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  1. Minelab will surely come out with something more expensive that will supposedly do everything, even to the point of their new "meteorite call signal" which in marketing words "signal meteorites to fall in your general area within a 1000 km range".. The Minelab Meteor 9500. Because they would want to charge $9,500 for each one. The sad part? People would buy it. LOL
  2. It's like you said, people are essentially looking for something to focus on and be stupid about. If they don't like the XP products just move on away from them and do something else. Go a different direction. Unfortunately that is not how people are. They spend more energy trying to prove they are "right". Yeah.. I have no time for that horse crap. Too much of it in the world. *shrugs* I just buy and use what I feel works for me. If someone were to ask me my opinion on something I own it will be given. If they don't agree, then they should not have asked me in the first place. I can't tell them a lie "ohh it is a wonderful product" when it fact it was trouble.
  3. People can say what they want about Calabash and his style. I personally respect his honesty. There is no padding, no unicorns and sunshine utopia fake garbage in his videos. Either it works well or it doesn't. No need to throw a bunch of mess out to make excuses for a lackluster product. There are very few people left these days that say things like they should be said, for fear of being labeled this or that. So thank you sir for being YOU and being REAL about a product that people need to see results on. I believe if it sucked, Calabash would show that. He's being very thorough with this. In this case the Deus II is working well. Yes, it's a big chunk of money for most people to plop down, me included. BUT, this is definitely an attractive machine that seems very capable.
  4. It's always funny how you seem to find things you were looking for at just the right time. When it's meant to be found and not before then. I wish Nokta the best with their Legend shipping when it happens. What will be more fun is hearing about the first field tests.
  5. Man, you're burning the candle at both ends with this Deus II testing. I believe your "in love"
  6. Calabash, I'm torn over your videos on the Deus II. I really enjoy seeing it perform and shine. It seems like one helluva machine so far from your observations and testing. I'd enjoy seeing how it performs out there in the heavy iron sites. I have a lot of those here to deal with and it is very challenging. Now for the bad part of the "torn" equation. After seeing the videos you've made I really want one of these detectors. The dang thing ain't cheap though. I surely can't justify getting it, so would have to jettison my ORX AND the EQ800 to help fund it. I'd obviously go for the 9" coil on the Deus II. That is a good all around coil. So yeah, I'm not having a wonderful time over this Deus II sighting. The detector looks like it is built very robust. Ya know , that makes a big difference too. It's a dang shame the thing costs so much. I always wanted a Deus, but never could afford one. It so far looks like XP hit a home run with their new unit. Thank you for showing the Deus II. Looking forward to what else you do with it.
  7. If you don't like the Deus II.. umm you can send it to me for a very subjective "extended evaluation period". Would give bi-weekly updates. Hey.. Just putting myself out there!!
  8. damned thief is all I can say. I hope you got a good description of the garbage standing beside your bag. I'd have surely called the law on that person "standing near your bag" I can't stand thieves!
  9. Well I can tell you that in my area there is at least 1 moron who leaves pits and never fills the holes they dig. For a long time I wondered who was doing it but found out for sure who it was. The guy lied about it, blaming it on some other random individual when it was he who was carrying a regular variety garden shovel and digging the holes that day! To see more idiots like that out and destroying grass giving us all a bad name is not something I would want. When you start talking about lower detector prices causing a flood of new people, I don't think they need to buy a Nokta to be an idiot. They have plenty of options available today already that are much cheaper. An idiot leaving craters around is an idiot, whether he/she is swinging a $50 detector or a $5,000 detector. The idea that expensive detectors can only be afforded by the "elite detector professionals" is also a bunch of garbage. Stupidity and crater diggers have no dollar value, they are found at every level!
  10. I agree with you on the iron. Some of my places are loaded with it. Rapid fire machine gun audio. It's ridiculous. There is no way I could dig all those iron signals. Like you, I just don't have the time or the will to dig the iron. Thumbs Up
  11. I have to admit, this looks like a good unit. It has my interest. Just looking at the construction it seems quite a bit more sturdy than EQ 600/800 in the coil ear area. Those ears looks very beefy. Add in the carbon fiber lower, another nice perk. The screen seems a bit busy and crowded with little icons. Not so much a negative but slightly distracting to some maybe. In my case, the bigger the ID numbers are the better I can see them with my eyes. The Id's on the Legend do not seem all that big. Nothing wrong with the 11" coil. No different than the standard coil on other detectors. The question is, how is the construction of the coils beyond the ears? Are they sealed well around the wiring and are the coil windings epoxied well? Little questions like that are in my mind. Audio. Hmm, I rarely use anything other than 5 tones on my Equinox. But this new Nokta has up to 60 tones. It would be interesting to hear what it sounds like. Seems to have all the adjustments like EQ does. It's really clear to me that Nokta really doesn't like Minelab. It's quite entertaining. Minelab has in all honesty up-priced their products for a long time. They have been arrogant in the past as well. I own one of their machines because it works. I also own one because if it had an issue during warranty it would be taken care of ( this unit has had no issues). I must say that this Legend has me very curious. Curious enough to buy one? Well, not right yet. I do enjoy playing with new gadgets, and especially new metal detectors. However, I've bought quite a few that were not all they were cracked up to be. If I could find one of these new Legends and perhaps even trade my ORX towards it to soften the price.. Yeah I'd do it. What does worry me is warranty claims with this new machine, and the availability of warranty service along with turnaround time if there is an issue. 2 yr warranty is a little weak though. So yeah.. for me at least the ORX I have would definitely be up for trading towards a Legend. The machine looks pretty good. Will be looking forward to hearing from the real world users once this hits the pipeline.
