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  1. Lanny

    Detailed Review Of White's New Goldmaster 24K

    Incredibly detailed review Steve. You are the unsurpassed master of detector reviews without the motivational bias of so many others, and that's an invaluable detail that is solid gold in my opinion. Nicely done, and all the best, Lanny
  2. I truly miss dredging, but around here, it's just about impossible to get a permit anymore. Nice, beautiful gold! All the best, Lanny
  3. Lanny

    Lost My Gold Virginity?

    You'll always remember the first one! Congratulations. All the best, Lanny
  4. On the second day of detecting, my detector gave to me, two bottle caps, and a copper BB in a tree. All the best, Lanny
  5. Here's your Christmas wish Swampstomper: All the best, and I sure hope you enjoy your holidays, Lanny
  6. Many, many thanks for all your kindness over the years, and of course, all the best to you and yours as you enjoy the holidays. All the best, Lanny
  7. Are you volunteering to post your masterpiece? Please do! I'd love to read it. If you're hinting at something else . . . . All the best, Lanny
  8. Many thanks for dropping in to say so, much appreciated that you took a little time to do that. All the best, Lanny
  9. I'm working on posting that other poem Simon, but I've hit a roadblock for some reason . . .
  10. Many thanks long-timer and old bull-o-the-woods, much appreciated, truly! All the best, Lanny
  11. JW, It was indeed almost an epic, but I kept it just under book length . . . It did take quite a while to throw a loop around all those word in order to corral them to be able to slap a brand on them (having some fun with western slang, hope you don't mind). All the best to you and the missus during this holiday season, Lanny
  12. Jim, Your expressions of appreciation always astound me, and I'm grateful you enjoy my attempts at poetry as it's just for entertainment and my own enjoyment more than anything else, so I really am impressed by your ongoing kind words, truly. As for poetry, some people like it, and many hate it, so that's why I always post it with a strong warning as I don't intend to offend by writing it, but to some folks it's like a strong deterrent to the enjoyment of words. Thanks again, and all the best to you and yours during this festive season, Lanny
  13. Hi Simon Yes, I wrote it. So many thanks for your kind words. I grew up in the West, and we always ran a small herd of cattle; I've always had horses to run with those cattle as well, still do. Furthermore, there are some of the largest ranches in my area only minutes away, so I got to spend time rubbing shoulders with some of the genuine old cowboys, so I've picked up some Western slang as well. (Pictures thanks to Wiki-commons, 1888.) As for the prospecting poetry, I've fired off a poem or two, generally at Christmas time, just to have a little fun playing with words every once in a while. Thanks again, and all the best, Lanny P.S. I'll post what I believe is my favourite Christmas Western/Prospecting Poem I've composed so you can have a gander.