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  1. Merry Christmas to all...may your scoops/holes be full of gold and other bucket listers...happy hunting, and good luck, from down under ???
  2. My 15"×12" arrived yesterday, and my carbon fibre "Red Belly Black Snake" shaft earlier this week. Just put it all together on my EQ800. All ready for the beach...
  3. Hey mate, did you use the counterweight extension for your CF shaft? Do you think it necessary/worthwhile? If so, what weight is it? Regards, Darren.
  4. Hi Ed. I'm on several Australian, O/S forums and FB groups. Coincidence about the Red Belly look. Cheers.
  5. The red Kevlar effect looks awesome. It looks like a red-belly black snake ?. Here's mine (first pre-order batch).
  6. This happened to me the other night at the beach. Feint, choppy signal (deep), so started scooping frantically as I was in the wash zone of the beach. Lost the signal at one point, but, using pinpoint, a couple of deep scoops later the target must have moved up in the sand (but not in the scoop, just off to the side) and gave a solid 12 signal. Before I could get the scoop back in, the waves/wash hit and the signal got softer and softer, then disappeared (unfortunately the waves didn't).I couldn't scoop quick enough in the loose, wet sand and lost it. Bugger! What could have been! ?
  7. If you think you'll be digging in stony, rocky or heavy clay layers, then I'd recommend the Stavr Monstrik 9 scoop, as it has a pointed, spade-like front end that is ideal for digging in that environment.
  8. I also used to have a Deus and really liked the backphones. They're light, and great if you want to wear a broad brim hat. After reading this thread I bought a pair of BTS Pros, and using the firmware link provided by sdbirder, updated them to APTX LL. Thanks for the info and the link...awesome!
  9. Yes, I will wait until some reviews are in. Similar situation to the CTX in the past...ML yellow Koss h'phones very poor volume, and GG's reportedly not much better. Wait and see.
  10. Hi all. I noticed that a reputable detecting retailer here in Australia has pre-orders on offer for Grey Ghost headphones for the Equinox. I rang and spoke to him and he is hoping to have them in stock in 3-4 weeks. Nothing on the DetectorPro website as yet. Wondering if anyone else has heard anything. Cheers.
  11. Thanks for the report. I'll be going to detect shallow water at a dam next week and was going to give the 6" coil a run...will try these settings ?
  12. (I've added silicon to the insides of the yellow cups to lower the ambient noise that comes in the thin plastic also added gel pads for the same reason. Just wanted to put that out there for everyone to know they have been slightly modified.) I also have the yellow Koss phones. Had the same problem on the CTX. Could you advise which gel pads you used? I bought a pair off eBay but they're a bit too small (luckily didn't cost much fro China). Regards.
  13. I had a similar thing happen a few weeks ago. Posted on a FB Forum: Hi all. I was out on the beach on the weekend getting to know the Nox and was chatting to a member from an MD forum for a bit. The detector was upright in front of me in the sun. After the guy left I dug a target right where we were standing (a bullet head) when I looked at the screen...it had a large oval-shaped dark spot that took up a large portion of the screen. At first I thought it was due to my sunnies but when I took them off the dark area was still there. I also noticed that all the icons/pixels were showing, even the ones that weren't active. I moved into the shade of a tree and took off the control box cover...the screen was very hot. I thought I'd cooked it but after turning it off for a couple of minutes, letting it cool down in the shade, and restarting it, everything was back to normal...phew! I should have taken a photo but it was very glarey. I spoke to a ML Technician and he advised that monochromatic LCD screens are subject to being affected like that in high heat situations. Normally, with the movement of general detecting there wouldn't be a problem, but in this case the screen was static and facing directly at the sun for quite some time. No problems since, but I don't leave the screen directly facing the sun while static.
  14. Surprised the bigger 3rd party accessory companies haven't jumped on board and released a set...they'd make a fortune.
  15. The cover is part of a set (control box, handle, arm cuff) made by a member of a Forum here in Oz. The 'buttons' are a carry-over of an idea I used previously on my CTX control box cover, as I am a beach hunter that wears gloves, and also hunts the beaches at night and didn't want to keep looking at the box everytime I wanted to press a button.
  16. For those who hunt in low light/wear gloves and don't want to look at the control box everytime you press a button...added these adhesive domed, rubber drawer stops to the control box cover. I used 11mm for the pinpoint button and 8mm for the rest.
  17. Hi all, dropped my daughter off at her part-time job this morning then went for a short hunt at a nearby beach with my new partner's son. As with a lot of beaches around, it was a bit sanded in so wasn't expecting much.. A couple of low areas only produced ring pulls and other light trash so I moved over to some exposed rocks and got a diggable signal...I couldn't believe it when this showed up in the scoop. At first I thought it was junk as it had that 'plastic' gold look to it. My eyes aren't the best without glasses, so when we got back to the fourby I used the magnifier on my phone....and there they were. Two stamps....AJD (American Jewellery Design I think), and 916. First gold ring for the Equinox is 22k....wooohooo! It's been so long since I found gold....can't get the smile off my face ?. (Oh yeah, the men's silver ring was found a few minutes later).
  18. I have the ML supplied screen protector over the screen, then a control box cover. For those who hunt at night or with gloves, and don't want to be looking at the control box everytime you press a button, I attached self adhesive rubber domed drawer stoppers to the control box cover (I guess you could do the same to the "full face" screen protectors in this thread). I used 11mm for the pinpoint button, and 8mm for the rest.
  19. Meggie is a very experienced detectorist who lives in North Queensland. He is retired, so able to spend plenty of time on the beach. Before the Equinox he had great success with his Sovereign GT. He has the Midas touch, and knows beach hunting like the back of his hand. I like how he shows before and after shots of his finds ie when they're found, then ehen they're cleaned. He and Kg1 do have a bit of a competition for the most gold found. Kg1 is a snorkeller, and very successful with his Excal 11. His Forum posts here on AMDRH (Australian Metal Detecting and Relic Hunting) are amazing to view. Jean is also a very experienced detectorist on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She is highly regarded by fellow detectorists, and very successful at jewellery rescues. All those finds are real. Wish I had half their skill...one day.
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