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  1. Great explanation. Couldn't have said it better. 👍
  2. Hello jackthorn. Welcome. Great to have you aboard. Think we will see some impressive pictures from the outback?! Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  3. Hello and welcome aboard, Smigo. Glad you joined. Hopefully this will help a little. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  4. Welcome to the forums, wagonwx. Wow, you have a lot of diggin' time under your belt. Nice to have ya here and looking forward to your beach-find pictures. GL&HH
  5. Hello Paul. Welcome aboard. Glad you joined as there are some really nice and smart people around here, giving great advice and write beautiful stories. There are tons of infos here about prospecting & detecting. All the best, GL & HH
  6. Hello Cascade Steven. They're equal machines. So I think what works on the one will work on the other, too.
  7. Hello Az_Ed, welcome aboard. Think it is a great environment you're living in, and yes, we love pictures. Glad to have ya here.
  8. That is one shocking news. May he rest in peace, tracking some fresh and untouched areas. Strength to his family and friends.
  9. Oops... that is more than one problem. If that was an area I'd like to hunt I'd use the GB "locked" and the disc as high to reject the aluminum (tabs or can slaw). - But with that small jewelry and other metal in that range would be lost, even good stuff masked by the iron. Right here in my area I've two places with equal problems. Both places I've removed from the scratch-book. GL&HH
  10. Hi GB_Amateur. While I don't have a 6inch concentric in the range I own I've no guess about it's performance and not can compare it.🙄 May be someone else can chime in, plz. (Monte?!)
  11. Hello Diggin'it. I re-read your introductory post and would suggest putting the 4x6 shooter aside. This wasn't White's best ball. Have one in the arsenal myself but used it only 2 times. Try to get the 6x10DD (White's) or a 7"DD Ultimate or a SEF 8x6DD (both made by Detech). But be sure the coil is made for the MX7 (cann't remember the loop connector). On the other hand the stock 950 wich came with the detector will do fine, too. GL & HH
  12. ?? Mmhh... my Minelab-Belt Loop-Watch made by Dakota always shows the correct time, no need to update. (Sorry, couldn't resist 🤣)
  13. Hello PSPR. Now that is a great introduction. As GB_Amateur mentioned, diggin' junk is part of this hobby. Otherwise you can do cherry-picking but that would be half the fun I think. May be you're able to change locations or can join a club of detectorists in your area so one may show you where some of the better spots are. Hopefully you will have better luck this time and do some nice finds and meet a lot of smart and nice people. Take care & stay healthy - All the Best of Luck🤞👍😊
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