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  1. Got a GPS lock on him as we speak. We'll wait until he's near Sandstone ......
  2. We have decided to have a yearly cull of eastern staters (this includes all international tourists). Just a one day cull on a random day to be designated by the state government. So you could run the gauntlet, come here and have a fun time. Many though will just be unlucky and be out there on the culling day....... How do we recognise them you ask? Easy, any caravan with QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and NT plates are fair game. Oh and any idiot chaining an entire football field will be dealt with harshly. Come to WA, prospect, enjoy - but live in fear. I like the idea. Cheers BB
  3. Good to hear you are safe in Oz Paul. You are definately on the right side of the island. Remember - there is nothing to see over here in WA ..... FNQ is the place every gold tourist should go to .... there is no gold left over here ... Cheers BB
  4. I'll follow up with t-shirts ..... what are mates for. General / difficult - never used high yield. I try to stay in normal as much as possible but that is really ground dependant. Cheers
  5. I got 5g of little stuff as well ... beat them twice .... oh the humanity ..... I thoroughly enjoy my wins as they do not come often with the blokes I detect with. They would have 50+ years combined experience. I'm a noobie compared to that. Of interest - the 4500 had a 17" evo coil on it. That coil has really impressed me and is a great coil on big and small gold. This just illustrates the difference between the 7000 and other detectors on finely disseminated gold. Cheers BB
  6. So you have the best detector with the arguably deepest punching coil there is. I've been throwing it around since it came out. In the beginning I had it on for as long as possible but it was late in the season over here and the summer heat halted the crusade. I had not had a single signal .. nada, niete, halemaal niets (well one then - a f&*@ing tree root... on my first day out - see my initial run with gpz 19 thread). The season started a few months ago and I've become a bit more strategic with it. I was only chucking it on when I knew or thought we were in deep ground. So I'm out with the boys and on a spot that has had a lot of gold come off it (a lot means a lot). The ‘girls’ decided they would sleep in as we detected until 1am the night before. "You snooze you lose" comes to mind so I'm up at 6am and into it with the 19". The area had a fair few hot rocks (even with the 19") and then I came across a confusing signal. Definitely not a screamer but got me mildly excited. Scraped away with the boot and the signal was gone. Bugger another bloody hot rock. The sound just made me hesitate and I thought just check it out. There was a small hot rock and I still thought there was something going on - it just felt wrong. I grabbed a few more rocks and found one with a signal. It was covered in shit and I was expecting to see the classic black of an ironstone hot rock. Rubbed it and it was a dark brown and I thought, "I'm in here". Cleaned it up on the spot as best I could and was scanning like a madman to see any speck of colour. After about 30 seconds of scanning there it was - the tiniest speck on the outside. Relief ....... I hammered the area for another half hour then went back to camp. Strategically making just enough noise to get the girls stirring, they arose. "Get any? The call comes from sleeping quarters. "Well yes I did", and threw it to him. The grim look on his face said it all - "he's beaten us". The specie's from this spot had generally been running at 1/3 of the weight of the specie. This one was 68g so the prediction was a 20g specie. The plot thickens........... At the end of the day the boys were a bit demoralised as they had nothing to show, and of course I reminded them of this fact. Out of interest I threw the specie down for my mate to check with his 4500. Barely a murmur, you would walk over it with the 4500. Initially, the look was one of OMG, I can't hear this specie and I could have walked over 30 of these today and would never have known ...... Then it turned too - "mate there's a gram in there at most". They kicked back laughing and joking for the rest of the night happy in the knowledge my potential win was actually a huge loss. I got home and went through the specie procedure to estimate the weight (great calculator at Whoops, it's 20.9g of gold ......... I gave it a whack. There is gold all through it ...... I just about cried laughing and fired off a few pics for the lads to digest. The worlds biggest and best detector with the largest coil with massive depth gets a bloody floating specie ..... the irony is, well, ironic. Cheers BB
  7. 1. Salt 2. Third party mapping option (ozi-explorer) 3. All of the above posts
  8. They are famous for their drinking skills - the ones I know anyway ......... If I ever want to shut them up I just start talking about the fairer sex ......... the blank look is priceless. Cheers BB
  9. Around this time of year we have an investation of these types of vermin. They are also seen on quad bikes with bad hairstyles ...... most of them follow something called NRL ??? Nobody over here knows what that is but it can't be good. Cheers BB
  10. Not entirely true Steve. I had issues with the 2300 "going off" like a pork chop (bought machine new 6 months ago). Like going over a coke can with no rubbish in site. Sent it to minelab - bench tested fine so got it back. Took it out - worked fine for 15 minutes then started to play up again. I could hear something small rattling around in the unit. I got a new machine last week. Whole process took about 3 weeks - cannot complain about that ..... great service. Cheers BB
  11. I've done a quick risk analysis. Drink 10 cans of super and : 1. Drive down bush tracks like an idiot - chances of survival = good (possible panel damage taken into account) 2. Fly around in the air - chances of survival = poor I'm driving. Cheers BB
  12. Never underestimate the value of a gate bitch, fence dropper and path clearer. One of my mates has moved up north and now we have to get out of the car and do this ourselves ..... tragedy BB
  13. Never Mitchel...... I know where I'm going and have uptodate mapping of the area (tengraph, oziexplorer, the happy propsector app) and someone always knows my approx area and my ETR. I detect alone but mostly with two mates. We have two vehicles and are both decked out to stay out for a month. It's when you are out of the car and walking for km's from camp that you can come unstuck. Hell you can walk 50m from your car and be lost out there, no landmarks, just thick dense scrub ..... Cheers BB
  14. Tom I'm guessing you detect in the USA. If you are not serious about getting lost over here in OZ - mate you are dead .... no joke. I've got every safety device known to man. The handiest is a simple cigarette lighter. Get lost - find the biggest tree in a clearing and light the sucker up ...... then pray. Cheers BB
  15. Most people who wander around alone in the bush are NRL supporters ..... can't find a mate? Don't worry - this real footy supporter would help you out .... under sufferance of course ... Rain coming - get inside ... Cheers BB