the flow. It was basically super magnets inside a PVC tube with attachments on the sides to attach it with, you could easily make a similar one for your sluice. I don't think it's still being sold but here's a link to one that says "Sold Out" https://www.goldfeverprospecting.com/sluicemagnet.html I also found a video of it in action. https://youtu.be/dyDBxgEJfv4
  9. It's playing now on the FX channel, it will be on again in the morning at 2:00 AM eastern standard time.
  10. I'm not sure but I think he referring too public transportation type buses, not school buses, but I could be wrong.
  11. I heard the man says in a interview that the reason he got into it with the kangaroo was because the kangaroo was attacking/going after his dogs and he was defending them!
  12. Those .35 Remington cartiriges can also be used in this.... I own one of these, this one is not mine, mine is in storage and needs some TLC but still functions quite well, it's a Remington Model 14 Pump Carbine, it came in a full size rifle as well, yes that's right it's a pump action rifle, Remington also later made the Model 114 .35 Pump Rifle, here's a photo of one.
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