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  1. Selling my close-to-anew Fisher F75. New last September, used a week in Cobalt Ontario (got some nice silver!) and maybe 5-6 times in parks in Minnesota. Need funds for other things and the ground is frozen here for months now anyway. Selling with stock 11" coil AND a NEL Sharpshooter that has seen about an hour of use. It's very nice in trashy soil for target separation and seemed to reach just as deep as the 11" but did not test it, just the impression from how deep I was digging the silver. Asking $525 shipped to Conus. That's a $599 detector and $129 coil, both in excellent condition! I'll perhaps regret it, and might get another when the Crocus pokes up through the snow! It's really fun to use, and easy for me to hear with my tinnitus and high frequency loss, you can lower the tones! PM me here if interested
  2. Metal Detecting Pants

    I bought these because I liked the thigh pockets better than the others I could see. The right side one holds both my Lesche style digger AND the probe. The finds pockets tuck into the regular pockets if you want them out of the way. I know I'll never wear these out so hope my weight stays where it is! https://www.amazon.com/Helly-Hansen-Workwear-Chelsea-Construction/dp/B01IQYZKRY/ref=sr_1_sc_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1513360954&sr=8-2-spell&keywords=helli+work+pants+knee+pockets
  3. New Detectors And Early Adopters

    Curious about Minelab allocation on first shipments of Eq800s. Do they favor the larger sellers heavily or do they ship some to all dealers? My local guy is about to migrate south for the winter (wise!) so won't be around to buy from if they are released before he comes back. I'd like to hedge my bet and pre-order from somewhere (suggestions gratefully accepted) in hopes of receiving one of the first batch. My hope is to pack it up and fly to Florida, where I have a couple friends I'm told I can impose upon for a long weekend, before the snow melts (if we get any)! Thanks for any advise/opinions. Steve J
  4. New Detectors And Early Adopters

    I try to avoid "first model year" autos and tires, and have been comfortable with that. I mean, who wants a failure at 70mph? On tech that I do not depend on for continued living, I'm there! I won't camp out to be first in line, but I'll buy the first Eq800 I can get my hands on. I'm very pleased with my new Fisher F75, but the new tech has captured my interest, and its being waterproof is a clincher. I suppose I could wait on the Eq800, but I hope to learn the menus etc before I take it out. What I'm waiting to hear about is the new pinpointers from Fisher and Minelab. I like my 'carrot' enough I'll wait to see which one responds best to small low conductors, but I'm mostly in the Minelab Pro-Find 35 camp already. Besides, the ground is frozen here, won't have use of it until next season...
  5. Nura Headphones For Us Deafies

    Sounds like a great idea - I've wondered when someone would do this, and how it would be accomplished. Now if there were competition and the price were less than half, I'd spring for it just to see how well they work. As it is, I'm $aving for an Eq800... Spinifex, if you have a Costco in your area, head on over and get tested again and try on a pair of demo units that have programmable profiles. My Rextons have 4 settings (one is for electromagnetic induction - is that weird to hear EM fields!) and I've had them tailored a bit different from norm. If their audiologist is a good person, they'll work with you on tailoring to your needs, bring the video so they can tell what frequencies you need to focus on for one setting, You might be pleasantly surprised. So far for me, headphones without aids work best, but in busy areas I'm not comfortable not hearing what's happening. For those times I've picked up some Motorola Buds - they work with the hearing aids in that their silicon cups don't occlude the sound pipes in the ear so I hear ambient from the aids and what the buds are playing, whether music or a bluetooth transmitter plugged into my detector (Avantree aptX for lowest latency works ok for me and the buds are aptX as well). While I can't wear them for more than an hour without drying out the ears, it works well for me to hear what's around me as well.
  6. Ok, I'm a newb, and maybe a bit impressionable, but this really caught my attention. It's a long video by Doc of Gold Hog, but if you jump to about 20:00 you'll just see it in action to see for yourself. It's essentially a small short sluice that is hand operated. He processes a bucket in less time that it took me to do one pan (first day of panning). I figure this is a good way to run some material quickly, without the sluice. I'm just beginning and hope this isn't a hoax, but it sure looks to make a lot of sense. Maybe someday I'll have a dredge or high banker, but this sure beats the pan for concentrating and suits my budget. Hope you enjoy the vid as much as I did!
  7. Vaq Black

