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  1. The other night I was listening to the Beyond Sight and Sound podcast and, Chuck S. one of the Minelab Dealers and guest speaker, would not give a concrete release date for the Manticore. However, he mentioned about another major release that is coming in the late Winter or Early Spring from Minelab. It's really got my interests peaked.
  2. Your onto a great location! Keep at it!
  3. Welcome from N.E. Kansas! You've come to the right place to better learn the ropes of using your metal detector, and some great discussions on panning for gold. We will be looking forward to discussing about some of your future finds in Indiana.
  4. It's great to see you join up with Detector Prospector. Be sure to align yourself up with the forum that matches your preferred metal detector of choice. We will be looking forward to seeing you in some of the many discussions on here and hearing about your many trial, and tribulations along the way. Welcome Aboard!
  5. Welcome to hobby Ruben. There are lots of metal detecting outfitters out there that will offer you a discount for being military. Usually this is about 15% off of your purchase. One that is local to your state is American Detector Distributors. Since your from Texas be sure to look into the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt in Canton, Texas. This event is loads of fun and there are lots of great hunts that you may participate in. The Nokta Makro line is a proven company that has put out many great units. Be sure to compare the Simplex+, the Legend, and their Anfibio Multi units (there are so many more). I'm sure that whatever unit that you choose will be one that you will grow with and learn to master along the way. Be sure to also look into the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs. That will help you get into a local metal detecting club near you. We will be looking forward to seeing your posts on here and hearing about what metal detector that you have decided to go with.
  6. Welcome aboard Ollie✌️ I to use the Deus 1 quite often. We will be looking forward to seeing and hearing about some of your great finds on the many discussion boards. Be sure to check out XP Deus Forum. Cheers!
  7. Fantastic find Troy! You know what they say those old parks can be hunted to death, but they will always produce something that was missed. You, my friend, hit a great seated right there! Huge Congrats on both of these finds!
  8. Welcome aboard and wishing you great luck with the Legend. All of my Kansas friends that have invested into one have produced great finds in the fields and yards. That machine is a great buy for the price that its offered for! Did you buy the ProPack or just the factory one coil package?
  9. It's nice to meet you and heres a warm welcome to the addiction! We will be looking forward to reading your entries into the Garrett and Nokta Makro threads. Happy Hunting!
  10. Congratulations! I would have done the same. Always follow the signs, of the old inhabitants, that lay upon the ground.
  11. Congratulations ✌️ Welcome to the Morgan club!
  12. Welcome to the group Bill from another successful Equinox user. I will be looking forward to seeing your participation on the Minelab and Deus threads. That Deus 2 should be a real game changer. I have a Deus 1 and I think that it compliments the Equinox very well having it in my personal arsenal. Happy Hunting!
  13. Welcome back to the group Jack! We cant wait to see the pictures and stats of your many gold nugget hunts.
  14. Lets look at the biggest complaints of the Etrac and the CTX- * First users complain that the Etrac and the CTX are both just too heavy to swing for long periods of time. * The Etrac is a slow and go metal detector, so the slower your swing the deeper the coil will read the ground. * The CTX is over 10 years old and like its cousin, the Etrac, its processor is also a slow and go system in order to get the best depth. With these things in mind wouldn't a new FBS3 system be the answer? Keeping it all in a housing like the Equinox currently uses with an all new coil lineup. Call it the Equinox 2 and make its processing system faster than any of the past units that Minelab has offered.
  15. I use the Minelab Equinox, Etrac, and CTX 3030. I recently acquired a XPDeus from a friend that was updating to the Deus 2. The Deus is an amazing relic machine. Happy hunting Diggit!
  16. Hello from Kansas! Welcome to the group and the in depth knowledge that it offers for every user category in metal detecting. I also use TreasureNet and enjoy its bountiful offerings to the great metal detecting world. Even if you don't post your finds enjoy the entries and chime in if you have any questions or viewpoints.
  17. Awesome!!! Are you one of the Nomad testers or did you get one off of the first wave of Legends to hit the states? I cant wait to hear about how well it performs out in the parks, fields, and beaches! Congrats on your new delivery.
  18. In our metal detecting club in Topeka, Kansas, we have about 67 active club members and of those there are 16 that metal detect and contribute on the regular.
  19. Hello and welcome to the Forum. We will be looking forward to seeing all of your great contributions to the page. I was a Deus 1 user for a few years, but most recently I've decided to pre-order the Legend to see how it's going to compare to the Equinox and Deus 2. Good Luck out there fellow hunter.✌️
  20. I wonder if they are going to consider a program update,in the Spring, for allowing the user to synch up to the legend? Being that the newest model design for this pinpointer is still down the road as far as testing and production goes?
  21. Thanks for an incredible idea! I think maybe I'll make one and anchor it into the wall next to my metal detector rack. Awesome!
  22. Don't forget to list your token on the World Of Tokens page.
  23. Great Indian, and congratulations on the Galena, Ks, mine token! That area was alive and well with lead and ore mines during the early 1900's.
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