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  1. Yup. That's the way kids are. Hello. May be one of you got a new cell phone, and may be you got this right from that date the detector isn't working anymore? Just a thought. Think the service center will help.
  2. Hadn't the temperatures in mind, Jeff. Shurely I wouldn't wear the HP in the heat, too. Good Luck & HH
  3. Hi Jeff. Did you have some testing time with your new Spectra? How do you like the SpectraSound WHP? I do like them a lot since I use them.
  4. That will be a nice addition even it's only working in one-frequency. Thanks for the information El Nino77.
  5. Thank you all a lot for your help. I didn't know exactly what caused the problem. @ Jeff McClendon - No problem and nothing to be sorry for. @ El Nino77 - Thank you for helping. When I follow your steps the screen will change like yours except the right side, reading probe, signal, noise...etc. will be blank. @ Steve Herschbach - Thank you for the link to the vid. Very informative, bookmarked it. This whole thing bothered me and this morning I tried a lot of things with no success. So I wrote down all my program changes to a chart and did the master reset. Now it works as it should. I really have no clue what happened. Now I have to change the programs to my needs again and then I'll see if it continues working.
  6. Hello Jeff. Everything is fine, thanks for asking.
  7. Hello Steve, you are so right. After a 2 hr hunt yesterday I had the idea to read the manual again today. At page 6-5 after reading about sensitivity probe I tried to do as described but had no luck. The detector shows the left screen (sensitivity controls) but not the probe right side as shown in the image with readings for signal and noise. What is shown in the manual at page 6-6 for the ground probe is still working fine. May be some other user have the same "issue" and this will be as it is and the probe isn't available for the vx3 and the manual is wrong? or does mine vx3 fail? Thanks in advance for your time and help.
  8. The manual says something different than the detector will show.
  9. Congrats on the gold. Looks like you had some detecting fun.😄
  10. The V3(i) including chinese language had unlocked a giant market I think.
  11. White’s was the company which build the detector what made metal detecting a great hobby to me. The beginning detector was the XLT. Yes, I tried different models from other manufacturers but ever came back to White’s. Still own three of their detectors, a lot of coils and accessories…and sure will keep it. Makes me sad to see them go.
  12. Just found it back and thought it may help a new DFX owner, and may be some old school ones, too. (forgot where I downloaded it...) DFX-XLT-HANDBOOK-1.1.pdf
  13. While using the DFX I collected some DFX-programs from the net and added them to a sheet. DFX_Programs.xls
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