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Understanding Threshold

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2 hours ago, AhNibblet said:

Are live thresholds the same as the Manticore’s true thresholds for the prospecting audio theme?  (This topic can get complicated with machine differences and company terminology.)

Some of Minelab's literature and videos on the Manticore refer to the threshold tone used in the gold prospecting search mode as a true or genuine threshold tone. They also claim it will boost sensitivity on very small targets. If the same is true when just using the Prospecting audio theme in other search modes, I have no clue.

I don't have a Manticore.

The same claim has been made by Minelab for the Equinox 800 and 900 when using the threshold tone in their Gold 1 and Gold 2 search modes. I have plenty of time on those two detectors but I can't definitively prove that using the "live" threshold tone in Gold 1 and Gold 2 really makes that much difference on really small target sensitivity. I do keep mine on 8 or so just in case it does help. The threshold tone in the Equinox 800 and 900 gold modes is definitely not a reference threshold however.

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19 hours ago, Jeff McClendon said:

The latest detectors have reference and live thresholds.

Reference thresholds will go silent over a target with a target ID that is being discriminated out or rejected. For people that don't want to hear for example, a lot of iron grunt audio, rejecting the iron target IDs and turning up the reference threshold volume level will help to alert them to ferrous or mixed ferrous/non ferrous targets without a lot of audio racket.

Live thresholds can boost actual target signal intensity and audio volume especially on borderline targets that are close to giving really weak audio responses.


That was what was confusing me with the Legend Thresholds for a while, I did not realize that in Park,Field and Beach a reference threshold was being utilized and in the Gold field mode the Legend utilized a true Threshold, it took me a bit of investigating to finally figure it out and what the differences in the two actually was, a lot of researching and reading, one of the best reads I found was posted up by someone on another site he went by Rudy, his article pretty much helped me to figure it out in the end

here is that article I was referring to


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