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  1. I just received mine and it does not pair with any of the headphones that I have, on the other hand with the mobile there is no problem. I have made the mistake of buying it only receiver. I have realized late
  2. Thank you very much for the answers. At the moment it seems that I am going to stay with the 11th DD comander. When I have more experience I'll see what I do
  3. as I already put in another post, I just bought a second-hand gpx 5000. It comes with the comander 11 DD and 11Mono coils. I would like if it is possible for a colleague to recommend a coil to complement the ones it brings. Its use would be to search for coins. I've been looking at the detech 15 inch DD ultra sensing. If anyone has used it, what can you tell me about it?
  4. thanks for all this information. I just bought a second hand 5000 and it is helping me a lot
  5. I use two from external brands and those from Minelab, and the ones that take the longest to connect are the original Minelab ones, I really don't know why. With the other two, it is to turn it on and they connect instantly and with the original I have had to reset the detector several times to be able to connect it
  6. not long ago I was detecting in an olive grove with a partner. In the environment there were like mosquito plagues that bother more than what they bite, but this time it was different, my neck itched a lot and towards the crown. but I didn't notice the bites until I got home and took a bath. His whole head and neck were eaten with bites. There were so many that the lymph nodes in my neck became swollen and it didn't go away until 3 weeks after that day. I kept blaming those mosquitoes until a week later I called my partner and asked him what if he didn't have bites. Well, it turns out that he did have bites but not on the face or arms, if not on the legs and they were flea bites. I have a habit of putting the hoe on my shoulder after drilling a hole. This is how fleas came to my head. Since then I don't do it anymore.
  7. In the north of Spain we have a plague of velutina or Asian wasp, a single sting can kill a person, luckily I live in the South and it seems that it does not like the heat very much
  8. This is the one that I use and they are perfect, nothing to do with the others what I tried https://www.facebook.com/110219550544656/posts/194397985460145/
  9. This is Steve. I have bought some things from the United States and I have been lucky that they have not stopped it at customs and I have not had to pay anything other than the shipping costs. But this case is different. Shipping, insurance and at least 21% of the declared value should be added to the price of the detector. it all depends on the price of the detector. Thanks for the links Steve
  10. the translator must have played a trick on me. He wanted to say that I emailed Gerry. Still no answer. Thanks again
  11. I've already sent you an email. have if there is luck. Thank you afreakofnature
  12. I would like you to tell me how to communicate with him. to see if there is luck and it has some GP 3500, some offer that interests me. Thank you
  13. Thanks for all the info Steve. my question is because they offer me a 2003 GP extreme for 900 euros. The truth is that it looks pretty good in photos but I would like to get a GP 3500. And my question was whether to wait for a 3500 to come out, which will be almost impossible here in Spain, I don't think there are many or go to the extreme. I would use it for relics.
  14. is there much difference between a GP extreme and the GP 3500 ?. I would like it to look for coins and if possible also for the beach
  15. We have been told on several occasions that it was impossible to export the Aqua limited outside of the United States and now on the official page of Fisher I find this publication. How is this possible?
  16. I have the coiltek 12X8 DD platypus. I bought it for a TDI from White and only used it once to test it but didn't like how it behaved
  17. Can the GP extreme detector be fitted with dd coils or just mono coils? I have come up with one to buy it and I would use it most of the time for the beach, so I ask if it could be fitted with dd coils
  18. Some could put me in contact with the technical service of Minelab in Europe that is in France? It turns out that a colleague has broken the lugs of his plate as a guarantee. They changed it without problem and the new one has also broken the lugs again and now the dealer does not want to change it again. Still under warranty. you would only need the email to explain the problem to you. Thanks
  19. it had a discount of 8 euros on Amazon and I have used it with the headphones
  20. Thank you for posting it. I received them today and the truth is that they have a very good sound and also something cheaper has come out with a discount. Looking forward to trying it this weekend on the beach
  21. Of course, even 1 centimeter makes a difference, but when a machine has so many parameters to modify and only if one is not well regulated you lose 15 or 20% of depth, I do not see it for me. With the Equinox (I own the 600) there are beaches where I have even been able to bring the sensitivity to the top and mostly in the field, just by grounding it. If I have time I will try to do a depth test with the 10 cents
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