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  1. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Matt - I don't want to offend you, but: That's just not true. I repeat myself.. There are bottlecaps with solid IDs which are not easy distinguishable - not all of them, but more then enough, trust me. I don't know where you're from, maybe they are made slightly different all over the globe. However, for various reasons which I've already explained, I'll just dig them if I'm not sure ... simple
  2. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    I am thinking the same every time I am on the beach. Some of the stuff get's lost accidentally, just like the money and other good stuff we find. On the other hand, some people leave their trash intentionally, thinking someones gonna remove it for them.. They are not all that bad - there are some certain spots, which are extreme - especially those, where the younger generation tends to party.. at least they are much cleaner now 😉 In fact I often think, what a privilege it is to be able to reach such nice locations within a 10-30min drive. Yesterday I didn't find much, but a musket ball in the wet sand: A fellow detectorist found a 8k goldring 10m in front of me - what a bummer 🙄 But who knows if I would have found it, so no need to be jealous.
  3. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Thank you! I think I've never done terribly bad, but after 100+ hours I don't consider me noob on this machine anymore For me it shines on old stuff, iron infested sites and silent beaches. It isn't very usable on modern-trash infested beaches imho. Been on one of my other beaches yesterday: Fresh modern coins only - it really depends on your sites.. I think the old stuff is out now.. that construction site has been an great alternation for me.
  4. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Dude, what a sick hunt today! Visited the construction site on the beach again and found some old stuff: I "think" the earring and that superchunky bracelett are silver. I'll check that. Found my first silver coin, which is pretty rare here in germany, especially on the beach: And old coin from belgium: A gold-plated german WW2 navi button: And the oldest coin I've found so far from 1886! : It's just crazy what those construction sites bring up! Gotta love 'em 😍
  5. Works great so far - it found what the equinox found Only had a problem once or twice with very small bits of aluminium foil. Anyone else thinks the holster is too stiff?
  6. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Been out only twice the last week including yesterday and made ~ 12€ Some fresh coins, but I'm still digging plenty of old coins on the same beaches again and again.. crazy! Also found another cartridge - I think it's the third within 5 weeks on VERY well hammered small beaches. There were 2 other detectorists yesterday and that beach is only approx. 250mx30m. No wonder why I don't find heaps of money 😁
  7. Sinclair

    Equinox Beach Finds 10-05-18

    Don't think so, I'm with chase there. The machine has some issues and I hope there will be an software update soon, because the userprofile messes up the settings big time. Just to be clear: I am hunting park1 single frequency stored as userprofile and beach1 multi frequency, didn't obuse beach1 at 5kHz, yet. That anomaly seems to happen, when the user profile is loaded and I am fiddling around with tonebreaks etc. and switch back to beach1 (didn't turn the machine off). It would keep beach1 at 5kHz even if I cycle through the profiles. If I hit the frequency button, it makes that typical "odd" sound, flips back to multi frequency and stays there.
  8. Sinclair

    Equinox Beach Finds 10-05-18

    Ooops .. I did it again:
  9. Sinclair

    Equinox Beach Finds 10-05-18

    If I am coinshooting only, I prefer 5 and 10kHz, because that solves my problems with 2€ coins ringing at the same ID as pulltabs and bottletops get such high IDs, you can distinguish them more easily. You do loose some depth, especially on small items - they may disappear completely. Believe it or not - I got the nox running beach1 and single frequency 5kHz once I guess it was just another software glitch.. been switching around between userprofile park1 5kHz based and beach1 a lot.. and wondered, why all of the sudden the 2€ coin was ringing at 21 in beach1 Imho there are also some other glitches going on with f.e. the tonebreak settings and userprofile switching other than the ones being known.
  10. Sinclair

    Equinox Beach Finds 10-05-18

    22 pounds - not to bad at all. I wish I would find that much in euro coins per Hunt 😅 I had 8,40€ yesterday, pretty good for my hunted out beach. The coins I’ve found in the wet were pretty useless.. gone too far. I have one spot with high EMI, too. Switching to single frequency for that part of the beach did the trick for me.
  11. Sinclair

    My 800 Is Here!

    True words spoken 😊 I have three - two of them being twins.
  12. I've been out with some test settings yesterday and made a short video: "If you want to coin-shoot fresh stuff only on the beach with the nox, your're eventually better off switching to single-frequency. This are example settings only! You can discrim 0-18 and 25-40 if you want to. Remember: Either way you can loose a lot of other valueable targets! I've been on the dry sand with this settings yesterday and they worked out pretty well. The machine ran very quiet, because it doesn't pick up all the small stuff in 5 kHz. You can clearly distinguish Pulltabs and Bottletops from the 2€ coins."
  13. Sinclair

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    I think I've read a lot of threads and seen many videos Some of the bottletops have super solid IDs 360°, tip of the coil, pulling, frequency.. no matter. There were a hand full of situations with two targets in the hole - the nox is good in highlighting the better signal. I have 3 small beaches I hunt regularly, so before playing detective on the same bottletops over and over again, I figured I'll better dig them. Hunting the dry sand over here is probably a whole different story than on some hunting videos I saw complaining about bottletops... just saying