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  1. Steve, a curious question for you. Two GM 1000 detectors both using Koss UR30 headphones. Headphones work on both units with no sound from external speaker on either unit. Same two units do the same while using the Minelab provided headphones. No sound from external speaker. Now, when Black Widow headphones are used:. #1 Headphones work #2 Headphones work along with external speaker at the same time. Black Widows set up differently somehow? Same additional jacks were used on all tests. Technology on GM 1000 rejecting use of Black Widow headphones? Any clues? Thanks, Trinityau/RayMills
  2. Hello everyone, long time away from the forums. I have to be up front on the Gold Monster 1000. Everyone pretty well knows that I love my GB Pro, however, I think I have a new favourite. I am still playing with the Monster but very impressed at this point. I have to go along with Lunk in the fact that it is a VLF, and it takes me back in time also, but this futuristic unit has a definite edge into the future. With the Monster and the real Monster,(Zed7000) I think I have the ground here in Redding pretty well covered.
  3. This is the first time I have ever even heard about BLM anywhere near the area. I have never seen any in over thirty years detecting all around that area.
  4. Hello all, here are the dates that I will be at Sawtooth Knob, Nevada. 17 May thru 26 May 2017 Come join George and I and find some gold. About fifteen of us already committed... Shep, get the guys together...And we'll weigh everything in pennyweights just for you. Check out... TRINITYAU.COM Additional updates are also on my Facebook page, Trinityau/RayMills
  5. I have done really well with VLF vs cash, overall my bread and butter take home has always been better with a VLF. I must be truthful in the fact that I have done pretty darn good with the PI vs cash also. Research and feet on the ground is what has always done it for me. If the gold is there it's alot easier...
  6. Hello Steve, the quote below is part of a message that I received on my site. As you know I refer all the high tech stuff to you. While it is interesting to know some of this stuff I still prefer to just use what continually works for me. I thank you for your time. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS "A question regarding future use of my new Nokta Au, and the INTERACTION between two of its discrimination-mode controls (it's Discrimination Filter and its iMask function).I have been detecting/prospecting since 1968, minored in geology in college, and in the last decade and more, have owned Bug 2's and successive MineLab units up through my GPX 5000. I find I always do better if I understand my unit's processor/filter operations. So bottom line ... do you or anybody I could communicate with have an explanation of how the two discrimination processors (the Disc. Filter and the iMask) interact, i.e. compliment or conflict with each other??The manual generally refers to the Disc. Filter as being appropriate for trash and the iMask for hot ground and hot rocks, but it appears we are clearly talking about two overlapping discrimination functions here. Nokta's recommended "default positions" fall short of explaining the interaction the two controls' in keeping with the excellent manner they covered the "All-Metal" control interactions on pages 15 and 16.Just to be clear, I'm less interested in other's field experience and much more interested in a page 15 and 16 type explanation of how my Au is using/combining/filtering my "Disc. Filter and iMask setting choices."
  7. Hello everyone, very quick post about the newest detector to hit the market place.The "AU Goldfinder" detector. I received the detector the other day and was able to get out for a few minutes with it on Saturday. I love the Makro Gold Racer and now I really love this AU Goldfinder. It is all manual, and well balanced. Virtually the same as the Gold Racer except it has knobs and toggles.This in itself takes me back many years. I think this unit is going to be a top seller unless other detector companies provide a vastly superior VLF unit soon. I will be using this unit over the next several weeks and provide more information as I can. I was very impressed with the stability in all modes and even found one small nugget first day out, actually, the first hour out. I was detecting in an area that does not offer any sub-grain pieces but did have one with me and absolutely had no problem hearing it in any of the three modes. As always, I will let Steve take it away with the technical aspects as my free time will be tied up playing with my newest toy.. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS Sorry about the second picture, not to clear. The piece I found was one half pennyweight or .78 grams at about nine inches.
