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Warm Greetings From Canada!

My Little Bleeper

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Hi all,


I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi, especially after many years of reading comments and learning from all of the seasoned old timers here, I thought I'd make my own account and start interacting a bit more! I have learned a great deal from many of you, including Jeff McClendon, Phrunt, Cal Cobra, JCR, Chase Goldman, Steve Herschback, Sven1, Cipher, D. Smith, Bill S. CA, Digalicious, and many many more! All of your expertise has been invaluable to me and I’m extremely grateful for this forum and the contributors. I also wanted to mention oldkoot, but I can't seem to find him as a member here, so I must've seen him on treasurenet or somewhere else. Anyways, it's a real honor to be here and learning from everyone's experience.

I recently picked up the Legend Pro pack as I've been rocking an original Simplex (Phrunt, I know you hate yours, haha) for far too long and absolutely LOVE IT! I primarily hunt in parks, which the Legend kills in, and find it to be very stable and an overall pleasure to use. I won't be hunting anymore this year, as the ground is going to be frozen here in southern Ontario for the next several months, sadly, but I’m excited as all hell to start hunting in spring when the ground thaws. Again, it's great to be here and a great big thank you to Steve H for creating this awesome place! 


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Welcome from East Texas.

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1 hour ago, Chase Goldman said:

Welcome, MLB.  You've already generated a lot of good discussion with your Legend coil post, so thanks for contributing.

I appreciate your kind words, Chase. It is a genuine pleasure to be here and learning from everyone and contributing in a small way. Looking forward to many good conversations with everyone here. 

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3 hours ago, fogrider said:

Greetings from a fellow Canadian out west.

Howdy fogrider. I used to live out west myself, actually! Hunted throughout the interior and similkameen. 

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