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  1. I am curious if F-Pulse reacts to hot rocks or not. Anyone tested that?
  2. Can I Be Critical Of The Equinox Here?

    That says a lot. I was about to push the button on a CTX 3030 purchase when I shifted gears and chose the 800 instead. I've had my vendor hold my 15% military discount as a down payment on a 6" coil. Yet another wait, but the ground is ice just few inches down where it isn't covered in snow, so I can be patient. I hope!
  3. Equinox Acting Crazy

    Spaceweather.com is an excellent site for what's happening in our solar system. Emailed alerts too. I track this because my Mavic Pro drone might be affected by a CME, so I don't take chances knowing what could come about. I've had high overhead aircraft affect other detectors so believe that solar flares could be an influence as well. Like the scouts urge, Be Prepaired!
  4. My Folded Equinox Modification

    If I bent the aluminum upper shaft, I'd very likely use carbon fiber as a replacement just for the strength/resilience of it. I'm guessing it's tougher than aluminum. Sexier looking too!
  5. Free Target ID Cards

    When you run out of cards, can you share a PDF version? Very kind of you to take this on. Appreciated.
  6. Regarding The 6" Coil

    I've had my vendor hold my 15% military discount as a down payment for the 6" coil. I hope it isn't a long wait!
  7. Yet Another Snow Storm

    Sorry for your snow Mark. My area was blessed this time. By some gift, a major storm didn't occur in the Twin Cities last night. Observing the radar video was very interesting. It appeared there was resistance from the metro area that held it at bay until it dissipated. Really weird, almost as if it were some psychic force keeping it back. It was too far off to be the 'thermal island' effect often mentioned. However it happened, I'm grateful I'm not out shoveling 5-9 inches of the heavy wet snow we get in the spring. I did some detecting yesterday in a cleared bulldozed (was oak-forested) lot and found some clear targets, but 2-4" down it was ice. They'll have to wait a while. It was strange not having a constant tone in my ears, but I did notice I was aware of noises nearby through the headphones. Wish I could have dug what the Eq8 was telling me about though so I'd learn its language.
  8. My Folded Equinox Modification

    Rockwestcomposites dot com has them too. Also carbon fiber shafts. HTH
  9. What materials did you use? Where does one find carbon fiber shafts?
  10. How Well Do You Know Your Gold Detector?

    Approaching retirement and the end of paychecks, I'm 'gearing up' for what I hope will be my retirement plan, boondocking in gold country. Until I'm living the concept, I won't be getting a GPZ, and it may be a GPZ7500 when I do. Short of that, I have an Eq8 I have everything to learn about and intend to get smaller and larger coils for it, and a couple gold machines purchased from members here that have moved up. A GB2 and a TDI SL. Those 3 have cost me a couple grand and should stand me well for starters. If it all "pans out" (I have pans too) and I get to live my dream, then I'll look to the major cost of a GPZ, for what it too can bring to the table. Who knows, maybe there's an EQZ in the future?
  11. Equinox, Micro Nuggets

    I'm naive, but I want it all! both 15" and 6" when they come out, and any gold I can get the coils over. Eq8's a very capable detector, and the additional coils will give it greater versatility. It really is a game changer. Now to get out there before everyone has one!
  12. Eq Carry Bag?

    Thank you for the info Judy. Appreciated
  13. Eq Carry Bag?

    Ok, now I need to know about those bikes! Looks like foldable electric, but I can't see a label to know who makes it. Please share! Thanks!
  14. Whats Wrong With This Gold Photo?

    I'm not in it! Some day, Gerry...
  15. Sleeping Gear Advice Request

    Some years have passed since I bought my last tent and sleeping pad, and they haven't been used but once now. When setting it all up, my friend told me everyone's going with hammocks these days. So I did some online research and found a hammock forums (dot net) site that was as good for hammocks as this one is for prospecting and metal detecting (my opinion). After reading many many hours, I bought a nearly new hammock and slept in that. Oh my, very comfortable but was smallish, darkish, and strange at first. Many experiments later using large tablecloth blanks and home made suspensions, with eye hooks across the living room for tests (no wife to complain, she passed on before me), I came up with a size and width that was really great. I came up with ideas for zippers and such and found a cottage vendor that had a similar product to what I'd make myself if my sewing skills could handle it. I've been sleeping in it most every night since. I have never slept better nor more comfortably than a good hammock. Not even the select comfort bed comes close. So, I can recommend you do some due diligence and look into hammock sleeping. Folks with bad backs have reported losing their back problems even. There are bug nets to keep the skeeters out, and tarps for rain, overcovers for retaining warmth in the cold, and down quilts, top and bottom for even sub zero temps (google frozen butt hang in Minnesota for some real gonzo enthusiasts). I can go back to ground if I absolutely have to, but will make all efforts to avoid it. Just my two cents.