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  1. The threshold OFF method was " invented " here in Aus and was known as Bogene's settings. Good for shallow noisy areas, not so good for deeper ground where a falling or wobbling threshold alerts you to a deeper target. Hence Minelab saying you will get more depth with threshold on. Rick
  2. OMG what a wank ! In the official Minelab video old mate in Africa is not even carrying a pick. I guess the nuggets must just jump out of the ground ! Never in my 20 years in the game have I seen Minelab trying so hard to sell a new model ! No discrimination, no ability to change the threshold tone ? If the ground is bad, their answer is to change to a DD coil ! Like I will be carrying that around in the boondocks in my backpack ! Limited choice of Minelab only coils. This latest offering is not impressing me much, certainly not enough to go and drop $8K AUD ( plus whatever
  3. I hope that speaker is waterproof, given it will be facing angled upwards most of the time. I can also see it filling up with red dust over here in the outback ! Still not feeling the urge to drop $8K on this thing, especially since I have a perfectly good ZED with X coils, and a 4500 with EVO coils ! Rick
  4. Personally, I am sick and tired of the slow drip feed of bullshit 25 second clips from Minelab that tell you almost nothing ! Whoever in marketing thinks that this is smart has lost the plot. I am more inclined now not to buy one, just on principle. Minelab are taking us for granted and treating us like mugs ! And I'm sorry JP, but no amount of defending Minelab will put this right. They are just taking the piss ! A once great small Australian company, that produced the goods in Australia, is now run by corporate bean counters and built overseas, where cheap labour will maximise
  5. There are people who believe in an imaginary being in the sky too, so I guess that believing they can douse for gold is not that far fetched in the grand scheme of things !! 🤣 Rick
  6. 12 pin coil plug on the new 6K, so that would appear to be a NO !
  7. No offence taken JP, but there are just too many negatives to the 6K for my liking. I am happy to be proven wrong, but certainly for the foreseeable future, I will be sticking with the existing tech, which is serving me very well. 😉 Rick
  8. You say I am being negative, I say I am being a realist JP. I have a nice selection of very expensive coils for our current GPX that just won't fit the new 6K, and a selection of X Coils for the ZED. I don't want to be locked into Minelab's limited coil offerings again. $8K plus is just taking the Mickey as far as I am concerned ! Mine the miners ! I can see the appeal of this detector to new chums, who don't already have a heap of equipment. PS : Apologies to Goldcatcher who first put the chart on. Rick
  9. Adam, I was seriously keen initially, but the price tag, for what it can and can't do compared to my ZED and 4500, just doesn't warrant $8K + outlay. We don't want to chase 0.1 gram flypoop! We have a 17x13 and 24x12 Evo that are perfect patch finders, that won't fit the new 6000 ! PS : Don't let Reg see you telling me that you sold the QED for the same failings that I found, he will be all over you like a rash ! 😃 Rick
  10. You heard it here first : The SDC is to be discontinued ! My reasoning : There is no way Minelab will let it continue, at the expense of the " greatest show on earth " ! BTW, " the greatest show on earth " is impressing me less and less, now that I have seen the full performance chart kindly provided by JR Beatty ! The stock 7000 beats it on all but sub gram stuff, and I'm tipping that my ZED with 12 inch X coil will match it on 0.1 gram crumbs ! Not that I want to chase crumbs that small ! 🙄 Rick
  11. And that is what I meant when I said comprehensive. That chart doesn't tell you a whole lot ! Rick
  12. IMHO, Minelab should provide comprehensive test data before release so that us mug punters don't have to spend $8K AUD to " suck it and see " ! Rick
  13. Thanks Lunk, That will make it difficult for many ! I find it extraordinary that for the price they are asking that pitch can not be changed ! 🙄 Rick
  14. Lunk, could the threshold tone be changed ? Particularly important to a lot of folk who have hearing loss at various frequencies ! Cheers, Rick
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