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  1. Stolik333, I own a TDI SL SE and a GPX 5000. Both are great detectors in my opinion but the GPX has found targets deeper than the White's for me on a couple of occasions. I really like the TDI and actually prefer to use it due to it being so much lighter but if all I was concerned about were depth I would use the GPX. Kac is correct about them too, they don't have discrimination so you'll be digging all signals and after you've dug a few 20 plus inch holes and only come up with trash that GPX seems heavier than it actually is! I don't have any experience with the other detectors you listed.
  2. Aureous thank you for your time and effort in posting this information, I find it very helpful in making a decision between the GM1000 or the 24k. I don't think a person can go wrong with either detector but reading what you've written, and what some others have to say, I think the 24k with it's features might be the better choice for me.
  3. You're going to need a bigger boat lol! Nice nuggets too sir, congrats.
  4. Cool find. I'm assuming it is a bucket loader tooth?
  5. Great story lol. Congrats on the nugget, awesome job. As for the penny I guess it could have been worse, lead birdshot!
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