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  1. Hi EVERYONE IVE been on the outside looking in for lets just say more than 5 years! I'm in central idaho and chose to study all YA[LL and the AUSTRALIANS...........I have STOOD Next to HUNDREDS OF OUNCES being dug but never have found a single thing but trash just plinking around the rivers and workings close by the car running my whites gmt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THIS NEXT WEEK THAT ALL CHANGES. ROB ALLISON SENT ME AN EMAIL SHOWING SHIPPED Today BOX 30 lbs. fedex ground . Minelab Bundle sdc-2300 and GPX-4500. AND got a used 14" NF ROUND MONO also literally on the mail 2nite from Darrel in Paradise, Ca. Thanks 4 teaching me what NOT TO BUY...AND HOW IT ALL WORKS...AND THE COMMITMENT IT TAKES!!!! IM IN..........CHEERS JAMES D. OH YAH! REASON FOR MY FIRST RESPONSE/ POST//////// MINELAB GPX-5000 PRO PACKAGE IS NOW 3995.00 IN USA PER ROB ALLISON ROBS DETECTORS CONVERSATION TODAY! ORDER NOW
  2. Looking for other prospectors in norcal area for adventures, metal detecting,prospecting, get to the gold in remote areas,have tools and skills. Contact tee at teedouglas045@gmail.com
  3. My hope for everyone here is that 2016 becomes your best year yet but not your best year ever. May God bless you all and your families. Including you atheists.
  4. I want to extend a Merry Christmas wish to all of my forum friends. I would also like to share with you a very special gift that I received from "Sourdough Scott" just in time to put it on the tree. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Norm McQ
  5. Just a little Christmas poem from Ruby. Wishing everyone a merry one. Barry
  6. "T'was, the week before Christmas, I was searching for Gold. A piece big enough, I could pick up and hold. The Rivers were flooded by late season rain, I searched, and I wandered with Gold on my brain. I went down a trail, I had been there before, dug down to bedrock, in a hole, by the shore. I looked on the hill and what should appear? Another gold Miner and a 12 pack of Beer. We sat and we talked about things we had found, He spoke of a nugget weighed almost a pound. the hours just flew by, up on that hill. the wind had picked up and gave me a chill. as I gathered my gear to head on my way, he turned and he looked as if to say, " the days almost over it's the end of the week, may you find your fortune in the treasure you seek, The richest of gold that you'll always find is with family and friends at Christmas time". Merry Christmas everyone. Merry Christmas to all and to those of my friends living in Arizona.... SEE YOU SOON!!!! Jen
  7. Hello all. I haven't posted in a long time but have been busy! No hunting over the summer due to the wonderful Yuma weather we have. I started college in the fall so hunting didn't start until a few weeks ago. No sooner had I started the SDC up and it had problems. Bad falsing and audio cutouts/volume hi/lo variations. Tried different batteries and cleaning out skid plate w/no help. Minelab said send it back, again, and it's off. Not the same problem I had with first SDC in March, but similar and I'm really bummed as my winter break is over 11 Jan and so goes my hunting time. Fortunately we have a friend here that has a spare md for me to use (Thanks Condor/Steve!). Of the few times out, I did manage to find an old coin spill w/one silver Merc (1943S), an undated Buff and a 55 Lincoln cent. Jan school will be interesting since I'll be taking Geology 101 and my classmate is also my detecting buddy who is better known as Dad. I look forward to it but want my SDC back. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all!
  8. Hi all, It's Nenad Lonic here - some may know me as Nenad Gone Beepin on YouTube. Long time lurker of Steve's forum, even way back when he ran the shop. Just wanted to say g'day and hope that I can contribute to some topics in the future. Cheers, Nenad
  9. Hello All, Just wanted to say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" (if we can still say that) to Steve and his Detector Prospector Forums. I have known Steve for a very long time and he is one of the most respected and knowledgeable guys in the industry. This forum has been a wealth of information for not only the seasoned metal detectorist, but newbies also. Merry Christmas to you all. Wishing you all Health, Wellness and many nuggets to boot!
