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Greetings From Russia - Siberia

Vladimir 06660

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A little about myself .

I have been searching for 5 years .

I tried to work on the search for native gold - but since there are few nuggets on our territory , I gave up this hunt for a while .

This season I hunt more on the beach and search for ancient artifacts , sometimes I try to find meteorites .

My favorite devices are CTX 3030 with a 17" inch sensor and Fisher F5 with 10/12" and 5/10" inch sensors from Detech SEF.... F5 is slightly modified.

The devices are old , but they work great - complementing each other - they are used depending on the tasks , weather conditions and soil differences .
I apologize for the poor translator .



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Welcome Vladimir,

Your translation is good.

I use The Equinox 600 and Deus 2 in much the same way, I have had great success with both.

Good luck with your searches, and if you need any advice this is the forum to join. 

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1 hour ago, F350Platinum said:

Добро пожаловать, Владимир,

Ваш перевод хорош.

Я использую Equinox 600 и Deus 2 практически одинаково, у меня был большой успех с обоими.

Удачи в ваших поисках, и если вам нужен какой-либо совет, присоединяйтесь к этому форуму.

Thank you for your kind words .
I sold Equinox 800 after a series of tests - due to a number of mistakes made during the development of the device .

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Welcome from East Texas.

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Welcome to the forums Vladimir !

Your translator is working fine here . 

Have you found anything "good" yet at the beach?😜

Don't worry I won't ask again .  I'm sure you hear it enough while beach detecting .

Goods Luck !



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1 hour ago, rvpopeye said:


Вы уже нашли что-нибудь "стоящее" на пляже?😜

Не волнуйтесь, я не буду спрашивать снова. Я уверен, вы слышите это достаточно, когда находитесь на пляже.



After reading the first line , I began to worry - I appreciate humor ...
This season I spend little time on search work - I spend more time preparing for an expedition to a very ancient place that will take place in August ... equipment , uniforms and others .

19 hours ago, jim tn said:

Добро пожаловать из W Tn. У вас много древней истории, которую нужно искать в вашей стране. Удачи! Привет Джим Tn

Indeed, the history of the territory is rich in events .... we have started using metal about 5...6 thousand years ago .... you can find everything that is pleasing and very unexpected places.

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An expedition !?! 

NOW you have everybody's attention , an ancient place is absolutely the best place to be detecting  for anything ! 

Keep us posted on any finds , and we DO like pictures . Not just finds but the site you're detecting would be very interesting too . 

Looking forward to hearing from you again soon ! 

Good Luck 


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On 26.07.2023 at 21:05, rvpopeye said:

Экспедиция !?!

ТЕПЕРЬ к вам приковано всеобщее внимание, древнее место - это абсолютно лучшее место для поиска чего угодно!

Держите нас в курсе любых находок, и нам нравятся фотографии. Не только находки, но и сайт, который вы обнаружили, тоже был бы очень интересен .

Будем рады услышать вас снова в ближайшее время!



We will be engaged in scanning the territory to detect the presence of human activity ... at the same time , we will try out new equipment ...
Let the archaeologists do the excavations - they are better than us with shovels - and you need to dig very deep .
There will be photos .

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