  12. I prefer to use the WM08 module. It allows me to use some Grey Ghost wired headphones which I really enjoy. The aptX wireless headphones (stock and aftermarket) just don't have the sound quality my wired phones do. I do notice some lag with aptX that I don't hear when using WM08. So count me as a WM08 module user.
  13. Here is what happened. That guy that was an ex-slave turned free man found it ALL! That dude found the treasure. Case closed!
  14. "Fake Island" is more like it. Drayton won't even dig his own holes he's so "elite". Ridiculous! No respect from me for the guy or the show.
  15. I think this is similar to finding a task for slack/lazy/incompetent workers. Give them something so easy that they really would have to try and fail at it. What a shame. I feel really bad for that Simplex, to be determined lame enough that only the detection of nails is its primary purpose. I did catch the humor in the post, but also seemed like there was a bit of contempt towards it too. It was like "Ok Simplex, it's your turn to shine. On nails, because you suck at everything else!"
  16. displaying those pull tabs with pride! Glad you found something better than silver. Seems like you are well on the way to finding greater things.
  17. Sure it is possible, IF they wanted to. But why do that when they can instead sell a higher priced detector? That is the business model. What they have now could be upgraded in software to do what the new one will do but they choose to come out with a totally "new" unit that will do it. Look at the XP Deus vs ORX for example. I'm convinced the only difference in the two is software. All about the $$$$
  18. Usually if the price is way lower than everywhere else for same coil = BIG RED FLAG. That old saying comes to mind, if it seems to good to be true it more than likely is a rip-off.
  19. That Sampson shovel is garbage. It appears they are cheaping out on the metal thickness and quality. From your photo of the broken inside part it looks like a nice clean break. Maybe a bad batch of pipe material that was over-hardened. At any rate, not worth the money they asked for it. Sorry you had to deal with that.
  20. I agree with you. The cables they use leave a bit to be desired. The prices they charge for the factory coils vs. quality of the coil is not matching. NEL makes good coils, that much I learned. The T2 with a NEL Snake/ Cors Shrew coil is a cherry picking machine. It has its limits in depth but separation with that coil and sensitivity to small targets surpasses anything else I've ever used. Something like the Cors Shrew/NEL Snake coil for an Equinox... now that would be something. Again I feel the strength of Teknetics/Fisher machines are good availability of aftermarket coils.
  21. Call me pessimistic but has anyone thought maybe they are on the edge of saying goodbye to the "hobby detector" segment? The T2 I had was a good machine but reached its limit and didn't do well around difficult soils. Struggled with iron a bit too. What really did me in was a site where it could not even be used because of chatter.The T2 was a coin getting rascal in decent soil conditions, and it did well with a smaller coil. That much I will give it. But as the conditions got harder it nose-dived. But seriously, after all these years why can't they do something different than the re-mark and re-package game. Maybe they just don't care anymore. Why dink around with little low-end and lower priced units when they can sell a few of the more expensive models.. I don't expect to see anything interesting out of them anytime soon.
  22. Steve, do you see anything an owner could do to further seal the battery area as a source of water ingress? Nothing radical, just a simple extra layer of protection or something similar?
  23. Perhaps that is the reason for the silicone grease. If there wasn't enough installed on the battery at manufacture it would be harder to remove I'd think. That grease serves 2 purposes, sealing and lubrication. Did you take notice of how much grease was present after you removed the battery?
  24. A lot of people fretted over this battery replacement. The concerns of water ingress and such if anyone other than Minelab replaces it. The replacement of the battery is common sense, and no need to send it in to minelab for a battery swap. I'm a little surprised there isn't some kind of plug between the shaft and pod leading to the battery to fill that space. Having such a thing would add even more piece of mind and surely prevent water ingress even more. Seems they used a very miniscule amount of silicone grease too. Anyways, battery replacement seems simple and straightforward. I wonder when they are going to make the batteries more readily available?
  25. Yet another case of corporate greed. Like most things today, "this new flim-flam technology is greater than all prior flim-flams" Just a bunch of greedy rascals trying to fill their pockets yet again by forcing people to migrate to the "latest technology". No let's be honest, it's a greedy arse company that continues to lie in order for more profits. It's a rampant thing, and people keep playing along so companies continue to get by with it. It ranges from even the most smallest items (a simple style of pants you actually enjoyed but are now "discontinued" and replaced by a pair of sucky quality replacements that don't fit anywhere like the old ones did) to everything else. Yep, sick of greedy companies. Items end up being "discontinued", "retired", and "End of Life" all for the sake of selling a newer model that really is not worth the price. Just junk with more flashy lights and more little colors or some other nonsense.
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