  10. I made you some hot, fresh oatmeal cookies with chocolate- chips and walnuts... they won't last long MERRY CHRISTMAS a little early fred
  11. I haven't heard anything about Paul after his surgery. Anyone have any updates? NormMcQ
  12. Hello all!, new member here from the Philippines! Hope i learn a lot in this forum, really interested in starting this hobby. but i still don't have a detector yet. I m already set to get a Nokta but still figuring out which model to purchase.
  13. Brief intro-just starting out, located in central wy. near atlantic city/south pass area. Main focus is gold prospecting. purchased nokta fors gold pro package-kelly co, used gm v/sat-neighbor, a gmt-ebay, and an sd2100 through jim garlock. Dad just purchased gold bug 2 two coil package and mom got gm v/sat as well. Yesterday was fourth trip out, i use my nokta as primary machine. no gold yet but bullets, nails, tacks, tabs etc. Down to 8" on some targets. Have tested all machines with 1-2 pwt nugget at 1-2" with all showing similar results but the sd2100. How big should piece should 11" coil see @ 1"? How bout ole 18" mono coil? Lou got alot of use out of old sd, had to apply coat of resin to 18" coil. Does anyone know if to much resin re-coat(thickness) would hinder coil performance? I look forward to all the info i will recieve, the people i will encounter and the education i will gain from all. thanks and good hunting. any questions?
  14. Hello All, My Name is Adam Robinson and I live in N.California just below the Oregon border in a beautiful little place named Scott Valley, Siskiyou County. I'm 35 yrs old, have two children and a beautiful wife. I'm a 3rd generation miner and had been detecting with a friends MXT for a few years until i bought myself a Gold Bug Pro last year. I did pretty good last year with my Gb Pro and even better so far this year. Detecting has quickly become my favorite way to prospect and i border on obsession sometimes. I recently bought a used SDC that i should have by the end of the coming week. It will be my first PI and i look forward to learning a new machine. I mine year round and about half the time in or around water, underwater sniping is one of my favorites as well as trips deep into the wilderness in search of patches untouched by modern electronic prospectors. Last year was also my first year in my 35 yrs of life i joined an online forum or even frequented one. I have posted some of my finds on Treasure Net this last year and shall do so here also from now on. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge i have found on the solid forums such as this one and the ability for us as miners to share experiences and techniques. I've made afew friends along the way and look forward to making more. if your interested in my recent finds check out Featherdfishead at TNet. Attached is some of last years gold i'm getn red of to pay for my SDC.(not an Ad) Also, Tips and nuances people have found useing the SDC or Minelab detectors in general would be appreciated. I look forward to sharing my adventures - Happy Hunting! AjR
  15. G'day All, Great forum you got here Steve, good to see one with educated discussion without the crap. Those on the Aussie forums will know me as Diggerdude and my missus Goldgeo. I'm mostly interested in hard rock mining, I have a few leases in WA where I chase small rich leaders/reefs that aren't big enough for the mining companies to worry about. I still do a lot of detecting while waiting for mine dept/native title/environmental approval on my leases, I'm starting a new hard rock project next month crushing a section of enriched cap rock which will be good fun. I got about 12oz from my small test pit so am looking forward to getting started on that one. Nice to meet you all , and I hope to read of some big finds this year!
