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  1. Yeah, this is something I miss...Unluckily I don't think there's a way to scream a rec. command underwater...I'd like a remote control to push, cause is really hard to start pushing the button when I have it mounted on my mask and without sounds to have an idea of what the camera is doing...Lot of times I've been fooled without records in productive areas, to know it only when out of water...Definitely a pissing fact..
  2. You're right, if someone talks about action cameras, the first brand to come to mind is GoPro ... But at least for me, the price is still staggering.Over the years the optics of other brands are now certainly able to do the same if not better and the battery often crack on the prettiest for no real reason. There is probably too much speculation in GoPro or little attention to the capacity of the batteries. The quality of the image alone, doesn't justifies all this to me starting from the price. I think GoPro match perfectly the iPhone marketing line.Steep price, dozens of models and
  3. I tried some "hot cheap deals" with a couple of friends.Unbranded toys from China for the most, with scarce success. I have an old Intova SP1 probably discontinued and still works fine after 5 years.Batteries are the biggest problem with action camera and if you're next to buy one, choose a model with an easy system to replace it.Also, keep in mind that cheap models can't work fine with big storage microSd cards and that You need lot of GB when shooting quality footages in hd.Consider a realistic price of 100bucks to be in the good range..I don't mention GoPro for multiple reasons...
  4. You have the right machine to start and this is maybe the best part of your learning curve as a new user. Any sound, any number on the screen will have the magic of a surprise. I tell You frankly, we are like childs near the Christmas time:waiting for a new toy to play with😅
  5. You're perfectly right. I want to give You an idea of my headache for this moment... 1.500 Usd means 1267.04€ today... (Forget it, USA only sale)🤐 2.490€(before lockdown European price tag) means 2.947,66 Usd???🤔. Almost twice the price compared to the launch and I don't care the brand.At this point I don't even care performance of it. It's just crazy.
  6. In my case Simon, not more than 24 hours ago, I conducted a small survey to compare some choices in the next quarter. To say that I am pissed is little.I still don't understand or maybe can't tolerate the fact that a product can have six different price tags around the planet and not exactly for taxation and transportation reasons. Now, trying to find where's the failure in the process, it is pretty easy to understand that some nations are simply out of the "main target" for lot of factories. If I produce special mushrooms with vinegar and extravirgin oil, a typical product of my are
  7. Powerlines and antennas can disturb some machines but usually, far enough from the interference source, nothing too bad to be not knocked down with a noise cancel step. Forget your phone with the Nox, some friends can swear to hear it from other peoples nearby when they approach crowd. Wet grass can be another fact...Pay attention to G.B. frequently if you are in that specific condition... Definitely, I prefer to insulate myself with water where almost 99% I only deal with salt🤣
  8. Generally the icon You see on the screen with a shovel inside, means coil overload... Now, supposing that You don't have around the most common EMI sources like powerlines and other machines accidentally working on the same frequency, I can only think to what's under the soil...If this thing happened to You ONLY in that particular place, I would think to multiple massive objects buried in little depth...I talk about car sized things, with a meter or so of soil above....In my mind this can explain the overload... Conversely, if you talk about a simultaneous overload signal when You mo
  9. Never say never Simon.. Any place where an individual feel the need to enter the water can hold the gold...And rarely crystal clear waters with dream background means audible good signals...Trash, conversely is everywhere 🤐
  10. I use a regular open circuit system..You see few bubbles cause most of the small footage was freediving based. However I have my method to breath and hear alternately. Move the coil when you inhale (generally three to four seconds from side to side) and super slowly exhale and repeat to cover again the same piece with few more space... To keep the breath is never a good idea especially leaving the bottom vertically, but generally if you stay down all the time, You can calm your heart to the perfect slow rythm. This way you improve a little the air consumption too..
  11. I finished my channel's intro footage, squeezing some of the last finds in less than two minutes... Hope you enjoy the atmosphere 🙃. Will be difficult to keep it updated constantly with all the work I'm next to start on dryland for water sessions improvement, but keep an eye on my diary now and then🔥 https://youtu.be/1kyGlM9-_do
  12. Thanks...I have forgotten to mention you too... Maybe the email address on the Fisherlab website is out of service, but You,Rick and Alexandre are actually the only Fisher's people I can talk with...At least here
  13. Reading this post, I'm happy to realize they are healthy in business and with solid plans for the future... Unluckily I'd say there's another problem for me actually not so little.Communication. I'm in Europe and if not for this forum, Steve, Alexandre and the information channel we have on this pages, it seem like the AQ never existed...I mean dealers, advertising, promotional activity...Nothing. Seriously?Minelab, Nokta and every other brand can do so much noise for the minimum release of a gadget and with a similar bomb ready to face the market all this silence overseas? I cl
  14. I'm sorry for that.This is a retuning fact maybe.Not sure if caused by your particular salt environment or the Ats. Unluckily I'm destinated to wait for a long time before the AQ can be in my hands here in Italy🤬. I solved this thing with a smaller coil on the Tdi but was more due to the dual field coil, necessarily to remove for water hunting in really salty area like mine.
  15. Can I ask You something Deborah? Have You noticed in the spot where You hunt usually, some red clay after you dug a signal or visible hot rocks between the sand?🤔 I've had a similar conduct on my Tdi in a couple places..Despite of an higher delay and reduced gain, the machine still was sounding crazy without targets. The sound was so high pitched, to clearly misunderstand it with a signal. Just courious...
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