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If You Keep "detecting"(even Online) Sometimes You Get Lucky

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now you're just showing off ?

Cool detector, well before my time and look like a Gold Bug 2, It certainly does look pristine, congratulations on the find.

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thanks for everybody's interest...and yes...I am showing off.

Some may have noticed my long absence from the forums. Thankfully it was not that I was deceased or even seriously ill.

Some things interfered with my enjoyment of the whole scene a few years ago and now, I am over it.

Just bought the 1236X2, a Perfect early MXT, and planning my battery to attack Norway for two months this summer...details of the machines to be revealed later!

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Wow! Great find, yeah Keith knows his machines. CONGRATS!



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I’ll bet it’s a helluva machine to have for seeded silver hunts. 

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