  16. Hi All Just joined here, I have been a regular on the Aussie forums for some years now & occasionally post on Arizona Outback & Nuggethunting. I use an SD2200d & an SDC2300 in North Queensland Australia. cheers Lee
  17. Hopefully this is the right place for introductions from fellow detector user's? I started detecting in the early 80's with a Dick Smith kit that consisted of a premade PCB and a bag of components. The PCB went together quite well but making the coil from the supplied wire was a challenge! It eventually worked and I found lots of junk and bullets in an old copper mine. I progressed to Minelab's Goldseeker 15000 and purchased it when they were still operating out of the back of a house in Adelaide. This machine was a huge step up for me as it actually found gold in my state (South Australia) in area's that are still mined today. From there the roller coaster ride has continued with the GT16000, XT17000, SD2000, SD2200, GP3000, GPX4000 to my current GPX5000. I have skipped some generations of ML's machines as finances and opportunities' dictated but feel that I have used a good spread of their offerings. All the ML machines have to date paid for themselves in gold found and usually the accommodation and general expenses as well! I still work full time and only get to the gold fields for less than 4 weeks a year so I'm looking forward to picking up my GPZ7000 in two weeks and giving some goldfields a thrashing I have lurked on the side of this forum for some time and find it to be a step above what I'm used to and hope that it continues to give balanced, thoughtful and appropriate information to fellow gold fossickers Cheers Peter
  18. Hi Folks,just a quick introduction,i think its fair to say that i am Rick from the UK Been detecting for artifacts,coins for many a long year,although we dont in theory gold nugget hunt,we do find some stunning Gold items as a result of our history going back 1000s of years. Have been lucky in the fact that have found Celtic Gold staters from 55BC and other gold items over the years and also working on 2 hoard sites at the moment. Currently using a CrossBow Pulse machine with 5 coils from 5'' upto 18'' as this in theory covers most scenarios,i also have a wide selection of VLF machines and the coils that go with them as well. As a result of the new kid on the block ie the GPZ 7000 detector the price of the current GPX detectors are dropping like a brick,so with that in mind within the next month or so i will be the new owner of one of these top flight detectors,not for nugget hunting of course but for deep work mainly locating gold/silver hoards as these machines are ideally suited for the job as not only do they go deep they are also very good on locating single coins as well. Looking forward to posting some of my finds and also some of my detecting adventures from the UK. Rick
  19. First off thank you Steve for letting me join your forum Just thought I'd share my excitement I pick up my GPZ 7000 Monday morning. As I know my supplier, I have been lucky enough to unpack it put it together and charge the battery. ( what a beast ) Cant wait for Monday morning as I'll be on the way straight out to the Gold fields. ad...
  20. Hello All, My name is Jeffery Sarvis, and I am a friend of Steve Herschbach. Steve is somebody that I have always respected because he tells it like he sees it...and I appreciate people who are open and honest. After talking with Steve today, he invited me to introduce who I am, as well to what I do. I started metal detecting in late 2006. It was something that I had always wanted to do, but never found time to do. After being married for five years, my wife said, that I needed a hobby other than her...and that how my dream began. I bought an Ace 250, joined a local treasure (coin) club, as well as a Prospector club. I went to the meetings, took part in the hunts and events, played with my detector everyday, and learned how to operate my detector. After a year had went by, I had found a lot of clad, but nothing of value yet...so I started doing research on where to hunt for gold, coins, and relics...but had always wanted to find gold nuggets the most. So, one day at the prospectors meeting, a member who happen to be a Geologist, had a hand full of nuggets he had brought for show and tell. I was very excited about the gold he had (about 8 ounces). I asked him where he found the gold, and he said, Ganes Creek in Alaska. He shared with me who the contact was, and for the next six months we had a few conversations on where to look if and when I went. At this time, I was ready to step up to a detector that had more options...so I traded in my Ace 250 and paid the difference for a White's MXT. For the next six months, I learned the MXT inside and out, continued to do research, talked with the Geologist, and waited until June of 2008 came to go to Ganes Creek. So, I got to Ganes Creek on a Sunday, and it was on a Wednesday afternoon that I found my first gold nugget, a 1.3 ounce of gold with quartz. I did my happy dance and was satisfied and content with what I had, but still had three days to go. So, the next morning, I started detecting and thinking about what the Geologist said, about where all the big nuggets were be found...in the cobbles piles. Off