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Plagued By Dinks And Rain… Rye Patch

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Rick I'm adding one of these to my side by side right now...I don't like worrying even though the only time I've ever got a dead battery was from it sitting and not on a tender. I also carry a small jump starter as well. 



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Dual batteries would be nice and I wish I thought about that before I screwed my Winch connectors in the extra battery slot!  Anyways, further diagnostics on my SxS with my limited Mechanical Mind:  I fueled it up, after a ride between more afternoon rain and I noticing a strong smell of gas when I parked it in the garage. 🤔 I thought!  Next morning the garage had a very strong odor of gasoline.  I looked under the Buggy expecting to see a puddle of fuel, nope.  Then I removed the passenger seat to have a look at the fuel tank and seen the fuel tank air vent hose.  I followed it to the engine area and it had a section full of water in the low spot of the hose as I turned up.  I fired up my air compressor and unhooked hose from fuel tank and blew that water out the other end. I just may have found the real problem with Little Red.  Took her for a long ride after that and gas free smell.  Watching Local News last night Weatherman said, 3rd wettest May on record for Reno.  I’m sure in parts of Northern Nevada it’s the Wettest ever, but no one lives there to measure it, lol.


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"Plagued by dinks & rain".......  Welcome to the Club!!!!... lol

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