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    Metal Detecting and Bible Study and Photography and Art Paintings and enjoying the wild animals on the property that think they own the place (Guess they do!)
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    Whites M6, Whites Coinmaster, Whites Classic 2 SL, Whites Classic 3 SL, Whites Classic 3 (Square Box), Fisher Aquanaut, Tesoro Golden uMax, - I think that is all, getting old!

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  1. Hi Kac. I have the concentric coil, 8 by 9 I think.
  2. I have had my Golden uMax for years and only used it lightly as I have other detectors as well. Anyway I have recently been able to get back to detecting due to some improvements in my health. I finally have had time to appreciate the notch settings on this machine. Nickels no longer hide from me. It is just like a new machine and I have noticed that you can't hardly even find used ones for sale. I think I will be hanging on to this detector for sure!
  3. Got out yesterday and today, pictured are both days. Had some fun, tried to say howdy to another coin hunter, but he was having none of that. I won't be sharing my chocolate chip cookie with him I guess.
  4. Snow mostly melted now, so I took the Whites M6 out to a park field that has been detected a lot. No silver, but these coins have been in the ground for some time. Dimes and copper cents mostly did not favor me today 😞
  5. The "battery check"reading on my M6 reads 13 with the alkaline battery pack and with the nicad pack it reads 10. ((Are this readings ok?)) I had some issues with my nicad charger kind of falling apart - so I put it back together with some superglue (the outside "housing" top pulled apart. The red light indicator does not come on now. I was charging the nicad pack prior to the "falling apart". I read the manual, page 5, but I am seeming to have brain fog with understanding it. Thanks for any help. πŸ™‚
  6. I have done a lot of park hunting with it. I noticed that it seems to love quarters, weird I guess, but it does!
  7. I think we have just become best friends πŸ™‚
  8. I think we have just become best friends πŸ™‚
  9. Hi Sleddman. I was a member for several years, my back put me out of business so I was not active just prior to Whites forum shutting down. I remember you. I just joined this forum yesterday, and I am hoping to get out detecting this year.
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