I went and got a signal that over loaded the MXT, I took a scoop with my pick, and two inches in the cobbles, I found a 12.3 ounce gold nugget. For the point I was hooked, and contined to find gold every year except 2013. Now fast forwarding...I have been to Alaska every year since 2008. Ganes (2008, 10, 11, and the last year 2012.) Moore Creek, 2009, and Alaska Gold and Resort in Nome, 2013, 14, and three year in a row.) Three of the trips, Steve was in the group. Today, I am the Owner of Treasuredude Detectors based in Seattle, WA. I am a dealer that sells out of my home, and have a website. I have been a Garrett dealer for the past five years and have just become a Makro and XP dealer. I am not here to be a salesman, and I want you to know that I tell everybody, that I am a hobbyists first, and a dealer second. I am here like Steve to educate, facilitate, promote and protect our hobby. I am a active member of four Treasure clubs here in Washington, an active treasure hunter, offer free, full scope metal detecting trainings, (leave no trace) and will talk you ear off about detecting because this has become my passion I did join the forum back in September and shared my story of finding just over an ounce of gold in 7 pieces...found at Alaska Gold and Resort... but have not been active with the treasure forums. When I started my business, I wanted to be like Steve and Charles Garrett who are hobbyists as well as dealers. I want to give back like all the people who was there for me in the beginning. Now let me say, that I do not profess to know everything about detecting, and I know that I am not a great writer, but I do know how to use both VLF and PI's. I personally, have found all of my Gold nuggets, gold rings, and silver coins with VLF's (MXT, G2, AT Pro/Gold, and now with the Makro Racer and Gold Racer when released). So, I can address questions in regards to VLF's more because of personal use and choice. However, it my duty as a dealer to know what I sell, so I make it a point to know a fair amount about PI's, but there are members on this forum who know way more then I do, due to their personal experiences. Please feel free to visit my website to see my pictures of my find, and do please visit the about section and you will see, that I am who I say I am. Last of all, I really enjoy metal detecting for the excitement of finding something that has be lost, having the beach to myself, for the exercise, for the freedom, for the hobby and most important, the people I meet. Looking forward to being and active member to this forum. Thank you, Jeffery Sarvis Treasuredude Detectors Jeffery@treasuredudedetectors.com www.treasuredudedetectors.com
  21. Hello, I am new to the forum but not new to prospecting and mining. I was a member on the AMDS forum for a long time where I learned a lot. I got busy at work, lost track of it and eventually found out the forum closed. I live in AK and have prospected a lot of places around the state. I have used a GP extreme for years and recently purchased a SDC 2300. Looking forward to getting out with it!!
  22. Not sure where this belongs, but I felt like posting it today. Yesterday, someone who I follow on YouTube (a football/soccer fan) was having a very bad day. One of his dogs, who often features in his video chats, had been diagnosed with cancer and he was understandably devastated. Looking at the supportive comments from the other regulars on his channel, it was heart warming to see the support for a "friend" from such a small, but close community. Visiting this board is also like that. The sense of comradeship between people who genuinely love what they do is very inspiring. I'm glad I found this little community and I would like to thank Steve and everyone else who contributes. That's all really. Have a good day everyone.
  23. There are many things for me to be thankful about right now. Mainly I am thankful that all my family and friends are in decent health. If you ever lose that you find out nothing else really mattered. Going into my second winter in Reno I sure am glad I am not still in Alaska. Highs in the 20s and lows in the teens in Anchorage at the moment. If I were there I would have put my detectors away a month ago and would have five more months to wait to use them again. Instead, today I drove over to California to test out some detectors around an old mining camp. Did not find anything of note but learned a lot. Mainly I learned I am liking 60 degrees in late November! Of course it can't last but no matter what it will seem like it is over before it even starts by my standards. And Arizona is just a days drive away if I wish, though I am finding I do need at least a little down time every year. Life is good here, and I hope it is for each and every one of you also. Happy Thanksgiving!
  24. Hello to all, my name is Rob and I live in Southern Ca. Most prospecting I do is in the desert, been nugget shooting for several years and consider myself a novice but constantly trying to improve. Some of you have been very generous with your knowledge and experience (on this site and others) which has really helped "my game" and I appreciate it. I look forward to contributing here and wish you all good luck in the diggs
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