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  1. Rick sad to hear you are not out digging gold up to your elbows .... My Prayers are for you to be well and one ahead of Everybody on the Motherload... Glad to hear you are using this time,of reflection wisely....and sounds like you have a sound plan of Action.... Tell Carl he will get some Boot Soup if he does not get you that Big Eight coil.. I mean Yesterday.... I trust you will snap back better than ever and soar with Eagles high above the Crowd but in the mean time you can pass out Candy and Work on those dang Christmas lights All the Best Padre GB jimpugh
  2. Well this is a lively Conference....Thank you Joe for posting the dual piezo transducers....I finally ate some spinach And managed to Pop mine open to take a peek and mine is like Mr. Carolina..... which is similar to the gray ghost phones if you use two of the smaller piezo’s.....I guess Joe won the Lotto and got four Grande Drivers that is why his head was starting to swell Good thing he modded a kill switch .....now he Is almost back to normal.....me I am hard of hearing and had a hearing aid since I was nine even though I was born with perfect hearing at an early age I stepped on a stump I
  3. Wanting to Take Bee for her maiden spin .....my mom’s nurse called and needed more supplies...Covid thing has been hard I have not seen her since it started .....But they tell me she is fine ....poor dear has dementia ....I am just Blessed I have a mom I can still see..... Of late I gotten where I like to do a Key West thing and watch the Sun sink over the beautiful Ocean And Sky call me a hopeless Romantic I do not care ...it is very empowering to me in a Spiritual way ....gives me hope for another Awesome day.. so I got home grabbed my gear notice the CZ6A was a B model I
  4. I Remember driving to Atlanta for the dealer seminar when they introduced the Fisher 1266x and the CZ 6 . Like most of the dealers that attended we could not wait to get our hands on these two new units ........to say the least they were way ahead of their time ......depth and versatility unlike any unit on the planet made by the oldest Proudest Name in The Metal Detecting World ....... little did I know that that these units like my 1265X would become My new girls Betty and Nadine .....Betty the 1266X and Nadine the CZ6.......Booth were Mean and Dirty....but when they whisper that sweet Ro
  5. Actually Fisher phones are some of the most copied Headphones ever made the oneS that come with the AQ are actually better than Gray ghost in my opinion .....I designed the Timberwolfs and Hurricanes....the drivers piezo that my friend Beechnut uses I used back in the early 90’s onmypersonal Cuda and one very similar on the production Baracuda ....the only difference in the land phones fisher sold had a clipper circuit built into them to protect youR hearing which a lot of copiers including me left out and just used a variable resistor pot on each ear to dial them in ......I have not pul
  6. This Battery musical chairs .....was a big thorn in my side ..... This Pack is all black and well balanced it looks like the rest of the machine was built to compliment the battery pack ....I chose the M12 connector from my old 3030 headphones gray ghost when they made good stuff my daughter bought me a set for my simplex last Christmas never worked I called left a message never called back new In box .....still dead ....guess they went out of business...anyway .... you can shift this a little up or down to balance it out a little more on coil control.. Good Job Big Joe.....
  7. welcome to 300 Spartans dig it all Git Guud Eat more Spinach Popeye learn to be proficient with either hand digging and swinging Folllow the Yellow Brick Road Dorthy Remember Scarecrow “ If I only had a Brain” know when to snorkel and weight belt ,when to stay close to the Vault Mark your territory, be come Alpha Alpha....its a statE of Mind ...hmmm..or is it mine? wear out two scoops a year kick em to death State of Mind “Be Gold Finger” learning to Focus your Will on the Right Path sometimes staying where youR at is Golden.....
