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On 12/6/2023 at 9:13 AM, Mike Furness said:

Hey Flash ... Tried to be gentle in my response to your original post. Sorry if it offended ... wasn't my intention at all. You are right I am a relatively new member again to this forum ... was a member years ago and got involved with another forum as an admin ... assume I was dropped back then for lack of activity and that's OK. I've been using a detector since 1989 and gold detector since 2003. I taught metal detecting for gold nuggets in AZ to a number of folks with another forum/company for a couple years. A few of those old 'students' are on this forum. I posted this info for you so you don't think I'm a newbee. Now as to a detector for you I have to agree with Steve H that the Equinox 800 or better yet the newer more powerful 900 is a great machine. I have both the 800 and the GM1000 aka Gold Monster. They are both great machines on fine gold and small pickers. I would say they both are worthy of your consideration. My dealer of choice is Bill Southern at: https://www.nuggetshooter.com 

Hey Mike, You didn't offend and I appreciate the advice as well as the caution. I'm glad that I found this forum to get some solid advice on picking up a new hobby. Its been my belief for some time now, that to find the best advice about a product, you need to ask the person who actually owns it or repairs it. Thank you again for taking the time to share some wisdom with me. I think I may be tossing up between the Nox 800 and Nox 900...Still researching.

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Sorry for not responding sooner, but I'm in the field testing the Manticores waterproof capabilities. 

With the recent Idaho snows, it was time to head south to warmer waters. Sometimes I have to do the dirty work and take one for the team. 


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43 minutes ago, Buna Flash said:


Trying to work from this phone in another county is causing me a few errors, sorry. 

If you're not in a hurry I'd like to discuss the +/- of each EQ-800 vs EQ-900 with you. I have thousand + hrs on 800 and quite a bit on the new 900.  I know them well for Prospecting, Jewelry Hunting and Old coins.


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Buna I think that was a pointy finger !👍

Gerry , are you saying the 900 found that,,,,,,from an airplane ?  Impressive !! maybe I should upgrade the 800 ?  All new questions I have about long range detectors will be properly directed. 😜  I'm going to put Idaho into my waypoints for future reference yup yup. Santa , are you listening ? 

(And I'll answer before you ask. Yes everything is covered in white and I'm just not feeling it on detecting right now..🥶 

 Any hints on how I can leave no trace digging dirt through snow? I already tried covering it all up with more snow but that could become problematic in April.....🤔)  Anxiously awaiting your direction while I look for my insulated green boots with the ice cleats...


P.S. Don't forget the sunblock.......

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Thank you everyone for suggestions and tips. I ended up getting a Minelab Equinox 900 for Christmas via Gerry's Detectors. Gerry spent a lot of time with me to help me narrow down my decision on the model. I can't thank him enough for his patience in answering all of my questions and taking time that he spent with me. Highly recommend this guy.



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17 hours ago, geof_junk said:

Buna Flash  now do your part and find some good finds for us to drool over 

Thanks again for the kind words and allowing me to earn your business.

I see an email you sent me and my reply will be long winded, so I called and left a message.

Looking forward to seeing your progress as you learn the finer points of this hobby and your NOX-900.

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We are not all conspiracy minded wish you the best and hope you prevail  on your conquest  best of luck 

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