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  1. The forth one in the first photo looks like my lid opener 🤣. What a great display.
  2. Not mine Simon. Mine is two GP 3000 ( 3000 +3000 = 6000 ) analog that are still working. The photo was posted on Facebook.
  3. The king is dead............ Don't put it under the 4WD to keep it dry when raining...........
  4. Aust. coins were made of sterling silver except pennies and ½ pennies (copper)and were based on silver value/weight till 1946 and when silver went up they keep the same size but made them out of 50% silver. On Feb 1966 they changed over to copper/nickel and still keep the same size. They also released a 50 cent 80% silver piece and were taken out of circulation in no time because the silver price went up soon after release. Diameter: 31.51 mm At decimal change over the copper coins were reduced in size to a fraction of the weight/size. The original, round, 50-cent coin was made of 80% silver and 20% copper; but as the value of a free-floating silver price became higher, the coin's bullion value became more valuable than its face value; so that version was withdrawn from circulation and replaced with the dodecagonal cupro-nickel version. Diameter 31.65 (across flats[1]) mm It is by diameter the largest Australian coin currently issued and second largest after the Crown of 1937–38. It is also the heaviest Australian coin in common circulation. Many commemorative designs have been issued, the large size allowing for detailed content
  5. Found 1998 at about $300 US an ounce now 23+ years later about $1900 US an ounce. That is about 6+ times increase in pure gold value. Asking price of $4000 an ounce raw gold 90% purity. But it is the second largest gold nugget ever found in the Western Hemisphere, and the largest ever in Alaska. For that money I would buy an Australian nugget of much greater weight. 🤑
  6. I like the skull ring. When I was a kid I was after a gold phantom ring like all the boys at the time.
  7. I could weigh my dog on them, not my gold YET.😆
  8. Been there done that mate, but it was a 3.2 kilogram specimen. Luckily if memory good I got 16+ ounces when crushed and panned.
  9. In the latest Miners Den News letter. It might not be suitable for most countries ( partially NZ Simon 😅) as it only goes down to 0.1 grams it could be used with the 6000 if you get a heap of little bits 😁. My only fault is it's upper limit is just over 96 troy ounces which in Australia means it can't not weigh any found above 100 ounces. 😭
  10. The third photo really shows it features. WOW.
  11. Great find. Any date older than your own is a good win. As you get older the date of a good find gets harder.😭
  12. Please please Steve don't shut them down I am trying to legitimize them with my new technology break thru. related to electron magnetic field that occurs 79 times a second when they align in a particular pattern. I know my price is high so the offer is not for sale but hire/rent of $7000 a week but it will need less time than ML GPX6000 to find both small and larger particles of gold. I have a built in chip that will only allow rental time before it shutdown requiring renewable rent to reset it. You may get an idea how it works by looking at the difference in the two diagrams of the electron below caught at different positions. Together, intelligent coding assistance and ergonomic design. The new G_J Model of Gold and Junk detector. Please do not rent or hire, with out checking it's write up on Detector Prospector about it's tuning and effectiveness by S.H. .......... 🤑
  13. Well that means you got a silver penny ..................😂
  14. I noticed a ...3...or...8... or...B... above the first one in 1911 on the edge of the neck. I have not seen that before !!
  15. I was a Garrett's Man but the wife who is always right disagreed and said Whites is better. Now Garrett's has taken over, ha ha ha Carol.
  16. It is nearly a year ago, but what a great specimen and find.
  17. Look what I found in the garage. My old boss died of cancer as are result of Asbestos exposes in power stations and left me his Eagle years ago. What a break through this was. He was able to pull out some great targets in our coin patches that was full of junk. However the gold fields that we dug every signal he had no success. This was the first detector that could beat most operator with technological. Worth a look (...Link....) Lets hope Garrets use the tech. and improve it. ).
  18. Will this do Rob. 217.78-gram piece of gold (7 plus ounces), roughly the size of a golf ball. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2600204/The-1-5m-golden-nugget-Worlds-largest-single-crystal-gold-discovered.html
  19. What a great photo. You are welcome to dig in my lawn, but between my wife and my self it would be a waste of time. 😄
  20. The last 2 years have been very disappointed. I got to Singapore for a cruise to celebrate your GOLDEN anniversary. It was canceled due to Covid back in 14 Feb 2020. This year they cancelled our Nov 2021 cruise to NZ where we were going to remove all of Simon itchy bitchy teeny weeny nuggets and they canceled that trip due to Covid, which means SIMON has another 12 months to get what remains. I was looking at upgrading my old ML 3000's (analogue detectors to maybe a 6000 or 7000 to go over my old patches ( https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/11689-nugget-spread) that have no shot gun pellets and the new light weight coils that may somehow overcome my age deterioration due to the lack of freedom in this covid crisis. Well that is the way the cookie crumbles. 😭
  21. I prefer the minimum box, but an upgrade package ( battery, eyephones, wifi/Blue tooth and coils )at discount price has it place for some people.
  22. Their are people with driving licences and those with racing licences. Those with a general licence in the majority can not utilize the ability of the race car. I'm with you Norvic 100%.
  23. As most nuggets (If you can call today's specks nuggets) are smaller than coins, my experience would lead me to an elliptical coil in the 10 by 5 to 8 by 14 inch for general gold hunting. Lets hope the other manufactures bring something in this range.😂
  24. Jim said ...........Some of these new-fangled automobile electronics were NOT designed for outdoorsmen...LOL In 2003 I went to WA and was way out in the desert when I got my first flat in my new Toyota Prado Grande. When I unlock the tyre cover one of the studs had a chrome cylinder lock. Panic I was 40 odd Km from help and the salesman had not given me additional key for it. Carol said try the ignition key which was still in the ignition. It worked. 😂
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