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  1. Two weeks ago I had the same idea as there is some one offering a tesoro bandido µmax at craigs list at a reasonable price. ( There are sold some µmax Silver, too). And 7 days I asked myself, what this detector can do the 4 others I own can not. !? Right at the moment there is nothing the Tesoro will do better; may be less weight. But right at the moment sweeping my detectors isn't a problem. So Steve & JCR are right, Minton, and you noticed that. And I have to agree.👍
  2. Congrats, Simon. Here they sold the spare housing for 55.- Euros; and that is without battery-holder/adaptor and the screw cap. BTW, have you ever tried a reset to factory defaults?
  3. Hello Newby and welcome to the forum. To me the White's MXT e-series is one of the best detectors, hands down. It never gave me the feeling to left something behind depending on the classic knobs and switches as they always let you know what the detectors power is. And it has a really wide selection of search coils, even 3rd party. The only disadvantage is wet saltwater beaches. But other than that you're fine and have a great starter. Good Luck & Happy Hunting ... and don't forget the most important.. have fun.
  4. Welcome to the hobby of metaldetecting. And the quest starts right now.
  5. Hy Daniel. Welcome aboard. Congrats on the GPZ 7000 and the gold. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  6. You are welcome. Same wishes back to you.
  7. That is a nice way to call some of them "freaks", Steve. 🙄😄
  8. Welcome to the forums, Alberto. Have a great time here and while detecting.... and have fun.😎😊
  9. Yes, you're correct to say so, if searching in littered areas. But if you have "clean" ground you cover a lot of more ground by one sweep. So this is the coil for big areas with little trash.
  10. Yap. Nobody want's all the ring-pulls and foil & other trash be donated. Belongs to the comunity as well as the "goodies". Cipher, I totally agree, even if I have a different opinion.
  11. Hello Flavius. Welcome to the forum. Is that a picture of the area you're living in? Wow, beautiful. What detectors do you use and what are your most common finds? Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  12. Nothing wrong with that. That is what google translate was made for.😉😊
  13. Hi fabio. Welcome aboard, great you joined to this great forum. Tons of knowledge here and great people willing to share. Hopefully we'll see some of your finds posted, you know, we enjoy pictures. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  14. Welcome aboard, joneb. A good start would be reading all the things related to the detector you're going to own. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/38-nokta-makro-metal-detectors/ and you can use the board-search... and you may post your questions, adventures and finds. There are a lot of members who will help, read and enjoy. Glad you joined, All the Best.
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