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  1. Sounds like you had a great season and can look forward to starting off next year in a productive spot. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Sounds like you had a great time, thank you for sharing and congrats on the gold!
  3. Having a technician that close is great, wish I had one that close! The TDI is a pretty easy machine to learn and use, it won't take long before you're detecting. Congrats on your purchase and looking forward to seeing pics of your finds.
  4. Awesome finds sir, congratulations!!!
  5. The only time my TDI SL went crazy was when I turned it on in the house, PI units are very sensitive to EMI. Where are you testing when you're having your problem?
  6. I use it and actually found their map the most accurate concerning the area I'm currently working, it showed a road that no other online mapping source did.
  7. 1) What detectors you have purchased in the past couple of years? In order of purchase: Garrett AT Gold, White's TDI SL SE, Minelab GPX 5000 and Gold Monster 1000. 2) Where you happy with your purchase(s)? Yes. I got the AT Gold because I thought I would like coin and relic more and as a first detector I did not want to invest a ton of money and find out I did not like detecting. Well I did like it and quickly found out I loved nugget shooting and prospecting so I got the TDI SL SE. It handles mineralization so much better than VLF's and I really liked not digging so many "ghost" targets and hot rocks. The GPX was used and a deal I could not pass up, my son uses and loves it. This year I got the Monster and am having a blast finding lots of small gold. 3) Have you had to do a warranty claim on it, how'd that go? Yes, the Monster had an issue so I contacted Minelab and they took care of me. I'm very happy with their service. 4) If you had your time again would you still buy those detectors or do you regret it? No regrets, each purchase served a purpose. If I had known how much I was going to like prospecting/nugget shooting I might have skipped the AT Gold but it served its purpose and I don't regret getting it. 5) Do you still use any of your other detectors, if so why? I sold the AT Gold to help fund the Gold Monster purchase so no to it but I do still use the TDI SL. If I could pry the GPX out of my son's grasp I would use it too lol. 6) Your favourite detector of all time? In my opinion each detector I own has an area it is better than the others in, so my favorite is the one that best fits what I need to do in that particular area. Right now the area I'm in it is small gold in medium soil, so the Monster is getting the most use.
  8. Not sure where the next segment to that video is but Chris Ralph has a YouTube channel with some really good stuff on it. His current videos are up in Northern CA, my area, and someday if we cross paths I'm going to get him to sign my copy of his book lol.
  9. Great gold, congrats! Completely agree with you on the Monster. It is fun, easy to use and super sensitive to small gold. My son uses a Gold Bug II, he loves it, and we have a lot of fun teasing one another on which detector is best. At the end of the day though we both agree that both detectors are really good at what they do and having both in the field, working areas together, we're getting the benefits of two of the best VLF gold detectors out there.
  10. I purchased my Monster in March of this year. My original unit had an issue, it would reboot itself with no user input. I contacted Minelab via email and after trying a few things they provided a shipping label and I returned it. Since the unit was less than 30 days old they sent me a new detector. While nobody wants to get a defective unit I was impressed with their customer service. Currently I have in excess of 50 hours using the detector. I describe this machine as a very easy to use and very sensitive to small gold detector. Four user adjustments is all it has: On/Off, Sensitivity (ten manual levels and two auto), Discrimination/No Discrimination and Volume, the detector does the rest. It’s up to the user to pick the correct sensitivity for the soil conditions (or use the Auto sensitivity setting and let the detector do it) and keep the machine ground balanced, other than that you just detect. I run my Monster mostly in the first auto setting as it allows the detector to automatically choose the correct sensitivity for the soil conditions. I do on occasion use the second auto setting, Auto+, or one of the higher manual settings when I’m working a patch and want more sensitivity. Currently I’ve found over 70 pieces of gold with the Gold Monster, all but a couple of those pieces are sub grain sized stuff. Having that extra sensitivity has helped me find some really tiny gold but it does lead to the detector being bump sensitive for me. Since the Auto+ setting is picking the best sensitivity and then adding one level to that (in other words it’s running hot) any movement of the coil caused by bumping something is causing the coil wire to move. There is metal in the wire and if it moves it should cause a signal in my opinion. I don’t have a problem with this, I’m using the extra sensitivity to see extremely tiny bits of gold and I know what’s happening so it is pretty easy to deal with. When running in Auto if I find it getting bump sensitive I ground balance and it usually quiets down but if not I’ll turn the sensitivity down to a lower manual level until it does. Since my hearing is not getting any better with age and this detector does not have a threshold it worried me prior to purchasing. I brought this up on a forum and another Monster user assured me not to worry. You know what, he was right. The audio boost in the detector does a great job of letting you know when you have a target and I have not had any problems working without a threshold. I’ve also found that if the wind is calm and I’m not working by running water headphones are not necessary, the detector is loud enough without them. I’ve come to appreciate this when working in the sun on hot days. My prospecting partner, my oldest son, uses a Gold Bug II and loves it. He’s been using that detector for a couple years now and raves about it. Together we’ve detected over 160 pieces of gold since I got the Gold Monster and on many occasions we have compared targets with both detectors. So far there has not been any target, no matter how small, that both detectors did not see. We both agree that neither of us is at a disadvantage with either detector. Something that I also like about this detector is the number of videos out there about it. The 'Nugget Shooter' Bill Southern and others have done a wonderful job of posting a lot of material on how to get the most out of the Gold Monster. I believe all detectors have a learning curve no matter how easy they make them to use, they all seem to have their little nuances. In the Monster's case though with all the material out there the curve goes way down. Minelab describes the Gold Monster 1000 as an “Entry Level” detector. Being so easy to use I understand why they’re saying that but for me the detector is finding gold like a pro.
  11. Congrats on you purchase sir, that is a great detector. Look forward to seeing the nuggets you find with it too!
  12. I'm in Northern California and yes, that is my experience up here. Our soil is all over the place, to the point that VLF's can be pretty much useless in certain areas due to mineralization. I ended up getting a PI and the difference was unbelievable. The PI won't see small gold nearly as good as the VLF but at least you're looking for gold and not digging up hot rocks and ghost signals!
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