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  1. Steve, your right! I never updated my old GPX 4000 and I was finding gold behind my Buddies 5000’s. Can’t see much improvement for the next Gen GPX either. Maybe the next GPZ will be light weight? Rick
  2. Rob, I heard he sold...you need a pointy finger on your sections, let me know. Rick
  3. Randy, great finds! I’m always looking for them cooler 😎 nuggets too!
  4. I returned home from a 2-day trip at Rye Patch this week. It was Chilly & Windy...my fuel bill (Diesel) was $150...granted I didn’t leave with a full tank from my home in Reno. Got home, cleaned my nuggets and tossed them on the scale and I was $25 short of paying for fuel. But, gold is moving up in price and I my be even now? 😂. I thank my lucky stars I can afford these current fuel prices, but I sure hate it. It has kept me home and out of some of the Goldfields of Arizona & Southern California this Spring. Here’s to cheaper fuel prices, more gold and smiling faces! Rick
  5. There you go! Las Vegas Best Selling Book!
  6. I like that Thumbs Up looking nugget! Nice Poke Rick
  7. Nice short hunt! Those are my favorite, makes you get down to business Rick
  8. To many nuggets to remember the total count or weight! I should wash the gate that Lime a Way, I use to clean the Caliche off the Nuggets keeps that Rhino Lining looking dirty 😂
  9. Dig It, very true it’s not Alaska Cold! But, the ground was frozen solid and the Sun does shine down here this time of the year 😂
  10. Not in these parts of Nevada! They say there’s a Naked Gal behind every tree there. Problem is, there’s no Trees 😂
  11. We’ve hunted some of the same Cold Windy spots down in the Dale District! It’s the hunt against what Mother Nature tosses at you to keep you treasures safe! Your a Hearty Sole to fight the elements for a rattle in the poke!
  12. Having moved to Northern Nevada, I’ve gotten use to a chilly Winter temperatures. I will say, I enjoy the Chill vs Heat any day! This year we had the wettest December ever in Reno and then January the driest on record. About mid January a Buddy dropped me a message to hit a spot he just had some luck at in the Rye Patch area. Thinking I’m a smart prospector Robin and I, scheduled new floors to be installed that week, plus Robin’s Birthday is at the end of January! Well the floors look great in the House and 4 days to celebrate Robin’s Birthday left me the last day in January to make the hunt happen. I arrived to our hunting area at a Balmy 41 degrees at 10 Am. Met up with prospecting Buddy Larry and he showed me the spot of his 7 nugget patch. He pointed to a spot 1/4 mile away that he got 3 nuggets at late last year. That’s all the info I need and started the grind to establish a patch or run of nuggets to a new patch. Didn’t take long as we both scored color. We ended the first day with some nice nuggets with Larry scoring a 2.8 dwt’er. Next morning at 19 degrees we hit it again. I scored 4 more and Larry got 2 more nuggets before we called it with no glory patch at both ends of the 1/4 mile run of nuggets. It’s a large area and we’ve found gold close by. So this hunt will continue…but there are so many other spots to find gold at! Until the next Hunt. LuckyLundy
  13. Well Robin, had the oven way to busy to put some bark on these Prime Ribs! Totally cooked in the smoker…Perfect in our books who gathered for the feast!
  14. Happy Thanksgiving Day! We had a huge early Thanksgiving Dinner at the Family Reunion in Arizona! To soon to eat another Bird for us! I just tossed these into the smoker for a few hours and will finish in the oven to make the outside crunchy 😋
  15. Sweet Poke! Weather has cooled down in Arizona since my visit. You’ll enjoy it and may wish it was cooler 😂. Plenty of nuggets and smiles for the 6000 to find. Rick
  16. Cold Gold and the crunch of the Frozen Dirt under foot...Luv it! WTG Rick
  17. Always nuggets at the Burn Barrel to find! The 6000, will sniff out gold on patches out there that we pounded with prior Minelab Technology. Rick
  18. Mitch, As you know, you have swung a coil all over the Western States chasing nuggets. Arizona, started my search for gold back in 1979 and of course has been a Life Long Passion. Stomping on ground that few modern man has seen is just part of what keeps the fire burning to add another nugget to the Poke. It’s the Hunt and The tone of the sweet music made by my detector over a nugget. Wow! Might load up and head to Rye Patch area? Rick
  19. Thanks for the heads up! Did, I mention we went to the Rodeo too! 😂
  20. There’s several lifetimes of hills and washes in that Country to swing on. Weather is nice in Northern Nevada, might have to get out and try my luck before the ground freezes! Rick
  21. I really noticed the trigger button works best with the DD Coil...Mono, seems to have no effect!
  22. The Florida Clan wanted to come for a visit and try some of that Arizona Sweet Tea. Haven’t seen them all in a group for close to 30 years. But, Robin’s and I trip started on Halloween Day from our home in Reno to Laughlin, NV. That’s about as far as I can drive in a day! We cut through Searchlight, NV and passed a couple washes I’d like to revisit. Next morning we cut out to Wickenburg, AZ for a visit with Friends that just moved there a few months back. Mike & Yvonne formally from Rural Oregon made the move to Wickenburg for the love of Team Roping and the Hunt for gold. Didn’t take Mike long to find a Welcome to Arizona Patch which currently is close to a 2-oz patch! (Below in my hand are the fat ones). Mike took me when we arrived to their home for a short swing! It was a hill side small drainage wash that feed into the big wash. I explored the patch and several nearby spots in the Reno Summer like temperature of 87 degrees. I was roasting when I noticed a Cholla stuck to my Boot which I removed with 2 rocks with a dozen or more of its spears stuck deep into the leather! Well 1/4 mile more and they worked their way thru the leather and now poking my foot! We had to leave with no tools to remove needles. Well off to my Folks and a week of fun with my Family traveling the sights from the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Tombstone. Heading back we stopped at Mike & Yvonne’s again for a longer hunt and then hit the local Rodeo grounds for dinner and some cold beers. Again, it was more than warm for this Northern Nevada guy. We seen some likely hills with some colors we liked. I was 3 gullies over (1/2 mile). I just worked up the side hill wash to the top of the hill and swung over to the next wash to work down it and repeat. I heard Mike say, hey the old timers worked this one! Sure enough old dry wash piles. I was up at the head of the wash and he was midway swing up. I pulled a dink nugget out and then Mike got on a string of nuggets. Sure there was some trash, but there’s 9 little nuggets the old timers left us! We know there is more to find at this spot, but water was getting real low and cold beer was at the Rodeo Grounds. Off we went leaving the new patch to catch it’s breath after a 30 minute beating. There’s still plenty of ground to explore in this old placer area(s) of Morristown! What a great Vacation and yes, we are home to nice and cool Reno 😂. Until the Next Hunt LuckyLundy
  23. I know you worked for them! They don’t just jump into your poke! Rick
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