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  1. Exactly! And You (producer)never know how your niche will react to the product launch until you make it for real. But today, with all the forums and users reports, factories still seems to be on another far planet. I'm happy to have a straight and easy contact with Alexandre and Rick (thanks to this forum and Steve) and even more happy about the fact Joe is in some way influencing the future model development....
  2. I know Steve, 10" can be the good balance between ground coverage and water handling...But I need it smaller cause of multiple rocky places where seems to do crevicing for rings..Not always I'm able/strong enough to move big rocks downthere, so a smaller coil can help. The only option is to tilt the coil and use it like a pointer but I'm afraid for the cable connector on the coil housing to be soon damaged doing this practice. Salt too is an enemy for big coils near me...I use also the 14x9 on the Ctx with reduced sens or Auto to keep it quiet...
  3. There are few things a water hunter needs to be happy when doing his work... A good bottom condition and a well prepared machine to do the job. Many times I found good stuff but really struggling with a coil larger than 10". Vlf or pulse, will depend for the most by the environment type, but talking about coils, there's no comparison for a diver with an 8".Not only saltwater is a reduced problem with it, but between rocks, between waves,between any other thing, I still prefer to use a smaller coil. I'm in love with the AQ performance, for what I can see in multiple videos Joe OBN is publishing, but I only think about a smaller coil to be released soon. I hope Alexandre+FT are already working on this thing, cause otherwise I'll be forced to wait until that moment will be reality. 8" coil is a rule for me.
  4. Nokta...Always a step furher talking about niche's products and advertising of them.
  5. Go deeper Steve!I know is scary for the actual machine stated weaknesses, but seems to me like you are only meters away from the edge of glory point...
  6. Think about the PRO depth, with the SL stability, remove almost half of the weight and that's it ... AQ is this...with something more that I'm still on the way to learn about conductivity accept and reject process..
  7. Also, not every beach is the same place where you can find stuff in the same way... I frequently see pictures of beaches with hundreds meters of exposed wetsand during low tides. Never seen anything similar near my area.Due to the coastal morphology and related beach position on the earth globe, there are places, narrow beaches, where all the stuff can be surged far out from nearshore to the deeper area of the bottom. Conversely, where a vast beach area is open and dry in the summer, not only people can stay there and leave/loose stuff, but things can be everywhere from the dry to the chest deep water area or more. Unless some "sun umbrellas warriors", I rarely see someone with a detector On the beaches around me, but in the water we are dozens! Primarily for this reasons I'm honestly angry with FT launch politics.I accepted only the waterproof rating issue still to be solved to justify the longer wait, but a professional beach oriented machine, can't just be a waders toy....
  8. 8 of 99 active users? I still think about the bad surprise to be out of the games only cause I'm out of the USA. All that list of waiting people is drastically disappeared or what?
  9. I think the Tdi is another kind of beast Tony...I strongly suggest You to try and find the "sweet spot" between noise and "life signals" under the coil... (In saltwater): >Turn on the gain to 40/50% >turn delay Up from 10uS and meanwhile Bob the coil to where the noise seems to gently disappear...Check the number... >last one, if you want two tones, turn on GB and raise it to the nickel coin level to be accepted with high pitch tone...(try on land the first medium conductive one). now, you might find other 30/40 %of gain available without to hear the screaming bit.... in your ears. Don't change the order but follow Gain+delay+eventually GB. Just my recent experience after months of crazyness.
  10. You're right...Unluckily I tried any way to set the lowest delay with scarce results despite 50% Gain. I hunt in a strong salty area, where is really hard to keep quiet the machine even at 17uS. I finally managed good results only raising up to 20uS and despite using GB on to skip coins, I finally used with full gain and rock solid treshold the Tdi. Surprisingly, our loved gold rings don't disappear with higher delay with this machine...The scary thing is the GB knob cautious use regard the black hole!
  11. I remember this video! Actually not so much to describe any kind of coil to someone, but If I'm correct, the picture right now visible in the screen is a concentric one. Way too optimistic shape for the coil emitted field...Not to mention the invisible upperside...
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