    I'm curious if the Black and Standard are the same circuitry and only differ in the color and coil they come with. I looked to see if the black coil was sold separately on Tesoro.com but they don't list any separate coils, so I couldn't get an answer to that. I was thinking of selling my (gray) Vaquero once I got the F75, but it may just live in my trunk as a quick grab machine. It certainly is nice and light!
  8. I need a DD214 detector! I know it's filed somewhere, but since moving I can't find it. Glad I have a bit of time yet! I have a question regarding coil options for the E800. Is it reasonable to believe that 'tuned' coils for a single freq might be issued by ML or 3rd party? More specifically, a 40KHz coil for gold. Or is the IQ tech better for small gold than single freq detecting?
  9. Is there any chance the Eq800 will rival the GM100 for finding gold?
  10. Cold Weather Detecting

    The "Heat Factory" ones I get from Costco don't run so hot, and last 5-6 hours. They're disposable. Package says to use them outside of the sock, so maybe that should be tried first. I've used them stuck to my feet under socks and the only discomfort was the big lump in my boot! A box of 30 pair is about $15 or there abouts. It snowed again (Minnesnowta) today but didn't stick much anywhere. Might see 40 this weekend but it'll be rainy they say. Hope to get out to detect some.
  11. Cold Weather Detecting

    In theory, if you used a hand warmer on your wrist, near where your pulse can be felt, this should warm the blood going to your fingers giving them some advantage. My sister made me a pair of wrist warmers, from old sweater sleeves cut off, and the cuff had a stitch such that the thumb went through the small hole and the palm the rest. This would hold a hand warmer in position pretty well if snug enough to do so. I work outdoors and these wrist warmers cover the gap between jacket sleeve and glove that often gets cold air if not snow in there (one never slips or trips in rugged terrain when there's snow on the ground, right?). So before you toss out your old sweater or sweatshirt, or your kids if they've outgrown them (actually may be better as they'll hold closer), consider making wrist warmers to hold the hand warmer against your pulse point. Just a thought... Now if you've got a plan for softening the soil so targets can be dug in winter, I'm all ears!
  12. Northeast's GPZ Gold Album

    Which detector's 14" coil found these? Zed or Monster?
  13. Looking For Jewelry With The Super Pulse

    I recently purchased a used TDI SL (here) that came with a White's Super Pulse 350 with similar dimensions. Is this the coil you're writing about? I've looked online for specs/details and haven't found much to tell me what it is. I gather it's a mono coil from the conversation, if it's the same one. How does it stack up against a Miner John folded mono of smaller size? I'm trying to learn as much as I can but it takes time to find relevant info online and each forum seems to have differences that get confusing jumping from one to another. I am so very grateful for the wonderful forums like this one that has so much good information from so many good contributors. Thanks!
  14. We have our differences but our interests bear us through. He's the one bringing me into the hobby, truth be told. Actually, I'm the one that brought a camp chair along to sit and watch him dig the deep holes for targets he found with his 4500. Part of my joy is just soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds the tailings piles. I brought a drone to video the landscape, as well as to scan the areas for signs of digging and pile movement, and 'hidden' piles off in the trees. While I've enjoyed going for copper and silver, I'd like to have potential ROI so have interest in gold and platinum. Why not get 100x more for your finds? Now that he's invested in his GPX4500, he's more attuned to the potential returns. It doesn't hurt that Gerry, who sold him his 4500, detects in Oregon and has talked it up with him. I'm up for the whole Rocky mountain range, and anticipate spending much of my retirement out there. Oh, and I did purchase a TDI SL and am closing on a Gold Bug 2 in a couple days! 4x4 and camper to pull behind it next year. Gonna get the goods while the paychecks are coming in so I can enjoy retirement in a couple years.