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Above long post by Vladimir translated with  https://www.deepl.com/en/translator



Today I searched F5 during rain.... first 20 minutes everything was normal....then the detector started to lose sensitivity - it turned out that water got into the coil protection - I had to remove the protection and everything was restored - then I searched without coil protection.

After a couple of hours of searching the front film with buttons was saturated with moisture and the problem with the pinpoint button - it turns on well, but after releasing the button pinpoint is stably on - to turn it off, you need to turn off the device and turn it on again..... now I think how to fix everything on another F5.
Detected 38 targets, of which two valuable coins, the rest - small trash and coins of the USSR.
Checked the number of passes F5 with the detector CTX3030 - the percentage of hits within the limits of 30 percent, but even more misses were shot with cartridges from a small-caliber rifle caliber 5.6 mm ... .small enough cartridge and it at normal rates in this ground - even Mounting in the territory of 5 cm - duo in the iron sector.

I decided to try setting up the Fisher F5 to work on this ground without losing satisfactory targets..... and this is what came out:

Sensitivity 99.....THRESH 8.... tones 4 .... and then move to change EMI (FREQ button) to position 2 (lower frequency) - adjust the ground balance - then move EMI to 3 positions (higher frequency) ).... start treasure hunting ...with this purpose the depth of detection increased to 20 cm.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Made a new acoustic device for F5.

The result was good side and rear sound suppression.

The sound is directed towards the operator - even weak signals from the target are heard.

I tore the dynamic head away from the body (installing it on metal stands), which weakened the low-frequency signal - which improved performance in areas littered with iron.




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