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  1. Hello streak. To answer your initial question honestly, no. I can only advise you not to start this hobby because it is very tedious. (that leaves more finds for me. ha ha) 😉😊
  2. Hello. This is what I use, tactical gear but no specific brand. (except the leather pouch)
  3. @Joe Beechnut OBN Hello. What is the yellow tape named and where can I get some? Thanks.
  4. Wow. That's what I call "Good genes".👍😎 All the Best.
  5. I'd say that's you, George. My guess would be at age of 16, may be 18.👍
  6. No prob at all. May be you had the old style battery pack in mind with 4 C-cells.
  7. Using the standard battery pack, which holds 8 penlight AA cells, each 1.5 Volt, will not damage anything if all works as it should. (8x1.5V=12V if I remember correctly?!)
  8. Thanks for dropping the note, SeabeeRon. Very sorry to hear that. Another very sad moment in this detecting life. My condolences to his family. May Ken White rest in peace.
  9. Sounds good, Roger. Good Luck with your new coils and Have Fun.🤞😉😊👏😄
  10. Pros & Cons... I like it 😊. Read and build your own opinion 😉.
  11. I think you'll get your new coil right before x-mas....hopefully.🤞 Good Luck
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