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  1. Every patch holds its secrets! Some only hold Dink’s, some hold deep gold, some will hold course and smooth nugget the list is long even in the same region you hunt. The older Model GPX’s with the vast Coil selection aided in what I thought was cleaned out patches. But, you’d find nuggets just on your metal detectors ability to hear and for you to comprehend as a signal. The SDC 2300, made nearly every old patch cough up more nuggets and made it well worth the re-swing with that little coil over some extra large patches. GPZ-7000, was the same and it punched way deeper than my old GPX’s and I loaded the poke up again with it. Now, the new GPX 6000, is picking up what the SDC & 7000 missed. Sure, I haven’t found a nice nugget in my old patches (so Far) with it, as I believe the 7000 heard them all. And some old patches I’ve found nothing with the 6000! Each Prospecting trip includes swinging new ground and a few skunk trips! I know it makes it tough for a Prospector to travel hundreds of miles and to expect to find a nugget. It takes time with boots & coil on the ground to keep that smile on your face. Time to walk from and old patch? Know your old patches and the types of gold that you found on them. Each new machine advancements just might wake and old patch up. I’ve been finding nuggets just on the edge of not hearing them with the new 6000 (shallow Small Chevron Nuggets). So yes, I hunt with headphones and Volume Max’d. Happy Hunting! Rick
  2. Rye Patch area, the recent rain has changed the normal Great October ground. Hot and noisy, it will need a week or more to dry out. I agree with Gerry, 6000 is a must at Rye Patch to have a rattle in your poke. Rick
  3. Training on the ins and outs of your detector is important! Pretty daunting with my first GP Extreme with all them knobs and learning the different tones from my old VLF’s. 7000, is easy to find its sweet setting for the grounds I hunt. Hardest, was setting Minelabs Harness up to wear so it wouldn’t tire out my shoulder, it’s fine tuned now. The 6000, is nearly brainless to operate, as long as you have proper coil and swing control. For the newer Detector Prospector’s, I can see training to start changing. Besides being trained on the machine it’s going to have to include some Geology/Mineralogy, Topo etc training mixed in. The 6000, is a great machine and my Crew and I, are finding gold our previous Minelab Detectors couldn’t hear. We know what ground to keep and eye on to give it a swing for and hour or so. Gold, is where you find it and every nugget is hard earned taking it from Mother Natures grip. So, if your new to Metal Detecting for nuggets take note on where gold has been found in your Detecting area and what the ground looks like to help you out on being productive with our great hobby! LuckyLundy
  4. I enjoy bright Full Moon hunts, seems the gravitational pull of the Moon moves me to the Goldfields. You’d think I’d park my rig to avoid the big spot light in the sky to sleep better. But, it gives me a half sleeping moment to pounder the mornings gold location. This hunt I was accompanied by and old Buddy from California. Steve, was tutored on some of our hot and old patches in California, with his GPX 5000. He quickly learned from us the many ins and outs of his machines and the fine techniques of putting nuggets into his poke. He moved with us as Minelab Technology advanced to keep a smile and rattle in the poke. He now owns a very nice stash of nuggets. This Hunt we set our eyes on the outlaying areas of Rye Patch! I had my RZR for mobility as we have many patches close by to just scoot to with it. It’s still warm out in the High Plains, but very doable compared to my last visit there. I pulled into the first location and ran into and old Buddy and his friend calling it a day. They showed me their poke and I recognized the gold same area as I wanted to hunt! Well, I arrived and unloaded and went for a short hunt and nailed one amongst the many footprints and dig holes. Still color left and no one gets them all. I rode around in my RZR after that till dark as Steve hadn’t pulled into camp yet! Next, morning I gave Steve the pointy finger to the patch and I set sights to a nearby spot I had luck on several years prior. Still within eyesight we waved at each other with a pumping fist to indicate a score of a nugget at the same time! At the end of the day we had several nuggets for our efforts. Now, I’m still hitting old haunts with the new 6000. So next morning after a couple more nuggets each. We load up and off to more old haunts. Next spot, didn’t disappoint us either! Only problem was I didn’t fill up my RZR and that prior days joy riding looking at Antelope and Wild Horses and new spots eat more fuel than expected! So we had to stay within eye sights of our camp just in case my Buggy ran out of fuel. We hit the old patches and found nuggets and then hit a new spot. The new spot, Steve was in the sweet spot and as you know the 6000 doesn’t play well with other 6000’s nearby. To end this trip, Steve out shot the Sensei and well done by him as we ended with plenty to cover expenses and another memory of a Harvest Moon Hunt! LuckyLundy
