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Follow The Drywashers "The Nuggetshooter's Bible", New Eighth Edition By Jim Straight

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Just in time for Christmas, the new eighth edition of Jim Straights Follow The Drywashers "The Nuggetshooter's Bible" is now available. This book has a new binder, new cover and an additional 30-40 pages of information. First seen on Rob's forum at http://forums.nuggethunting.com/index.php?/topic/11756-jim-straights-new-nuggetshooters-bible-new-edition-volume-8/



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I'll have to look in my library this weekend and see how old my copies are. 


I know my edition doesn't have any color pictures :D




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I am having a hard time tracking down Mr. Straight's bibliography.  Especially volume 1 and 2 of the above book.  Could someone list his complete bibliography for me.  Thanks in advance!

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Thanks, i did start a thread over on Nugget Shooter.  I am surprised that eveyone knows about his books but not all his books?  I thought this would be an easy question lol

I did see Rob has some of his books listed on his webpage to Jim but it has not been updated nor does it have his complete bibliography.

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Sorry, was out of town and not many other people would know this stuff. Not too many memorize lists of books authors wrote, and most of Jim's titles were obscure. I sold Jim's books for many years and here are the ones I know of:

"Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hard Rock Gold"
"Nuggetshooting Dryplacer Areas"
"Successful Drywashing"
"Magnificent Quest"
"Follow the Drywashers - The Nuggetshooter's Bible"
"Three Hours to Gold From Southern California"

There was no volume 1 or 2 of Follow the Drywashers that I have ever seen listed in the way you might be thinking of them. I forget Jim's rational on that but I don't think there was a three volume set. More like a couple of his other books were volume 1 and 2 but never officially designated as such or something along those lines. First and second editions? Could be wrong about that though. Been a while.

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When I was younger mostly prospecting out west, Magnificent Quest and Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hard Rock Gold are two incredible books that really helped me out.  It seemed those two books fit the areas I was working exactly. 


When I ordered Magnificent Quest I was stationed in Ft Benning so when I got the book it had a personnel note from Jim with some info about his service in the Army.  I thought that was pretty cool.

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