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  1. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    How many times have you heard the, "it must have your name on it? Well this snafu certainly did. About 6 or 700 down (about 25 inches for you guys over there). One pass with the 7000 and my exact words out loud were, "that's deep and that's big" (Paul - of course that's the internet friendly unaustralian version). Hopefully I'll find the rest of the family after summer, there's got to be some hiding close. Cheers BB Steve: Need a change in this topic's tag from gps and mapping to gold found ......... boom
  2. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    Thanks Beatup and JW That's not really the sentiment I am getting from my mates. They seem to think it was somehow related to luck .... they are obviously idiots. Cheers BB
  3. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    Paul and Norvic. Obviously this is the last remaining patch in WA .... nothing worth dying for over here .... Norvic - it was only about 400m out which was really odd. I have had maps that are 30km out before but this one was close. I recalibrated when I got home and 1 coord I forgot to select south instead of north. What are the chances ......
  4. Mrs Bada Bing is sick of hearing about this and doesn't fully appreciate the skill involved. I thought I would throw it out here for the connoisseurs who can appreciate the skill level required for such a feat. I use oziexplorer to map areas on my tablet so I have a moving map of the area I am detecting. I create the maps and calibrate them and 99% of the time they are spot on. Anyway, I head out to a historical lease. Map says I am right on top of it. Jump out and find a tiny bit in 15 mins. Then a half hour later I find a really really old dry blowing spot on a creek line, it was so old and weathered you could hardly make it out. Found 2 bits of rubbish which confirmed it was an old dryblowing then pinged 8 bits for about 5g in 10 minutes. It was the first really hot weather here and an approaching thunderstorm stopped me from detecting further so I jumped in the car and headed off to meet the other blokes who were coming out for the weekend. I arrive at the designated meeting point and checked my map. It was like 500m north/east of where I actually was - I thought that's strange. Then the penny dropped - I wasn't anywhere near the historical lease, I was on some random spot only the old timers had been ......... no tracks, no dig holes. I will be heading back to plunder and pillage with the 23 and 7, hopefully there is some bigger stuff deeper in the creek. Pure skill? I think so. Cheers BB
  5. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Cluster B's everywhere we look hey Paul .... Makes it interesting and a bit dangerous ... Yes Norvic seems like a research paper in his own right. QLDers - have their own subsection in the DSM V ... Keep your head down - stay safe Paul Cheers BB
  6. Nurse Paul In Oz

    OK enough of this nonsense .... I deal with delusional people all day so coming home to this is not on. 1. Paul stay in the US they need you there. 2. Dave stay in QLD where all the gold is. 3. Trent - mate you snuck in but I have my people in Meeka watching you ..... one false step... If I see a so much as a hint of XXXX you'll be gone (Steve is watching you and driving up to your dryblower... scared now?) 4. Norvic - I'll go easy on you because you are old but stop stirring the pot. 5. I went out last week and got nothing - proof there is no gold in WA. End rant Cheers BB
  7. Nurse Paul In Oz

    watching ....... waiting ....... planning ..... carry on.
  8. The Sound Of Gold

    As there is no more gold here in WA I'm stuck at home this weekend. Contrary to popular belief sandgropers do have some sophistication ...... Hoegaarden, 47 bucks. Get into it..... The best part of the weekend will be watching the dockers get flogged - small mercies Cheers BB
  9. Unexpected Way To Pay For The 19" Coil

    Update: As the weather here last weekend was pretty average I did a specie smash (as a few others over here in WA did). I smashed a bunch of species but kept this one by itself just to see what it actually had in it. The estimate was 20.9 grams from the calculator. Tragically for my poor mates it panned out to be 28 grams. It is probably more as there was floating gold everywhere in the pan. I've kept everything from the pans to fire off in a single fire just to be 100% sure. Winning Cheers BB
  10. The Sound Of Gold

    Are you on the Sherbets there mungass ......
  11. Creating A Niche: DD In Oz

    Got a GPS lock on him as we speak. We'll wait until he's near Sandstone ......
  12. Nurse Paul In Oz

    We have decided to have a yearly cull of eastern staters (this includes all international tourists). Just a one day cull on a random day to be designated by the state government. So you could run the gauntlet, come here and have a fun time. Many though will just be unlucky and be out there on the culling day....... How do we recognise them you ask? Easy, any caravan with QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and NT plates are fair game. Oh and any idiot chaining an entire football field will be dealt with harshly. Come to WA, prospect, enjoy - but live in fear. I like the idea. Cheers BB
  13. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Good to hear you are safe in Oz Paul. You are definately on the right side of the island. Remember - there is nothing to see over here in WA ..... FNQ is the place every gold tourist should go to .... there is no gold left over here ... Cheers BB
  14. Unexpected Way To Pay For The 19" Coil

    I'll follow up with t-shirts ..... what are mates for. General / difficult - never used high yield. I try to stay in normal as much as possible but that is really ground dependant. Cheers
  15. Unexpected Way To Pay For The 19" Coil

    I got 5g of little stuff as well ... beat them twice .... oh the humanity ..... I thoroughly enjoy my wins as they do not come often with the blokes I detect with. They would have 50+ years combined experience. I'm a noobie compared to that. Of interest - the 4500 had a 17" evo coil on it. That coil has really impressed me and is a great coil on big and small gold. This just illustrates the difference between the 7000 and other detectors on finely disseminated gold. Cheers BB