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  1. Well that's a bummer ! I was hoping this new machine would well and truly be on the market and reports coming in before the next detecting season in WA. That looks unlikely now ! Thanks for the update. Rick
  2. That we are as happy as pigs in sh#t with our X Coils ! ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Simon, I firmly believe, and have for a long time, that Minelab don't give a damn about coils, or their betterment. They leave it to the aftermarket, which is fine, but in the case of the GPZ they should have supplied the chips to the aftermarket makers from day one ! Just an act of corporate bastardry IMHO ! Rick
  4. I too am waiting for these long awaited Z coils, but for the life of me I don't understand why Rohan has started with one so close in size to the standard ? Maybe a 10 inch, or 17 inch, would have been a better option to give current users a different size coil ?? One thing I do know about Rohan, he won't release them until they are perfect, with any bugs ironed out. ๐Ÿ‘ Rick
  5. Total crock of sh#t. As fake as a Bali Rolex !
  6. And yet they have hoovered tens of thousands of ounces of gold all over Australia, and the world for that matter ! They may be overweight and overpriced in your eyes, but they work brilliantly in the nasty ground of WA where the QED just craps itself ! Rick
  7. Thanks Lanny, No I won't be going on Aussie Gold Hunters ! We enjoy our own company, and peace and quiet, too much to be ruining it with a circus, I mean film crew ! Cheers, Rick
  8. That is correct. The fine lighter coloured " wire " you can see in the 10 grammer video is actually a piece of cord attached to a chain for chaining or gridding. Cheers, Rick
  9. Rarely use the WM12 these days, find it a bit directional and just another thing I need clipped to myself. The lead is just a guitar amp lead, plugged into an SP01 booster, then to dual speakers. Works perfectly, and I don't have to worry about break up of the signal, especially if I want to film a nugget dig. To be perfectly frank, the Minelab wireless systems are crap for the money you pay for them ! Cheer, Rick
  10. Thanks madtuna, you are welcome, and likewise it was a pleasure catching up with you. We will be back next season, with Dad in tow ! And you are right, those very different hot rocks were something else ! Likewise, I can not fault the finish of the X coils. My 17 has no problem with the cable, although the 12 did " unwind " a little at the coil end, but nothing that can't be fixed by good old duct tape ! I believe old mate in Russia has also fixed that early issue. Hells bells Dave, we hadn't heard either, glad you survived and are on the mend, all the best mate for a full recovery
  11. Just back from our first prospecting trip after taking early retirement and moving to Kambalda in Western Australia . Did really well for a 5 week trip with 216 pieces for 376 grams. Biggest pieces 10, 11.5, 27 and 155 grams. No more working for the man ! Cheers, Rick https://youtu.be/jvZ3RyTN0Mo https://youtu.be/hvygdhqU_uQ https://youtu.be/yWINJjZdhp4 https://youtu.be/MODRP3GihW8
  12. Simon, you should be able to delete the comment as you are the owner of the channel. If you turn on " hold all comments for review " in your youtube studio, you can check them before they go on your channel. Cheers, Rick
  13. Hey Simon, some idiot has put a link to porn on your video on youtube in the comments ! Cheers, Rick
  14. Nice fix ! However, yet another example of Minelab's CRAP ergonomics and design ! How bloody hard is it to incorporate a decent stand into the design like they have with the GPX, GPZ ?? The SDC2300 has exactly the same problem ! Rick
  15. So Minelab have finally decided to fix some of the problems that should never have made it to market ! WOW ! Other problems that have been there since day one remain ! I'm underwhelmed ! Rick
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