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  1. Those are great news. So, may be there will be a Apex with signagraph in the future...🙄 Wishing them (Garrett & White's) all the best for their future.👍
  2. Hello El Nino77. There is only the VX3 in the arsenal so TX Boost is no option. The 7inch runs a lot deeper than the 6x10D did and yes, it's running in 3 Frequency mode. If deeptech had a 9"DD Ultimate for the Spectra I'd buy it no doubt. Hello Joe D. Give the 7inch a try on the MXT Pro. Think you'll be amazed, too. May be I can do some detecting tomorrow...
  3. Thanks a lot for all your testing, El Nino77.👍 Yesterday the 7inch arrived. The wife asked if I had something ordered from KGB.😅 Wow. What a nice little critter. Works as it should with all my 3 detectors and has fantastic depth for it's size. I'm really amazed.
  4. Hello. Thanks a lot for your time and effort again, El Nino77. You did a great job by this comparison. Hopefully with your permission I did a little photoshop and with some pushing and tweaking I scaled the images to one size so the difference will be more visible.
  5. Thank you El Nino77. Have orderd one and it will arrive next week. If I get some time on hands I'll do a little testing. Again, thanks for your effort and your time.
  6. Hi. I'm looking for a smaller than the 6x10 DD coil for my White's detectors. Would like to hear how the 7" Ultimate performs depthwise and how target separation is.
  7. Hi. This morning I came across this video at garysdetecting . May be this is of help for exactly your problem. If you're watching the video from 9 min. I think that is what you're going to want, may be you can use one of the progs. Happy Hunting
  8. Hello bigtim. Did you try the program [MXT] from the V3i's library? May be with some tweaks it will do it for you. I'm on and off for a V3(i) but I think I'll stick to the VX3. What I've noticed by using the VX3 is, I have to slow down my physical sweep speed. The MXT can be swung way faster and performs very well also.
  9. Hello. I know this is about the V3i and I'm not going to hijack this thread, but when I watched this video about the DFX (it was a White's presentation at K'co) it explained a lot of things like sweep speed, coil type and size, recovery delay, tracking speed and so on very good to me and helped a lot even to handle the Spectra's.
  10. Hello pinpointa. Today I tested all the 3 coils you mentioned, on my VX3. The program I used was relic at factory settings except tracking was locked. Every coil was ground balanced and frequencies switched stepwise from 3Freq. to 22.5kHz. The VDI of the coin was always the same. So I think your coil will be faulty. Regards.
  11. Hello Steve. Yesterday the TT low latency Bluetooth arrived and a set of BT headphones. Works great on my MXT. Mounted the BT-TR with Scotch dual lock to the MXT so I can swap detectors very easy. Thank you a lot for your advice.
  12. Read this post, too, but didn't want to hijack this thread in the minelab area with a question about white's. Sorry.
  13. @Steve Herschbach - Thank you for your responses and the clarification about the switch. @phrunt - Thank you for your response, too. I'll keep all your good advice in mind and have to read some more about wireless HP before I decide what to use.
  14. Hello. Using the forum search didn't bring up a confirmation. So, if this was asked in the past I'm sorry for the repeat. My question is, will the Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless kit work with the MXT or DFX? The manual states compatible with nearly any brand; and from detector pro I know they have a special white's switch build in. Anyone using this setup for his White's detector?
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