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  1. If I'm correct 160W. There's a series of "Boyu" or other brands models from 902 to 910 starting at 60W. But most important thing is the minimum 0.12Mpa pressure and at least 100liters of air provided per minute. Considering the "normal" air consumption of 30 liters per minute when scuba diving in less than 10 meters in depth, should be enough for the purpose.These numbers are purely to be personally tested. Pressure however still remain the main pain with this pump. Normally, most of the Brownie's systems works with almost 3Bar...But there's almost no depth limit.
  2. If You work an area at a depth of less than 6 meters, You can burn all the air without problems. Sometimes, years ago and with relevant places not visited before by competitors, even two tanks in a row with half an hour stop between two sessions. So almost 6 hours busy fanning holes. Today I never hunt with the harness and the tank if the place doesn't produce at least some results freediving with a snorkel. For this reason I'd be happy to solve the problem of too much weight to wear on the body and find an optimal balance to have enough air/time to stay down and a backpack tran
  3. This is actually the setup I was thinking to build. Have You used the acq 906 or 910 model in your system? I also want to use a pressure switch to stop the compressor when not needed.Unluckily the provided pressure is not enough without an air reserve box inline with the filters...But this can improve the battery consumption for almost an half more time compared with a continuous running pump. Good job there, really clean and nice to see too.
  4. I'm in love with this kind of item, so light, so portable in a backpack, but... Battery consumption is still a tremendous problem, at least for me, used to stay at least three hours down in the shallows with a 15liters tank. Smaller integrated lithium batteries with a simple waterproof switch will be the natural evolution for this equipment. I tried to find part of the components to build it by myself and stopped realizing that the 12V compressor needed is NOT a compressor, but probably an inflator with less than 3Bar pressure, activated with a sensor. However, an hour dura
  5. I actually think that today You still have something good and unmatched talking about target ID. I fighted to reduce the perfect "golden range" on my Ctx and even with a larger ID scale compared to the Nox, if You don't check for the target trace on the screen, still lot of pulltabs and caps can fool You. Honestly however, my 8 y.o. machine is the only one that I trust for a dig/no dig decision. I don't know the ID scale model on the V3i, but for sure it can give a better idea than a Nox with that scale style. I actually don't understand 50 tones users, cause even if the to
  6. Coins and sinkers only...What a dream Simon! Better to go there soon with a pulse however...That -9 on the Nox can hide something better for sure
  7. I don't have words to describe what the last couple months have been. I just know that finally I hitted this morning one ring over a wine red clay, after two days In a new spot, freediving with heck of rough water yesterday and quitted for real unacceptable danger. I fighted against the monkey since last August end and finally won this morning... I don't care the weight and the numbers, I just want to enjoy the shine again as a therapy. I hug You all.
  8. Actually the principle of a firmer and harder layer is correct if You talk about where the heavy stuff quit the descent...The problem is how fastly will be covered with more sand to be still detectable. This is one of the reasons cause most of finds are usually old stuff buried long time before and uncovered by the ocean in certain days, sometimes years after. The beach is a sort of an hell, really different from other environments and can change in hours, daily. Supposing that you have an area on land that produced gold nuggets before, You still can find almost the same area with li
  9. I'm still lost in the dark for another machine to buy soon and honestly bored to think 2021 undefined release and price for the final AQ. Now, to see the internal work of the headphones, convince me to never use the original one to dive even more... I'm stuck with my amplified pair project too. Seriously, I'm next to think that another Excal will give me peace of mind...
  10. I hope this becomes a reality...Think about a Fisher plant in UK to finally serve European ground...What a relief...
  11. Yeah, this is something I miss...Unluckily I don't think there's a way to scream a rec. command underwater...I'd like a remote control to push, cause is really hard to start pushing the button when I have it mounted on my mask and without sounds to have an idea of what the camera is doing...Lot of times I've been fooled without records in productive areas, to know it only when out of water...Definitely a pissing fact..
  12. You're right, if someone talks about action cameras, the first brand to come to mind is GoPro ... But at least for me, the price is still staggering.Over the years the optics of other brands are now certainly able to do the same if not better and the battery often crack on the prettiest for no real reason. There is probably too much speculation in GoPro or little attention to the capacity of the batteries. The quality of the image alone, doesn't justifies all this to me starting from the price. I think GoPro match perfectly the iPhone marketing line.Steep price, dozens of models and
  13. I tried some "hot cheap deals" with a couple of friends.Unbranded toys from China for the most, with scarce success. I have an old Intova SP1 probably discontinued and still works fine after 5 years.Batteries are the biggest problem with action camera and if you're next to buy one, choose a model with an easy system to replace it.Also, keep in mind that cheap models can't work fine with big storage microSd cards and that You need lot of GB when shooting quality footages in hd.Consider a realistic price of 100bucks to be in the good range..I don't mention GoPro for multiple reasons...
  14. You have the right machine to start and this is maybe the best part of your learning curve as a new user. Any sound, any number on the screen will have the magic of a surprise. I tell You frankly, we are like childs near the Christmas time:waiting for a new toy to play with😅
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