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Found A Pay-streak Today

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Found a pay-streak in a patch of hard pan. It had about 1" of mud covering it, and it didn't look very enticing. It was a challenge getting my shovel into it, but what a surprise! I used my bigger GEO drop riffle highbanker.....faster shoveling = more gold, right? Here's what yesterday's adventure looked like. And..........and also dug up a nice coral fossil out of the North Saskatchewan River. Here's what 4 hours of digging got me...........




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That looks just like what I pull out of the creeks around my area, and most of it is about 3-4 inches into the mud. I find that it shows up for quite a ways along the creek and the larger stuff is about another 4 inches deeper.

How deep did you find that gold?

Nice hunting and glad to see you get it out of the ground.

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