  8. Some of my early code when the net was young hmmmm Netscape ? Blast from the past ole Cuda still hungry......yes Netscape you could shred code from anywhere....days of power and free minds....‘I put the code in there in the nineties to have that fire in the Cuda eye that would eat your azzz up... Thank you Mr. Tony nice time warp Happy Trails jimpugh
  9. Getting ready to ramp up......what’s better than a AQ...... hmmmmm ....Two AQ’s Happy Trails jimpugh
  10. Nice visit with Deborah and Company (The rest of The Story) Shawn I rolled out of Biloxi Ms. at precisely 3 am . We where in the Ocean Gulf of Mexico at 5 am Pensacola Beach hunting chest Deep Holes.. words for the wise.....Pensacola is a Naval air station Doolittle trained here for his secret attack in world war 2.....lots of secret weapon test in the area.... lots of low frequencySecret Sub communications .....I know this Beach well I was a small group of the first people To get the lion share of water gold that was cream off the top.....I remember living in Fort Walton
  11. Alexandre i will do my best to capture on video and may check with Deborah the possibility of video both units to be as much help as possible my daughter who is a Chemical process Engineer with Dow speaks and writes fluid French.....my concern are for the mutual betterment of the hobby ....this may take some time my hunting partner Shawn Lopes of thirty years the fireman may assist me ..... Again We can make this Happen ..... my gut feeling is mine has a hair trigger on the differential amp that compares the signal sound to the No signal..... and amplifies the difference ...This woul
  12. Houston we got a problem my machine is no where close to slight retune of the Mr Tartar kiddie pool or slight sounds in video .....so if they can manufacture this In unit volume it looks like things would be good for a launch .......the units that are noisy ...two things I always look at in Pi’s is the pinch test .....cross up on center shield pins .....Shielding .....the other board settings would appear manageable with slight tweaks in operator settings... I am only trying to help there is nothing personal fellow hunters including myself need A Fix they can only report on their ex
  13. Deborah I use to hunt and dive Pensacola Beach ( over a hundred year old beach) back in the early eighties there is Always waves and gold in PB.....I will say I was one of the first to hunt a lot of the golden sites in the area....earlier I use to surf hurricanes me and My brother would hide in the dunes with few friends and wait for the curls to Break jon top of each other we would just jump from one wave to another aaaah the days of adrenaline and Sea foam.....broke many a good board but in that moment you live ten life times.....Still got my old Eliminator 67 one the Beach Boys had on
  14. I have got it to work in Destin Florida in open water at sea but it was very calm and even with a slight under tow, but once conditions changed it was the difference in night and day or Heaven and Hell.....out of twenty hours Submerged in high salt salinity The big coil or at least mine did not like Salt I could make it work but at the cost of extreme depth......in brackish water I can make it go where Others can’t get to. It will find gold that all machines miss......but heavy salt now ....I got three good hours most these finds below Blue preset....in the other 17 hours. I am still lea
  15. Old magnetron magnets good holding shopping list on fridge and keeping rare iron in the bottom of your scoop for easy retrieval.... Happy Trails jimpugh
  16. Nice Save ....! See it pays to be ....the Pied Piper of the Beach .... Had my Grids jumped so many times do not even miss a beat anymore the minute you loose focus they got ya... Focus be the Best there has ever been Happy Trails jimpugh
  17. I love Texas But I do not need the money ( Mr.Carl is very capable hands) No I love the freedom of a entrepreneur I made my first discriminating pulse 95 I still have proto and my notes It found nickels and gold and bonged like a over shoot ( on California beaches)On A TR it lost a lot of depth so I bought a Gold scan 5 z model that Eric had made for a hunter in Arkansas very deep but a motor boat audio still have it in a basket case if I ever want to resurrect I have also hunted many hours with a Aqua Star big Ikelite case so I know what maximum depth IS......
  18. Nice take a sharpie and block out the 1and point or period will give you the 15 since it is algorithm it would be easy to program a two- ten turn directional counter or a detent directional counter ten clicks = 15 freq.delay ......16 clicks =16 micro seconds one left or right click = different binary latch .....7 us to 25us like a two turn CCW=7 two turns CW = 25 us every detent past 15 CW = a 1us increase in delay to max increase of second landing on 15 = 25us......most two -ten turn analog pots do not have a stop you just feel a deference in tension the program would be a simple
  19. Joe you Sure Do Awesome Work trying to keep them old Xcals in the herd i agree I use the SunRay 12 inch and hard wire only way to go On Any work Horse in Serious Salt Water Artifact Recovery.....I have a few old dealers that keep thier eye out for choice specimens .....I currently have 2 .....plus ...A Wot ...(Wild Orange Thing).... I can only swing that monster for three or 4 hours but find gold every time I do ...recovery is the take deep breath and go down under water give it a few good kicks ...It is a Original Soverign that I put in an old Garrett VLF/TR case ...I reverse engineered
  20. kinda looks like this was watching the video on Farnell of the UK another supplyer and they were interchangeable with the other connectors like metal jam nut receptacle neat concept Happy Trails jimpugh
  21. Mr. Joe I will go back and see if I can get you the info in my eBay Won Bids Happy Trails jimpugh
  22. I have built my share of water phones and designed the timber wolfs and Hurricanes My daughter bought me a set of gray ghost for Christmas for my simplex they would NOT cut off speaker wired wrong did not want to void warranty so I left a alone called their number never called back .....piezo transducers are tricky build and one batch to another can be garbage gray ghost had gone to to cheap little transducers......junk other time I bought a set years ago they forgot to seal one headset.... Wearing two hearing aids I like Audio Sears they are hearing aid compatible and if y
  23. I would like to see the last two indents on timing dial elevated to 15 Microseconds and 20 Micro seconds only after field testing and 8 and 9.5 coil might make an elliptical as well. Will have to source the connector I have found a silver three pin in mouser but I am looking for the gold pin. I ordered a Russian silicone boot for my Nox that took a while to get 3 weeks in fact . Very nice piece of kit it is water proof tie offs for all connectors and battery Good to 60 feet very well made. I keep it in my war bag. Only reason I mention it is the same could be molded for the AQ ....
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