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  1. Sorry for not working link. I modified my channel contents for various reasons. Now the introduction is the only active content. I'll post more this winter...
  2. For anyone interested in underwater use of the Deus 2 here is a link of my test done for a dealer I'm partner with. I tried to push it to the limit with the P11 beach, slightly less blind to thin stuff, on a hot rock site plenty of weeds and trash of any kind. With a sensitivity over 90 and salt sens of 8, the keypoint was to raise immediately the reactivity up to 2 and stay for a good compromise among falsing and true signals. That's an extreme setting just for the purpose of a test. Pure sound, long video. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/r_pO7_Ckzbw
  3. I know what You mean and I found the pitch mode to work slightly better in terms of sound modulation from faint to solid. But the true threshold sound of an analog machine still is another thing. For disconnected treshold I mean an isolated sound not regarding the presence of an object and a sound variation but only a hum, telling you "I'm on"...
  4. I still own three analogs, one of them being a pulse. The "disconnected" treshold is a digital curse, making it useless for the purpose to hear a faint wisper. On the other hand, there's a screen to understand a little what's under. It just need some patience for people like Us which hunted by ears for at least a decade.
  5. I was wondering the same thing and the answer is bad. When I first tested the D2 it had the 0.5 version. After that, 0.6 was the only available in the updating software and still is the same, at least here in Europe. I updated again for the bigger numbers and I liked it so and so, due to the back and forth to the horseshoe screen. Right now, for the full 0.7 update we can only wait.
  6. Nice and clean setup.. I'm waiting for a straight shaft too, so for now I'll keep the original one like it is to avoid it soon as I can... For water and underwater use, I tested this morning with success the beach P11 with minor tweaks. Even if salt sensitivity was the right proposed factor to tune, I soon realized that higher reactivity up to 2.5 is mandatory to don't get crazy among noise. With 95 general sens., 9 salt sens. and 5.9 disc I was fine with it. Beach Sensitive in the water is just unusable, neither Beach P, unluckily.
  7. I think not...I tried with a slim and tiny gold ring an air test with fast 40 (not so sure but I changed frequency) and reducing to 14 and less it just disappeared... When in Beach P the ring sounds amazing 😜
  8. I'm not perceiving depth reduction at least air testing a small and thin gold ring at home... But the interesting thing is that with 99 sens I've not EMI inside my room ........................WTF is happened? I'll try underwater to check for real depth...Right now I can only suppose something related with interference correction.
  9. This thing confused me as well the first time. The little number in the screen is the "base" of the program, and the main P + number is the allocated slot for a personalized program...
  10. That's exactly my intention if I don't find a good alternative with a straight shaft soon.By the way I'd hate to cut and ruin the original upper shaft just for this reason. My trouble is that I basically don't like the S handle type. Otherwise another Xp shaft can be a fast solution. I'm however considering all the extra cash to use the D2 properly underwater, as a stealπŸ˜‘. I mean, why not to make available 9" and 11" at the same time? Why not with a specific package for divers without Ws6 and long shaft? (My 2 cents) And 450$ +? πŸ˜‘
  11. I've seen this video the first day Calabash posted it... But I still prefer a really short dive shaft. Among 5 machines I dive with, the only one shaft I'm in love with measures just 66 cm ( 25.98") from the armrest tail to the coil's bolt.
  12. Believe me, I thought to cut straight the aluminium superior shaft and adapt again the remote clip and holes for screws. I just hate this setup like it is now. For the price of another Xp S handle, I can obtain a straight shorter type a lot better for diving purpose. Unluckily there's still no trace of a piece available for now.
  13. Ok, I admit, this has been the worst week in years, thanks also to the fact that I am now limited by law to hunt in very few spots on my coast among the thousands available before. But preparing the Deus 2 in a scuba configuration for tomorrow morning, I'm really feeling like I've got it all wrong. Wrong coil due to the only 11 "available, no need of the ws6 headphones and last but not least, this horror shaft lenght! So the almost funny question is: how did You manage to dive with it? Shorter lower stem's lenght doesn't allow to hunt without upper shaft falsing noise. If I extend in the correct position the upper shaft part, there's no way to reach the coil area with the arm and to dig properly, not to mention the bonephones connector's cable contact with the shaft. The last forced option is to collapse it and have to literally face the remote among the forearm and the elbow. Can I be more pissed than usual?....Of Course...Apparently.
  14. Happened to me too. Just pressed for 8 sec. The power on button as for instructions by the remote.Done.
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