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  1. Gidday Mitchel, I have had a few ugly one ounce + nuggets over the years ! All were reef gold nuggets, and were as ugly as a hat full of arseholes ! 🤣 They ended up in the dolly pot and got turned into bush bars. Rick
  2. My two bobs worth. I have had my ZED since a week after release in 2015, so 5 years in late February this year. It has never missed a beat and done thousands of hours now. I would not hesitate to buy mine from myself if the price was right. Electronics by and large are very reliable these days, and will last for many years if looked after. I still have a Black and Decker drill that was made in England that is going strong 20 years on, and all the electrical components in my 32 year old Nissan Patrol are still working ! Cheers, Rick
  3. Another fake video from " Golden Bullshit Media " !
  4. Just a one off Simon, she just wanted to see how it was done, and our planets rarely align. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a position to just give her the $1600 nugget as it was the only one we got.
  5. Gidday All, Just found a clip on my old hard drive taken in October 2015. I took my step daughter out for a swing in a paddock I had access to over near Maryborough, Victoria, Australia. First time that she had ever been out. To say she was excited is an understatement ! Minelab GPZ 7000 in difficult / general. Cheers, Rick
  6. 83.6 ounces gross in the first arvo, part of a patch which went on to go to 118 ounces gross over a couple of weeks. GPZ with standard coil. Oldtimers missed all of this downslope from a small reef mine. Largest on the laptop is 39.2 ounces gross ( 31.2 ounces after acid bath ), plus 2 x 10 ounces and a 7 ounce piece. Found July 2015. Netted $140K AUD. Cheers, Rick
  7. I have to agree with Madtuna. The retailers I have dealt with have been nothing but honest with me, and that includes Davsgold who sold me my two X coils for the GPZ. Also, the maker of the X coils has shown himself to be a very honorable person. I will be attempting, weather permitting, to do some head to head testing tomorrow or Monday between the 12 and 17 X coils, and the standard GPZ 14 over some buried nuggets. All my anecdotal results so far have shown them to be superior than the standard coil, pulling gold from places that I have done to death with the standard coil. Cheers, Rick
  8. Here's mine that Pat did, attached to the coil lead, damn nice job !
  9. Hey Rick, if you want someone to do patch your lead for you, I can highly recommend Pat from SteelPhase. He did mine and I can not fault the service. Cost me $100 including return post of the GPZ14, and he also put a new plug on the GPZ14 so it can still be used. He apparently has done a few now. Cheers, Rick
  10. I was just sent the new Minelab Vanquish ad, what a total wank ! It tells you nothing about the machine, other than showing that it is a coin/ treasure machine ( as if we need another one of those ! ) I don't know who is doing Minelab's ads, but they need to be fired, IMHO ! https://www.minelab.com/vanquish Rick
  11. No worries Rick ! I cancelled my big coil order because 20 inch is not a big enough difference over 17 inch to justify the $$$$. Old mate in Russia wasn't happy with the performance of the 22x21 so has put them on the backburner. Cheers, Rick
  12. Here is a photo of the internals of a 17 inch super D X Coil. Two ferrites included in this coil. As you can see, vastly different to the Minelab coil ! Cheers, Rick
  13. My 22x21 must be leaving at the same time as yours, my 12" has hit Melbourne so will have it in a few days. Also bought 2 extra lower shafts from Lucky Strike in Geelong, ready to go when the Russian jobbies arrive. Cheers, Rick
  14. You nailed it Steve. We alter things every day, such as the diesel tuning chip and modified suspension that I have added to my Triton. We are not making fake copies of the GPZ, just altering it slightly to allow another brand of coil to run. The thing is, despite all the protestations, these Russian jobbies work, and they work well. I have already pulled numerous bits from my " dead " patches just with the 17 inch. I have had none of the " problems " that are supposed to plague these coils. We now have choices, and that is what makes us all happy ! ? Can't wait to see what the " big bertha " 22x21 can do, when it arrives " from Russia with love " !! ? Cheers, Rick
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