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  1. Hello Riccardo. Welcome to the forums, nice to have ya here.πŸ˜„
  2. Welcome Billy. Glad you found the forum and joined.πŸ˜„
  3. Hi Zord. Glad you found this site and joined. Looking forward to see some of your finds (you know, we love pictures πŸ˜„) Welcome aboard.
  4. Today the weather wasn't that cold and when the rain took a break I ran "The Arrow" and the Ultimate 7" DD on the VX3. That really is a nice coil so to speak. Pinpoint is very good, the three targets in the vid are 3", 4" & 5" deep and no problem at all. Wohoo 😁😎, that will be fun to use on the beach and in the field. Very well done, Detech.πŸ‘
  5. Yup, you did good to dig that deep signal even if the ID was jumpy. Congrats on the gold.πŸ‘ GL&HH
  6. The 6x10 Eclipse is, hands down, the best coil White's ever build in house. I do own two of them and both work excellent on my detectors in all environments. Very sensitive at good depth and stable VID. IMO
  7. Welcome aboard, Salvo. Great you joined and yes, this is a superb forum with tons of knowledge and a bunch of nice & helpful people. And you know we like pictures from the finds & the environment where they was found.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š Nice to have ya here.
  8. Practice is the key I think. When I had trouble to pinpoint with DD's, espacially the bigger ones, I tried to set up the middle from left to right and back and then, if I think got the target right under the middle of the coil, pulling the coil back until the target disappears. Now it should be right in front of the coils tip. Hope this will work for "The Arrow", too. Right now the ground is hard as a rock. So I have to wait...
  9. Seems Santa likes old grumpy detectorists. 😊 Today Detech's "The Arrow" for White's DFX, MXT arrived. When I held the cardboard box I didn't realize it was THAT big. WOW. Mounted the stem-system in a rush and connected it to my 3 detectors just to check if it works with them. And yes, it does very well, even on the VX3 in 3-frequency, target ID is great. Weight is 750g with cord. For now I think it will cover a lot of ground in no time with great depth.
  10. 1 hour ago, Tom_in_CA said: Locator : I see oodles of show & tell posts from guys hunting in Germany. From all ends of Germany. I'm assuming that they've all gone and "gotten permission from authorities" ? Or ... ? πŸ€” πŸ˜‡
  11. If it comes to rules and law here (germany) the land owner is NOT allowed to dig without permission from authority. You have to have permission to dig as there "could" be a historical path right below where you're going to dig. Only Bayern/Bavaria is expected from those silly law. But thze good thing is, getting permission isn't that big thing. Digging (only the use of a detector) can cause a fee up to 100.000 €. Oh, and all the stuff used while detecting, car to drive to location, detector, tools, cellphone for documentation...etc. can be confiscated and you'll never get it back. CPT_ GhostLight is correct by saying the british law rocks! Hopefully the law in your country will not become that harsh. Best of Luck to you.
  12. Hi Jeff. I totally agree and they may keep it secret, how they process the freqs. and what processors & processes & software and what else is used. But give us a clue how many freqs. and which are used in a MFM-Prog. What may work on your beaches may not work here; even EMI can make a big difference so using a different prog. using a different mix of freqs. can do a better job. That is all I say. And with that this is my last post about that theme in this thread as I do not want to hijack this thread, very sorry about this, Chase & Steve. My appologies. One last annotation. - If you do not want the chinese will knock off your technology do not give them your technology to manufacture it. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
  13. So it is, Steve. Depending to this the power-consumption shown in the user manual will have you to speculate what's going on in FMF-mode Prog.6 & Prog.10 as there the power drops faster than in mono-freq. mode. Can be a transmission-error but can also be of technical nature if they use a lower freq. in MFM-Mode what is not available in mono-freq. mode. - but that is speculation. So again, more informations will give more confidence. sry
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