  8. Hello all, there have been some very good comparisons about the three detectors mentioned. My concern is that too many people that are just getting into gold detecting will take bench or air testing too seriously. I have been detecting for gold for over forty years. As far as I am concerned air testing is just that "air testing". I would urge anyone, especially newcomers, to find someone or to join a gold detecting club and get some hands on. Many shops have a unit available for prospective buyers to take out a few hours and play with. When I take someone out for training with a gold detector this is how I advise them. After the initial set-up and knowing that they are somewhat confident in the operation of the unit they are using I put that person on a site where there are still targets, gold and trash. I tell that person to detect and locate targets, however, do not dig the targets. I tell the person to play with the detectors settings, tone, ground balance,sensitivity,modes, etc. Go over the target until you get the best response you can with the changes you have made. Listen to the sounds that you are hearing and if you have a screen, watch it. Once this is done, then dig the target and see what it is. I detect the same area, and hopefully I will hear what I am sure is a piece of gold. When this occurs I have the person go over my target with their unit and have them repeat the same process that they have been doing. Again, I put emphasis on what they are hearing and seeing. While this is time consuming I think it is the best way to begin to learn a unit and to also instill confidence in what you are hearing. I have trained many people over the years and all have become very good hunters. By now, someone is probably wanting to know what this has to do with air testing. Well, over the years that I have been teaching people to detect for gold and watching them go through my technique of training I have been able to show those same people that air testing is not something to rely on. I have had people completely bewildered that the piece of gold they just dug out of the ground should not have been heard, or so they were told... Where an air test shows a particular target at a particular depth sometimes, many times, the target that is still in the ground, undisturbed, will be heard at a greater depth. This is why I train people the way I do. I do not care what anyone says, you cannot replicate the precise mineralization, nor the precise size or shape of any target in an air test. Just not going to happen. And sure as heck an air test is not going to show you what a particular detector will do in the field with undisturbed targets. I hope that some of the guys that I have trained will chime in and verify my findings. As far as the comparisons, these are my thoughts. I think White's should have stayed with the GoldMaster V-Sat series. I still remember finding sub-grain crumbs with my old unit on Red Hill. And I dug many pennyweight plus nuggets in Trinity County with the GoldMaster that were down at comparable depths of our new units today. The Fisher Gold Bug II was my go to unit for years in Nevada. I love my Gold Bug II but when the GB Pro came out a new world opened up for me. I could use my GB Pro in so many places that I could not use the GBII at all. Not just locations, but types of bedrock for example. I could not even turn my GBII on over Serpentine bedrock, my GB Pro picks out sub-grain pieces at ease on the same Serpentine. Other comparisons, too lengthy to discuss here however. Then along came NOKTA/MAKRO, companies that listened to many of us and actually acted upon customer recommendations. The Makro Gold Racer is in my mind a phenomenal gold detecting unit. It has a bit of a learning curve, however, once learned it is a fantastic gold detecting unit. With the Makro Gold Racer I have detected the same tiny sub-grain pieces of gold that I use to detect with the old GoldMaster,Eureka Gold, GB II and the GB Pro. The exception being, I am finding those same size pieces just a tad deeper and in very tough ground and terrain conditions. I am at a toss up with a favorite unit as far as VLF Gold detectors go. I use both the GB Pro and the Makro Gold Racer under varying conditions. I want to mention also that I test units for Fisher Lab's and for Nokta/Makro. I use what works in the areas that I detect in. I will not use anything less. If a new and better VLF Gold Detector were to come out tomorrow, guess what...
  9. Hello all, here are some pictures from one of the earlier outings with the 7000. The first picture shows one of the clay seams that I often talk about. These range in size from large ones like this on down to some that are less than an inch wide. These clay seams generally run with the shale. It seems that the larger nuggets have come from areas where the seams are very thin. I'm not sure what the silver pin is...several ideas. Look close and you will see the buttons of a large rattlesnake hiding in the rocks. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS TRINITYAU.COM
  10. Hello everyone, here are some pictures from a Saturday afternoon a few weeks back. Got finished updating the website "TRINITYAU.COM" and headed out for a short four hour hunt with the 7000. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS More pictures at TRINITYAU.COM
  11. Hello guys, thanks for the comments. Chuck the RidgeBack is a pup, and generally we do ok when she out and about with us. The dime is an 1847. AUddicted, thanks. I don't mind helping people at all. I have not done this for a while, but I extend an open invitation to any of the forum members that may be travelling through my area to contact me ahead of time and maybe set up a day hunt. My days off are usually Saturday and Sunday Contact me at TRINITYAU.COM
  12. Hello all, I got out the other day with some friends. Here are some pictures, thanks. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  13. Thanks to everyone who participated, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
  14. WINNERS FOR THIS CONTEST MIKE SLAVENSKY PETE HARRIS TAD ROBINETTE HARRY LIPKE MATT NELSON Mike's guess on the weight of the gold was the closest, Mike wins the gold and an autographed copy of my book.Pete, Tad, Harry and Matt were the other four finalist's, they will all receive an autographed copy of my book. Winners please send me your complete mailing address so I can send the books and gold out. Send your information to trinityau@hotmail.com THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED Hello everyone, I have been very busy with so many projects lately and I have not been visiting or posting on the forums much. I am finally finishing up on lots of stuff and look forward to posting again and getting back into the mainstream of gold detecting again. My hunting partner George has gone through a bout with throat cancer and just received a clean bill of health the other day, after a few months of radiation and chemo. I hope to be hunting together with him very soon. I have had many people wanting to know if I was going to plan an outing again this year in Northern Nevada. I have done this in the past with an open invitation to all. I am looking at possibly doing an outing sometime in June this year. Again, it will be an open invitation to all. Because I have been off the forums for a while I am hosting a free giveaway. The details are below and also can be found on TRINITYAU.COM WIN YOUR FREE COPY OF Detecting for Gold, Adventures, Trips and Tips DETAILS Guess the weight of each of the five individual pieces of gold, then guess the weight of all five pieces of gold together. Your guess should be made in grains. Click on each picture to open that particular picture in a larger view. This contest will run until midnight 21 February 2016. The first five persons that get the correct weight or closest in both categories will win a free autographed copy of my book, this is to include free shipping anywhere in the United States. This contest is valid only in the United States. The very first person to get the correct or closest weight in both categories will win a copy of the book and get the gold. The weight has been determined by the scales in the pictures, which were calibrated to a zero balance just prior to weighing the five pieces of gold. All entries must be made on TRINITYAU.COM through the Comments page. Enter your guess on the Forum Entry. GOOD LUCK TO ALL This gold was found with the New Makro Gold Racer TRINITYAU.COM
  15. Hello Jonathan, I just put your link on TRINITYAU.COM, interesting. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
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