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  1. Is Chris G. still the Nugget Finder Distributor for the US?
  2. Sorry for your loss. That would be driving me nuts. I hope it shows up one day.
  3. Sales tax is a deal breaker for me. If I have to pay it then I'm looking online. 8-9% tax adds up.
  4. Congrats on the gold. How is grass down there? I am assuming you were in GV.
  5. There are place's in California. I know it's not Alaska but it's closer.
  6. Like mentioned above go to Miner's Depot. You might even get a pointy finger.
  7. I need to finish this video when I get home. Thanks for posting this.
  8. I would be more concerned about flooding and landslides than more than anything else. Stay safe fellows....
  9. Not sure if you know that there is a sub forum for Garrett. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/9-garrett-metal-detectors/ Lots of Axiom info.
  10. Just show up with a nugget in your mouth. That should get you a big discount. LOL.
  11. Nice looking store. Even after they paid you off you still mentor them. That is awesome. I tip my hat off you to.
  12. Crap, I remember that. No I wasn't the seller. LOL.
  13. That is one that I wanted to go see. Just another excuse to go to Vegas. LOL
  14. Hopefully I'll see Pieter this weekend at the gold and gem show.
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