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  1. That was one I had in mind to buy, but never did. https://detectorsource.tripod.com/RedHeat.html
  2. Hi Chuck. I think that investment was worth it, as it still works. Yes, they did a great job on their detectors, built like a tank.
  3. Hello. From the manual: Air - Prepares the instrument to ground balance. Think it is like the XLT and DFX do, first ist holding the loop to waist level and air balance, then put the coil to the ground and ground balance. All done without any metal near the coil.
  4. The 800 is a lot of more detector, and it's always nice to have some more power than is needed at the moment. And I won't miss bluetooth anymore. (Very nice feature!)
  5. Hello Luca. This chart is very incomplete about the settings. I don't have a clue about the MXT-Pro in Relic mode but I really like the relic mode on my Std.-MXT. My suggestion about the V3i would be to start in relic mode and have mixed mode switched on (stereo if you like). From that point you have to tweak the machine to what you like. Not having a V3i and a MXT-Pro this is all advice I can give. I know there are so many options into the menue you really can make it to act like the MXT-Pro. (assigning tones to VDI-ranges and so on...) But I think there will be more than one user w
  6. Hello Againstmywill. May be it is one of those, just older? --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock-climbing_equipment#/media/File:Belaying8.jpg
  7. Hello Dirk. Don't have a clue about the Bandido but may be this will help... -->bandidomanual.pdf merry X-mas
  8. Hello El Nino77 - yes, I also read somewhere there is a mod for the DFX, but no one has a key to it. So my idea is it is a fairytale. Thanks a lot for your reply. Hello RickUK - Now that White's had closed the doors and informations will become rare I had in mind this will be the right time to ask about. And wouldn't it be cool to spot an easter egg on Christmas?😉 Hello Sven - It is in the nature of a programmer to build in a secret into the code (easter egg). It is not always a tune, it can be everything. (may be only a special string-row) - Most programmers do have a signatur
  9. May be this will help... --> https://www.mouser.de/manufacturer/amphenol/
  10. Is there something for the DFX as there is for the XLT? The XLT will play a tune if the correct sequence of keypads is pressed. Tried this sequence for the DFX but nothing. May be someone can pour some light on this secret. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the clarification, Monte. That is a really helpful information. BY the way, which version do you prefer?
  12. Thank you so much, El Nino77. Wow. Using the 14 kHz Eclipse series coils on the XLT would be a great improvement. Is there a chance that you do a schematic and posting it here? Another post about the software # I found a few minutes ago using google search. --> So my understanding of the written is, version 1.0 was build for the Eagle Spectrum and the XLT got the 1.1 version. Thanks for all the help.
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