  5. The twisting Coil/Lower Shaft is an Irritant that needs an After Market Fix! Rick
  6. Nope, your good with your State Permit in Nevada! Now ARIZONA is a different story!
  7. GC, We had the 11” Maxed out! It rained out there, but it will take more than one rain storm to change that dry dirt. It’s not DD time yet! Normal with Max settings to hear what my other machines missed. Rick
  8. Lunk, it was epic! We had the desert to ourselves...only harden detectorist seen!
  9. Any Honda is a good Honda. Not sure I know the Specs of the Pioneer 500. But, my little 570 RZR fits right in the bed of my Pickup...so, I don’t have to worry about flat tires on a trailer too!😬
  10. Joe, should be cooled off by then! Maybe a few left for you to find...low & Slow! Rick
  11. We had a 3 party hunt scheduled Condor, LuckyLarry and myself. I set sail East Bound and down on I-80 to Rye Patch from Reno. I texted the Boyz and received a text back from Condor that his Truck was sick and couldn’t make this trip! Well just meant more Rib Eyes on my dinner plate! LuckyLarry, was on his way from Elko to Rye Patch and the timing was perfect he followed me in to our camp site! Temperature Gauge was a solid 97 at the 3 O’Clock hour. Larry, hunted out here in the Hey Days of Rye Patch. He was just learning Gold Detecting back then and scored many nice nuggets! But, ended up being a Top Notch Relic Hunter. That’s how we met. We met on the Internet with me needing some old Relic’s ID. He was my go to guy to tell me the history of anything I’d dig up in the Goldfields of California. Of course, I avoided these extra trashy old camp sites and would pass the location to Larry for his Relic hunts when he traveled to California. We set up camp and hopped into my RZR Buggy into the heat to swing our 6000’s on my old patches. Finding left over nuggets that our older models missed, but the heat! Had to hit a 100 before some clouds moved in to cool things down! Them clouds had rain and in front of them was the wind. Headed back to Camp to beat the rain, as I left my Trucks Windows half open which was the way the wind and rain was blowing in. Made it back to camp wet Windows up with a gust of wind that had to be over 50 mph. Well early to bed with showers on and off and the next morning with more rain to heavy to detect in which gave us time to eat some cookies and for me to remember where some more old patches where at to swing on. Gone for 4-Days with 2 1/2 days of good detecting! We ended up with 20 Dinks each! Two Lucky 🍀 guys with plenty of smiles for our efforts fighting Mother Natures last blasts of Summer! I figure I’m now about 80% done with having the 6000 over our old patches in Rye Patch. I’m sure we left gold in the patches we hunted for further visits…never can get them all and every day is a different day! Until the next Hunt! LuckyLundy
  12. Turn your Threshold down and your Gain, doesn’t need to be Maxed out either. Rick
  13. Max, Stick to your day job! There’s way more than just swinging your coil for 4 hours a day! Many will say it’s Location/Location. Well locating a Location is a big part of the hunt for gold. Now some find more Gold than others and some it takes a year or more to find their first detected nugget on their own. Now, if you keep it simple and enjoy the outdoors for the peace of mind and exercise this is a great hobby. This hobby, has been very good to me and my Wife. But, there’d be some dinner plates with Beans with no Bacon and only Water to wash it down with. To be successful in this hobby, requires to get off the beating path, each Gold District has different signs of where to begin your search for detectable nuggets. Sure you can make extra income in this hobby. But, a many of times, I considered collecting Butterflies. Get out there for the adventure and the thrill of our hobby...making extra change at it will follow! LuckyLundy
