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Membership Check In Or Be Purged (Completed)

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1 hour ago, Couch Potato said:

Well there was this coil for sale.

In order to buy it registration was required.

There you go, an answer that makes sense, and is genuinely important for me to consider. More so for anyone running an add and wondering why no response. Did you include contact info in the ad? If not, only forum members can contact you, a elite but limited audience. The page gets about 700 views a day, but most are not forum members. Something to keep in mind for sure. Thanks!

Edit. Important enough I posted about it - 


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Another reason Steve is the forum remembers where a member has left off reading a thread, you only have to click on the thread title to jump to the first unread post in the thread. Much more convenient than always having to start at the first post in a thread.

I don't post much but am on the forum almost every day. Help out when I can and learn something almost every day.



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Still here in OZ chasing the yellow with a lot of guidance and information from my American friends. thanks Steve !!

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Steve.. as always.... "Detector prospector forum" is a forum with excellent information "and excellent serious and trustworthy people.-who are members of this forum...
  I want to thank them for their opinions and observations... which I have been reading for several years... and I am learning... from it...

Your information and stories are also very valuable, Steve... and I thank you for that too.

if I can..I read this forum every day..and I also contribute my information quite often..

I wish everyone a nice day...


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