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Equinox 900 Coin Hunt High Mineralization

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33 minutes ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

Thanks for the report, Jeff! Good hunt with a sweet Merc to boot, well done!


These new detectors that I am enjoying: Nox 900, Deus 2 and Legend are amazing.

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2 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Gun to head right now, you can only keep one of the three, which is it? :smile:


 I know the Legend is waterproof and I know it can easily hit small sub gram gold when I need a VLF for that. Built solidly and I personally, subjectively like the Legend’s audio the best of the three. 

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16 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Well with my lack of enthusiasm for wireless coils and grumpiness over Minelabs antics, the Legend may very well be the solution to what ails me. Thanks for the very direct feedback on that Jeff. ??

In the "it can do it all really well" segment of SMF detectors, the Legend is the only one that has proven (at least to me) to be capable of that phrase.

Deus 2 at the moment is just OK for sub gram gold targets, a pain in the ass to setup for even just coil submersion, no small coil availability and it has a couple of other weird characteristics that only the long awaited software update can possibly fix.

After the 600/800 water and coil ear issues, I won't trust the Equinox 900 to be waterproof and sturdy until it has gone through one full North American spring, summer, and early fall of water hunting. I also am just getting to know the Nox 900. So far it is different enough from the 800 that I have to learn what I can expect from it.

The Legend took me one hunt to realize that I would have no problem transitioning to it from the 800 since it was very similar but better. The user interface is tedious for me but those 16 custom program slots are awesome.

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