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  1. Actually I am thinking of selling my 800. I have been mostly using my XP due to shoulder and back issues. The Minelab is rough on my back during long hunts.
  2. What is the current fair asking price for a used 800? I can't find one online for sell as a price reference. Thanks, Michael
  3. Does anyone have any recommendations for aftermarket aptX low latency headphones for the 800? I have hearing problems and I am not happy with the sound quality of the Minelab headphones. They have a mushy sound and I prefer a crisper sound. I have Killer B's that sound much better but I prefer not to deal with a wired connection Thanks!
  4. Thanks! The info provided is very helpful!
  5. I would appreciate any help identifying these items. The top item is heavy bronze and appears to be a buckle of some type. Looks as if it would have been riveted to leather. The middle item I have found several of. One on a Civil War campsite with two lengths of chain attached to each link. Appear to be a combination of iron links and a lead or pewter disc. The bottom item I also have found on several occasions. Has a small lever looking attached part. All were found on an old plantation site along with some Civil War relics. Thanks!
  6. I just got a New Deus controller to use with my ORX shaft and HF coil. Will the old Legacy coils, etc. work with the new Deus V5.x if I was to buy a used one? Thanks!
  7. The ORX is my go to machine on high trash sites.
  8. Good grief! Hate to see that sort of thing.
  9. Which coil did you get with your ORX?
  10. You will enjoy the hobby! I used to pan when I lived in North Georgia and really had a good time. Also welcome to the forum.
  11. My Profind 35 also gets "stuck" on occasionally also but so does my Garrett pinpointer. I have to turn it off and back on to get it to function properly.
  12. Nice finds. I wished I had mine back when I was living in Georgia. It would have been great to carry with me when I used to gold pan there.
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