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  1. Gold now at it lowest US dollar price in 2 years, despite what the so called " EXPERTS " predicted ! https://california-gold-rush-miner.us/gold-price-3/?fbclid=IwAR3s2SNqcEKgCwW7TnEfCrL6kD7aqd_6TXLKdaTitbH3ceLfte8j1z1bBao
  2. 39.2 ounces raw, 31.2ounces after acid bath @ 96% pure. Found with GPZ14 in July 2015.
  3. So much for the so called experts saying the gold price is going to rise! 🤣 Since they announced this, the price has just fallen like a stone to be now under $1700 USD for the first time in over a year! 🙄 Well done "experts", you have mozzed us all! Rick
  4. Pull the skid plate off and check to see if the previous owner has put a bit of sticky back foam sheet in there to help stop the " drumming " hollow noise. The other possibility is that the skid plate is slightly mal formed. Wouldn't hurt to do this anyway just to clear any dirt out of the skid plate. Rick
  5. It scored 4.6 / 10 on the IMDb score. That tells you just how ordinary the show is! Rick
  6. That's great Jen. Good on Rohan for doing this, however, new life was breathed into the ZED 3 years ago when X Coils started releasing a large variety of coils. The N/F coil will be good for those who don't want to have to make an adapter, but will still be very limiting in choice and performance. 🙂 Rick
  7. James, Nice fix for those who may have issues! Glued on strip of bicycle inner tube may also work well ? I've had no problems at all with my GPZ shafts, and mine is first week release. Now over 7 years old and thousands of hours of use, including 18 months in the wilds of WA, so my camlocks must be good ones. Even when I had the boat anchor ( GPZ19) attached, I had no issues. Couldn't be happier with my ZED, and even more so now thanks to the brilliance of the X coils! Rick
  8. Got to agree Nugget. If you have a look at the results of the poll, you get a fair idea of the scale of the problems with the 6K. I personally have heard of many faults that have not been reported on the forums. Quite clearly, IF you get a good one, they are a good detector, not withstanding the ongoing twisting shaft issue. However, the shear amount of issues with this release well and truly put it in the Lemon category. I'm sorry, but Minelab's silence, and the general dismissive attitude towards those who care to raise these issues, is just not on! We are talking about the " Ferrari " of detectors here, not just a $100 Aldi special. If I was still a Minelab dealer I would be disgusted, and out of respect for my customers, I would refuse to sell this product until Minelab did a complete QC audit and fixed the issues! It is poor behaviour by Minelab to continue to sell a product that they know has an unacceptable failure rate. Furthermore, as a buyer of Minelab products for 22 years, it has decimated any idea I had of ever owning one, UNTIL the QC issues are completely addressed. I sincerely hope that Minelab learn from this debacle and put a lot more effort into QC in future releases. Rick
  9. Interesting comments guys! My GPZ is from from the very first batch and I have had zero issues in over 7 years and thousands of hours of use, including in the harsh WA outback. Maybe Minelab put a bit of effort into QC at the start of a new model and then it falls away ? Rick
  10. Sorry to burst your bubble GR Guy, but Minelab have never made good coils. They have only ever been adequate! Why do you think aftermarket companies like Nugget Finder, Coiltek and now X Coils have done so well ? It's because they make good coils. Rick
  11. Jason, good to see your comparisons with the CC vs 6K. It just confirms how good the CC coils are on the ZED ( I have the 17CC ) and reinforces to me that the performance gains from the CC coils will surpass the 6K, without all the issues associated with the 6K. I've done away with the WM12 completely and just use a guitar lead plugged between the ZED and an SP01 enhancer, with my twin speakers plugged into the SP01. Voila, no lag at all ! Yes, you are " tied " to the detector, however the guitar lead is very stretchy, and after 20 years of GP and GPX detectors I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me. I dislike the WM12 module, very fussy about where you put it to avoid dropouts. Rick
  12. JP, You have stated that " The GPX 6000 has the same outright depth on large targets as the GPX 5000 " Surely, if this is the case, the 6K would benefit from an 18 or 25 round, just the same as the 5K benefited from the larger coils ??? Especially for those who can't afford a 6K and a ZED ?? Or would EMI make it unusable ? IMHO, your statement that the 6K doesn't need big coils makes no sense, as there are still many places that have never had a coil over them, where deep gold may still sit ! Rick
  13. Never had that problem with the old style shafts with adjuster holes and a locking pin, plus a twist lock ! Minelab in their " wisdom " decided to do away with a shaft design that had stood the test of time for 20 odd years in favour of these poxy new style camlock shafts ! 🙄 There's an old saying " why mess with perfection " ! Rick
  14. Thought I'd share a couple of bits of eye candy found by me in the last 18 months in Western Australia. 150 grams and 68 grams.
  15. IMHO, unless they are bringing in God himself ( Bruce Candy ) they are wasting their time. 😀 Rick
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