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  1. Hi. Those sandy beaches are so easy to dig it's a pleasure. Welcome aboard.😎
  2. I know that this is used to protect those historic areas here. Very effective. And when it comes to archeological research they remove the cover layer with the scrap metal and do their job, as the first layer of soil has to be removed anyway. Effective, cheap, and very annoying for the tomb raider.
  3. ?? That is some kind of easy. If it was my property I'd pepper it with scrap metal. May be there is a milling company close to you. Asking them for scrap metals made of brass, copper, iron, aluminum, etc...and what they want for, and then sow this. Will be fun to watch them...lOl 👀😜😂🤣 oops...forgot this...: Welcome aboard, WhiteRabbit.😊
  4. Hello Cipher. Those 3d printed batt. packs are great for sure. And they are on a budget, compared to other solutions. The first Li-ion pack I build myself, as many of us did. Works as it should, but the 3d printed one is a lot more trustworthy 😉. So I ordered one and have to agree, it is a very well build battery pack which I really like. Into this pack protected and unprotected 18650 cells can be used, but I recommend the protected ones as you never know when the detector will really shut down at low voltage. And to me there is a big advantage to get the cells out f
  5. Hello Mike. All the Best to your wife and you. Prayers are sent and may she get well soon.
  6. Hmm... Hello Jim. This "event" is the auto switch off. They mentioned this in the DFX300 manual pg.3. First when I heard about this Auto-Feature it was for the XLT, so may be they (White's) had this in some other detectors, too.?
  7. WOW! Now if that will not be a good detecting year. Congrats on this unique find.👍
  8. Reverse voltage protection I think. A thermistor would be mountetd to the cells to get the temperature directly from the part at risk.
  9. What a bummer. I'd contact the dealer to get it right.
  10. I really like this one --> White's Li-Ion battery pack. You can use 3 18650 batteries of your choice, I prefer protected ones. Get a charger for the 18650's and you're done.
  11. Now, that you're asking this question here to the public shows that you know there is something wrong wigth your idea. My idea would be to ask the bereaved if they have a need for. But I think they will not. You see, I'm not the right one for forgiveness. I'd say let all R.I.P. . May be a priest can be more helpful... -IMHO
  12. Hi Paul. Nice to have you here.
  13. Hi kac. There are a few Li-Ion available with micro usb port. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=9v+rechargeable+batteries+micro+usb&__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=QY7E2EXF7EOA&sprefix=9v+rechargeable+batteries%2Caps%2C333&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-a-p_2_25
  14. https://garrett.com/whites-manuals So, if you're after a white's detector manual they're now listed again at Garretts website. Kudos to Garrett.👏
  15. WOW! 👀 What a unusual fantastic find. 👏 Congratulation.
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