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    Metal Detecting... Primarily Water Hunting, Gold Prospecting, OLD Bottles
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    Fisher AQ Limited and Equinox 800. Hand held sluice box, classifiers and pans.

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  1. Yea sir. That ring is as shiny and clean as they come. The designs are real nice.
  2. I haven’t had it checked yet. After this weekend I’ll know better.
  3. Found this pretty 10K the other day in the water. There was also a heavy (19 gram) tungsten ring etched with deer foot prints, a buck, a fish and a fish hook.
  4. Nice assortment of rings! The gold is the cream on top.
  5. Nice haul on the rings! I can't remember the last time there were too many targets on our beaches in SW Florida. Been hard to find too much of anything, although I did pull out a nice gold ring the other day.
  6. It’s always a pleasure Joe to hear your stories and share the views of your finds. I’m amazed as usual at what is still there to be found. Happy Fall!
  7. No problem with silver for me either. Found these two small silver rings the other day. It hit hard on them. The chain is junk.
  8. I like your picture of the Stealth. Looks like one knob and one button. Nice!
  9. CJC. Exactly what setting are you turning up? I’ve had a couple of instances with the volume knob not responding as it was turned up. It was corrected by FT.
  10. About a year ago I was water hunting and the Nox pod separated completely from the 4 bolts. When it happened all I had was the one main control pod in my hand. Sent it into ML under warranty and they asked if the rod I was using was original or an aftermarket. I knew exactly where this could go and I told them it was aftermarket. They thought that I overtightened it and not being the original shaft warranty was not covered. I explained there was a lot of corrosion on the bolts and the torque on the unit being used 90% of the time in salt water, caused the problem. I think by being honest with them about the shaft, they said OK and replaced the complete pod. Everything has been good.
  11. The underside of the turtle is stamped 925 as well as the clasp on the chain. Such a fun hobby. Every scoop is like a Christmas package. You never know what is in it until you open it up. Lol
  12. First picture is a 9 gram 14K white gold band and a junk ring. Second picture is a cool little .925 turtle with chain and a .925 stud. The turtles back looks like blue opals, probably lab created. Everything was found in the water. These were found on two different hunts. Thanks for looking!
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