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Gold Cladda Ring Today

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Nice work Kaolin...how does that saying go...god is great or was it gold is great?  I can’t remember but what ever your tactics were they sure worked on this hunt. The best part is that you showed that jerk who dug all the quarters out how it’s done ? keep it up.


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1 hour ago, Kaolin washer said:

Ya they can have the quarters, I want the gold , the ring is worth at least 200 quarters, and i only had to dig a few tabs to get it

Probably more like 400 quarters ($100). I agree with that strategy in certain situations. I recently hunted 2 days in a row after heavy beach erosion, skipping pennies, dimes and quarters. At first, it was hard to pass over those targets but I got over it when the gold started showing up. 

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