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  1. Opinions Wanted On GPZ 7000

    I'd answer mate but I'm not an average prospector ......... I've had it the 7 from day one. It is not a 4000 or 5000. Don't expect it to behave like it. It's loud and constantly talking to you. It's like being married for a long time. You need to hear the important stuff through the noise and that takes time and practice (and therapy for some).... It is better now on salty ground with the new updates to the software. I still have my 5000 and use it on really salty ground (think really salty ground here in WA) All the blokes swearing by the 5000 have not seen what it can do up close an personal. It's deadly on little stuff and deep stuff. The clencher for me was seeing a mate with his 7000 in laterite ground punch nearly 2.5 foot for a 1.5 grammer. The other mate had his 5000 and heard it half way down the hole. Tears were involved. I can hear a nugget coming from a greater distance (if you know what I mean), the ZVT seems to extrude out from the coil in all directions much further than the classic PI machines therefore I feel I cover more ground (contentious). Tip - start with factory settings. Don't get funky too quick, otherwise you will want to wrap it around a tree. Smash out a fair bit with factory settings. You will dig ground noise in the beginning, we all do, suck it up. Next, get your head around normal mode (basically flat out) and difficult mode. Always try normal mode first, decrease sensitivity all the way to 2 or 1 before you move to difficult mode. Normal is a beast (ground dependent of course). As northeast says above - read JP and Steve The 5000 was the best until the 7000 came along. That's pretty much it from my point of view. Cheers BB
  2. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    Norvic you are a party pooper - cover blown, yes it's a culling device. BB
  3. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    G'day Reg I have been flying the Mavic Pro for over a year. It is just an amazing piece of kit. Not only is it compact and I have it setup to deploy within a minute, its video and real-time footage are spectacular. I think I'm a bit more adventurous that the blokes above - I'll send mine 3 km's away with no VLS. We usually have someone on wedgie watch though, don't mess with the wedgies. What do we use it for? Well, all sorts of things. Finding our way into difficult spots, deploy the drone and find an old track. Up fence lines that look dodgy and overgrown to see if we can make it. We've found shafts and old dryblowings that you would have to stumble over to find. Followed a bloke who was trying to follow us (that was very funny stuff). Getting birds-eye-view of runs and dig-holes as well as documenting our pushes. I have some fantastic cinematic videos of the amazing areas we prospect - some are breathtaking. I would love to share these but the blokes I go out with would rather not. Is it expensive - yes. Hard to learn - not really but like anything it takes time and a bit of practice. My advice is of course not to get one for a few more years ......... Cheers BB
  4. Show Me Your Plates

    It is the mona lisa of stickers. Only thing on my rig. Cheers BB
  5. Where Are The Christmas Nuggets?

    5 Ouncer - recent push on our lease in FNQ ...... Cheers BB
  6. My New Detecting Vehicle

    My imagination is running wild with the possibilities. Hours of fun, shooting and laughing as the they all scurry for cover. This is next level culling and makes me want to get my chopper license. I notice the new rig has an open tray Tuna - you could at least get a few shooters on there with a spotty and light them up. Air and ground assault. I like. BB
  7. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Dave Pics or it never happened ..... am interested in giving this a whirl Cheers BB
  8. My New Detecting Vehicle

    I'd take the chopper but that's just me....
  9. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    I'm with Norvic on this. I don't mind the weight with the 14 inch coil, the 19 inch however, is a mission. As to the GPS, again I'm with Norvic and many other detectorists I know are the same. I have brought it up every time we have a Minelab delegation here. Functionality is the key, for those of us that hit completely new spots the ability to use maps we calibrate would be fantastic. Lastly - Minelab software guys if you are reading, could someone please change the quick start icon on the initial startup screen - put it somewhere else and not as the top left first icon when you start up. In blinding sunlight I have many, many times thought I was on the noise cancel icon (below it) to auto tune but then find I have reset the audio and detector settings back to factory settings ........ There is swearing involved, none of it is complimentary. Cheers BB
  10. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    How many times have you heard the, "it must have your name on it? Well this snafu certainly did. About 6 or 700 down (about 25 inches for you guys over there). One pass with the 7000 and my exact words out loud were, "that's deep and that's big" (Paul - of course that's the internet friendly unaustralian version). Hopefully I'll find the rest of the family after summer, there's got to be some hiding close. Cheers BB Steve: Need a change in this topic's tag from gps and mapping to gold found ......... boom
  11. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    Thanks Beatup and JW That's not really the sentiment I am getting from my mates. They seem to think it was somehow related to luck .... they are obviously idiots. Cheers BB
  12. Map Snafu Leads To Patch

    Paul and Norvic. Obviously this is the last remaining patch in WA .... nothing worth dying for over here .... Norvic - it was only about 400m out which was really odd. I have had maps that are 30km out before but this one was close. I recalibrated when I got home and 1 coord I forgot to select south instead of north. What are the chances ......
  13. Mrs Bada Bing is sick of hearing about this and doesn't fully appreciate the skill involved. I thought I would throw it out here for the connoisseurs who can appreciate the skill level required for such a feat. I use oziexplorer to map areas on my tablet so I have a moving map of the area I am detecting. I create the maps and calibrate them and 99% of the time they are spot on. Anyway, I head out to a historical lease. Map says I am right on top of it. Jump out and find a tiny bit in 15 mins. Then a half hour later I find a really really old dry blowing spot on a creek line, it was so old and weathered you could hardly make it out. Found 2 bits of rubbish which confirmed it was an old dryblowing then pinged 8 bits for about 5g in 10 minutes. It was the first really hot weather here and an approaching thunderstorm stopped me from detecting further so I jumped in the car and headed off to meet the other blokes who were coming out for the weekend. I arrive at the designated meeting point and checked my map. It was like 500m north/east of where I actually was - I thought that's strange. Then the penny dropped - I wasn't anywhere near the historical lease, I was on some random spot only the old timers had been ......... no tracks, no dig holes. I will be heading back to plunder and pillage with the 23 and 7, hopefully there is some bigger stuff deeper in the creek. Pure skill? I think so. Cheers BB
  14. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Cluster B's everywhere we look hey Paul .... Makes it interesting and a bit dangerous ... Yes Norvic seems like a research paper in his own right. QLDers - have their own subsection in the DSM V ... Keep your head down - stay safe Paul Cheers BB
  15. Nurse Paul In Oz

    OK enough of this nonsense .... I deal with delusional people all day so coming home to this is not on. 1. Paul stay in the US they need you there. 2. Dave stay in QLD where all the gold is. 3. Trent - mate you snuck in but I have my people in Meeka watching you ..... one false step... If I see a so much as a hint of XXXX you'll be gone (Steve is watching you and driving up to your dryblower... scared now?) 4. Norvic - I'll go easy on you because you are old but stop stirring the pot. 5. I went out last week and got nothing - proof there is no gold in WA. End rant Cheers BB