  14. My Nugget Stalker by Doc arrived this afternoon! 🤗 I read the instructions Doc posted on this thread the other day and I had it on in no time at all. Nice fit and quality material and stitching! Bound to last for years and keep the GPX 6000 looking new through each adventure. Doc, is also a new distributor of the Avantree Wireless Speaker! I had the pleasure of testing out Steve H’s set back in the Cooler months and liked them. The stock Minelab Headphones are very good. But, they make my Ears sweat during the heat of this Summer…anything to keep cooler during the Summer I’m for it. Thanks Doc, for the speedy delivery! LuckyLundy
  15. Can’t wait! Your Dust/Protector Covers have made my Detectors Body look brand new for years! Think of a Protector Cover to help keep us Prospectors looking good out in the Elements! 😂 Looks awesome, cant wait for it to arrive! LuckyLundy
  16. I’d check your Hubs! Water/sand gets in them and eats your bearings up! Probably, could use repacking with grease anyways! Rick
  17. I’m still studying what to get for the replacement of 6000 headphones! They are very nice, but extra hot in the Summer months! They’ll be fine in Winter months to keep Ears warm. Rick
  18. “have there been any big (say 10g and up) nuggets found with the GPX6000 yet, anywhere?” GB, There is a huge difference between Australia vs Western States soil mineralization. When the 2300 came out it opened all of our old patches from California to Rye Patch area. Sure nothing huge, the old GP/GPX’s did well on those. The 7000, got what the 2300 couldn’t reach and was/is another break through in filling your poke up. Now, with the information I shared in my report. America’s hottest mineralized patches or new grounds will be where the 6000 shines, places where the ground gave the 7000 a problem. Like not being able to run it in High Yield/Normal with no filters on. Like many Hydro Pits in California to Southern California Desert and Arizona, the 6000 is what you want in your hands. Mild ground conditions, you won’t see a wind fall nuggets feast like we did with the 2300 & 7000’s on old patches (if swinging them correctly). But, like what was discussed above there’s always nuggets left in old patches. The 6000, is what you want in your hands...hands down! Now, if Minelab can have a fix to not hunting close to another 6000...my group can continue to share our labors on future patch discoveries! Rick
  19. Valens, You have to know your ground! Vast majority of Northern Nevada’s nugget patches are shallow. Now, don’t get me wrong! I carry a shovel in my truck or Side X Side and have dug a few holes a little over 2 feet to retrieve deep nuggets. I’m sure back in the Hey Days of Rye Patch with many multi ounce nuggets some where deeper than mentioned with my shovel. But, normally, a foot or less deep. So, scraping a few inches off could make a difference. If you’ve pulled several nuggets out of a patch a foot or more it could be worth the expense of the equipment, fuel, permit, reclaiming push and seeding! For the most part, most gold detectorist search for the next patch instead of rolling the dice on hopes of deeper nuggets. Rick
  20. GC, I’ve been going to Rye Patch for years! Have we ever met? I know you own a 7000 & 6000. I’m not saying all the gold is gone at Rye Patch! My group has over 40 patches there, that we’ve been swinging on for years. I didn’t swing the entire patch of any of the ones i visited, in the story above. Just the sweetest spots! It was 101 at Noon when I left. There’s gold on every patch we know there waiting for a 6000 to find it. Now, would it be enough to put a smile on my face? I’ll find a spot, that will if it ever cools down 😂 LuckyLundy
  21. Mitch, Just means either California side of the hill or more out laying areas of Northern Nevada! I’ll find a new patch and then swing my 7000 over it, to see what the deal is 👍
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