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Did A Meteorite Just Hit This Guy's House?

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Yea I know just thought I'd post it for speculation as there is no way to really know...and those guys get paid to speculate this stuff...but think about it what if a really really giant meteorite came down? maybe start a fire? 😃 


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8 minutes ago, strick said:

maybe start a fire? 

Yeah like I said, speculation suggests that if a meteor is big enuff to make Impactite, it could start a fire..... Crater sites like Diablo crater, Henbury etc are indeed big enough and Impactite is found there, so a multi-tonne sized space rock is needed for a fire event to occur I would surmise. <rubbing chin> 

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17 hours ago, Aureous said:

A lot of 'pseudo-science' nonsense written there....the fires started within 'ten minutes' of the impact....just think about the absurdity of that statement.

We may be going a bit too far off of the intended topic, but I don't see the absurdity.  The journal paper that led to this report was linked in the article Strick linked.  Did you read that? (I haven't so at present I'm keeping open the ideas presented.)  Sometimes during the popularization of science efforts by popular science writers, the original works get misinterpreted.  (Actually that happens by a lot more than just those explaining technical works for the 'layperson'.  To be clear, in general I have a lot of respect for those people and many of them do a great job.)

A key part of advancing scientific knowledge is hypothesis testing.  Ideas get tossed around; the better(?) ones get written up; some survive and most get refuted.  That's healthy in general.  The cause of extinction of the dinosaurs has been debated for over 40 years and it's not etched in stone by a long shot.

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