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    After half a lifetime the question is: Is it gold that seeks us, or we seek for gold?
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  1. You are a Warrior! Truly inspiring pictures for me, so usually badly looking for erosion and gold stuff, that I've lost the Joy To Simply dig and tune a PI. I ended an hour ago to dismantle and re-assemble my TDI Bh with less coil cable and can't wait to dive again the next week with less lockdown restrictions. All the best!
  2. No leakage for now, but trust me, You might want to open the shell and create a slim open design One...Otherwise Is terribly buoyant and Empty for 95%I Guess. Excellent work there! Another One of Yours!
  3. I really love the Pieces You've found, but specifically the pictures of them! Really nice post mate! Congratulations
  4. Wait for the summer to happen! Just the time to see if the final type will appear on the table. In a way or another, thanks to the italian dealer I'm in partnership with, I'll get one to test and to produce some Footages. If the meat will be of some value for me, the item will stay there in my home.Otherwise...Friends like before.
  5. Nope....I'm referring to the pool's edges...Not to mention the deepest central area of them for the heaviest stuff...(supposing to be not on the hump). Never forget the "trench" shape ...Keep in mind edges and central area of that paradise my friend...
  6. Jeez! It seems like a not so deep exposed trough with a rip too. It all depends on ground hardness there. Pay attention to those almost invisible cuts..............Better to call them edges.......Good luck
  7. I have an easy and maybe stupid question to present now... Observing my TDI Bh, with both of the coils I own (the original 12" and the aftermarket Detech 8"), I can clearly see way too long wire around the shaft and I'm forced to make several loops up to the control box near the handle. Supposing to measure the right lenght for the maximum extended shaft, and to cut away the hipmount mile long cable.....Am I doing a disaster or not? I actually can't remember the technical cable's specs in the amazing pdf Steve posted time ago, but if I'm correct it talked about to reduce some cu
  8. As a regular fisherman You own inside your brain the attitude to find holes......Be careful then, and for now try to hit a trough... Congratulations on your hunt!
  9. If You mean inside the water... Anywhere You feel hard ground under your feets.Before to go inside on the wet and after You're in right in front of that area...
  10. Always a pleasure to see Your clean master works Joe! Late happy Easter to You...
  11. (I'm not here to advertise other's guys work, but to share my personal experience being a potential buyer for the AQ and as detector.mod big fan). I was so happy when here I found the way to write straight to Rick and to have finally a human contact with FT.Not to mention the engineer and creator of the AQ project writing between Us! At that time FT was like offline and the only link to the factory was a decade old website... Just the time to write to Rick and the first bad news was there for me...No machines outside the USA borders... After that, I've seen dozens of Joe Be
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