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Three Finds, But How Many Are Real? Opinions Requested.

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3 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

Going to respond to the helpful posts, but before that I guess I'll start with this.  :laugh:  As I pointed out originally these all hit in the VDI region I've been accepting for all the years I've owned the Equinox (i.e. 5 years) -- above a fresh drop Zincoln.  So if that was a compliment I didn't deserve it, and if it was a friendly jab, well, the shoe fits so I guess I have to wear it.

Lol well you did post in the jewerly section after all..and basicly I was right on everything and dident have to do all that math ? funny how my wife can tell if somethings gold right away while I hold out hope till I can prove to myself its not.. yea a little jab ?


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