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  1. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  2. Well after all that porn I need to go and smoke a cigarette!! I'll have to look and see if I have a photo of my biggest piece of gold on my current computer, I know I do on my old computers but can't get them to boot up any longer, it's the one I have as my avatar, it's a little over 8 grams. Found a photo, this is a close up so it looks as big as some of the big gold in this topic!!..
  3. I agree....BUT I also think that if any new "patches" have been discovered the finders are keeping it quiet or else they would at some point be followed to their new patch and it will be cleaned out...well at the very least I like to think this is the way it is and there are new patches being found!! I do know that over here on the east coast that can be a real possibly because much of the land where gold has been found in the old days is private land and much of that private land has not been hunted with modern technology.
  4. Too good to be true and very obviously fake, not to mention 90 grams is under 3 ounces and that last nugget if real would easily be up around 8 to 10 ounces IMHO.
  5. I'm sure they knew they had a tourist and jumped at the chance to make a big profit !! Even though the rental location was a "Premium Station" I'm sure the vehicle wasn't a premium vehicle since as we all know most if not all rentals aren't premium vehicles, so he should have gotten a discount!!
  6. Tungsten is more than twice as hard as anything in the platinum group, platinum is around 4 Moh and tungten is around 9.5
  7. I agree I have a couple of 100' and 50' tape measures that have a folding handles just like what you have found. Love the Red Cross pin!
  8. Not really mining but about a huge gold nugget, a comedy from Australia. The Nugget. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0278597/
  9. Back on the OP subject of nickels, there's a good reason that most don't find what he would term "old" nickels, Shield nickels were only minted for 17 years (1866-1883), Liberty nickels were minted for 30 years (1883-1913), Buffalo nickels were minted for 25 years (1913-1938), on the other hand Jefferson nickels have been minted for 80 years and still counting (1938-present), more than the other 3 mintings combined, and of course it's easier to find a more or less recently lost nickel than any of the others that were most likely losted up to 80 or more years ago.
  10. Most adapters don't work correctly but a few found one a Ace Hardware that worked, but others bought the only one they found at their local Ace Hardware store and it didn't work for them, so that source is sorta the luck of the draw, there's a fellow on another forum that has been making one that does work for his friends and a few fellow forum members that does seem to work for all who has gotten one from him.
  11. GMS, Out of curiosity I checked out your website, IMHO you could of make it much easier for you to removed these bogus ads much sooner if you a "Contact" link on your website, I looked everywhere and couldn't find a contact link, so if you do indeed have one you should make it easier to find!!
  12. While the Gold Monster is looking to be a GREAT detector, I don't think it has the depth to pick up any nuggets no matter how big they are from altitude when she flying over the gold fields!! But the way you have it setup I'm sure she will "cleanup" if you can get her a land it for a bit.
  13. Here's the "about" translation of this video from an online translator..... "Treasure Finder finds gold with the Gold Monster 1000, in this episode we put this detector to the test in the golden pleasures of my friend Erick, that we receives with the open arms, share with all of you this beautiful historical place of Mexico that was the first capital of the Northern Territory today Baja California, accompanies Alex, Fidel, Erick and Armando , all Procaleros in this new adventure, where we test the Gold Monster 1000 Minelab. They will realize that the expectations of all present and I consider that it is a super valuable tool for the one that is dedicated to the extraction of gold with detector or the amateur and adventurer in look for a first detector to dabble and learn the art of modern electronic Gambusino and find its first spark, a little girl boom and hopefully a baby boom and because not the prestigious home run of the babes! Thanks to master detector for having provided the Gold Monster 1000, if you want to buy one have them in stock and do not forget to use my promo code: Procaleros, to receive a 5% discount on your purchase."
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