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  1. I think the SeaGhost mod for my Ctx Will be the smartest option I have After this winter, cause I'm definitely not a P.I. guy. Also, doing scuba diving 80% of times and snorkeling the remaining sessions, the Excal Is hard to leave at home. There's Only one machine that keep my attention since Years but never tried before and Is a pulse too. The higher delay time of this toy Is a warranty of stable treshold downthere, but honestly I still prefer an 8" coil on every machine i bring down with me. I bought the 10" Excal as an exception for me, due to the unavailable 8"😑...
  2. Actually this was my B Plan, due to the really scarce options we have underwater. The AQ Is Simply to forget, cause I can't even Imagine when the shell Will be adapted for a real underwater work. I suppose never. To buy a new Nox to send it in Ukraine Is way expensive in terms of Total price and I don't like the vdi conduct compared with my Ctx. So at the end of the games, I'll send my old Ctx to be modified and closed. 🕶️
  3. For First I wanna Say Hi to all of You here... I've been far for quite a long time due to mandatory work sessions in the "other Life". The pandemic pushed hard on my little beach business and to pay Bills and keep my little daughter I started again with people transportation in the end of August. Today I was finally out for a day off walking on the beach and Also found a "promising spot to get the job done"... But the tone of this post Is more related to a new beach machine I'm dreaming to own for Christmas. So I Ask to You, my fellows beach Hunters...What Will You buy considering a Ctx, an Excal and a TDI Beachunter already owned? Cause the First Is a sniper discriminator but not that Deep like a Nox...(And not properly waterproof both of them) The second Is maybe the unstoppable pleasure Toy for a diver like me, but blind on chains and thin stuff... The third of my guns already drowned and reanimated a couple times, Will be my pulse last option to never remain without a machine in case of the 3rd world war... So...What's next?
  4. And so the Little story behind these finds Is short... Weeks ago,In a rare First drop off erosion event I observed for almost a week in an old place, I Just checked doing snorkeling in swimming underwear to find ...😳 Obviously since that day, my monkey does't want to leave my shoulders 🤬
  5. Jeez🤣, I'm fine with half of that pack on my Beachhunter.Same volts but half the Capacity😁
  6. Hi folks, I've been a couple times diving in two different spots the last week and cause of a ton of new sand, working at a deeper area, less pounded by the most of the army. As usual, my camera was out of service in the moment of glory and there's no footage as I left It once and discharged another time😤... Aniway, two fishes for the week...Too bad...trust me😑 Both 18k bands
  7. Solved with hand's soap 🧐. The gasket, which Is an empty core O-ring, tends to "grow" when out of the housing. The corners are the only place on the lower part to keep It firm. Sliding a Little without screws before to Push, solved the mistery😤
  8. After the good new I realized when tested a few days ago my machine after It drowned and I've succesfully reanimated It.... Now the horrible gasket Is fighting to stay out of the housing against any kind of attempt😒. So I'm in the middle of a headache manutention session with scarce results. That's the Mood guys😑
  9. Unluckily, for the Age, lot of things were neglected. Today a totally new way to train people in diving schools can save lot of stupid accidents. On the other hand, especially here in Europe, the most frequently habit I see It Is brand new divers adventuring without any sort of certification or experience, maybe thanks to a so called Expert friend. Solo diving for hunting, It Is even more Dangerous if You consider the Total lonelyness around You in case of troubles. I never go over the NDL curve safety limit and never alone over 6Mt. Down. Staying in the really shallows Also, give You the Total tank's air use and the max bottom time to hunt. And I'm even today skeptical on the surface supplied air System, which Is not the commercial type but something like a Nemo or Brownie's equipment. It Is not only a fact of reliability, but a physical damage when breathing compressed air the Major things to take note.😑
  10. Really true. Even if You are well trained, sometimes even the air source can be the cause of an accident. Co2 as an example, can hurt silently at few meters down and the compressed air concetration Is like to be a suicide man breathing with a dozen of trucks making smoke in a room.
  11. You're right!!! Unluckily I don't turn on the camera until I'm not on an interesting area to work.So having It on my head, It happened to don't hear the sound of It when tried to start the footage. Water was a bit rough on the surface and was strongly pulling away the signal buoy.As an example, today I have a useless three hours footage with sinkers a a couple coins.Same spot, precise area...Nothing good. Talking about the Dogodog's fear, trust me, hunting underwater a lot of things can be scary. If someone Is not comfortable with himself in trouble situations, can be a nightmare for apparently stupid reasons. Antious breathing, more air consumption, less bottom time to hunt effectively, no dive Buddy allowed for Us and a way long list of factor to keep trace of. A couple times I've seen the death's face, literally. For the same reason One of my tattoo Is a Mermaid with a coffer behind Her. In 2014 I've been pulled out of water with a Rope thanks to two guys on the beach late in the evening after sunset. No fins, no bcd, signal buoy on the shore and me, with the scuba tank on a slim harness and way too much ballast weight for the purpose... I was Just testing a coil swap on my old Excalibur finished hours before, when a terribile current pushed me so far from the shore to don't be able to come back.
  12. Finally, After the damn cycle, some sand moved away from one of my usual spots.. I had almost two hours available since dawn and on a pretty red clay seabed I found these two beauties. Enjoy. Skull
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